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Quiet Falls

rated 3.64 / 5 stars
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Feb 15, 2007 | 10:29 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place February 17, 2007

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Author Comments

Quiet Falls is a full survival horror game in Flash; a playable Silent Hill fanfic.

## Attack reviewers who've only seen the YouTube video ridiculing this game, you may find that you've been somewhat misled by the edit of the play footage. Also, the viewer comments are spurious; this game has its flaws but is NOT homophobic. Please play Quiet Falls for a while before reviewing. ##

Quiet Falls is a full survival horror game in Flash; a playable Silent Hill fanfic.

Dale Chalmers is on the run when a mysterious stranger stops him in the road, pulling him into a series of horrifying events which are simultaneously familiar and strange beyond belief.

This is a LONG game. Record passwords found on Post-Its. Walkthrough here (remove NG-inserted spaces)...
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Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was all right.

I can see that you put a lot of effort into this, and I will respect that. However, think I'm going to break my review down to make things simpler.

Pros: Graphics-wise, it was pretty decent for a Flash-made game. I rather liked the design for Dale in the cutscenes (although in the game he looks rather funky). I also rather liked what I saw of the Nightmare version of the hospital.

The voice acting was mediocre at best, but thankfully wasn't too daunting and made me want to scratch my ears off. The quality of it was overall good.
While I'm on the topic of sounds--great work. The footsteps were very much like the games. The radio static gave me "Silent Hill" nostalgia. The monsters were also pretty fair (although, is it just me, or did one of them sound like a cat when it was being attacked and died?).

You did a pretty good job with using the maps and allowing us to be able to navigate freely throughout the town. Your use of the maps were, needless to say, actually USEFUL. The fact that you posted a much helpful walkthrough is also very much appreciated.

Maybe it's just the writer in me, but I'm a bit curious about the characters, and would've appreciated some longer cutscenes. Which all leads me to go into the....

Cons: The story could've most certainly used a little buffering, though. A lot. Maybe it's because I prefer more substance to the games I play. Such as, why was Dale driving so late? Where was he going? Is he gay? Does he have AIDS?! WHY IS THE SKY BLUE? Radio! WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THAT RADIO?! What does it all MEAN, Basil?! ...maybe these things are answered, maybe not, because I didn't get beyond the Nightmare Hospital, just because I got a little frustrated with the gameplay.

One other thing that bugged the HELL out of me: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DARKEN YOUR SURROUNDINGS. I had to squint half the time to make out what's going on, and that's partially the reason why I stopped playing. What's even worse is that I felt better off with my flashlight off at the hospital than to bother even having it at all, yet you "need" it so you can discover certain things. Yeah, I didn't like that so much.

Other than those two things, I'd have to say you did a pretty damn good job. I'm curious about this "Quiet Falls 2" you mentioned.

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kennsj responds:

Thanks for your feedback. Pretty much all your questions about the story are answered as you progress through the game. The writer in you will know that it's important not to give everything away in the first chapter. The fact that you have all those questions indicates that the style of "writing" I employed worked in terms of getting you curious about the game's various mysteries.

You have to earn the story details by progressing through the game. There's plenty of substance there, but it is a game, not a pure animation, so the player's got to do their part to make the story of the game occur.

I'm sorry you found the environments bright, and a bit puzzled by it. May I suggest turning down the brightness on your monitor a bit? Hopefully that'll allow you to play through to some of the meatier plot points without getting frustrated by the lack of dark.

I agree with you entirely with regards to the voice acting and ingame Dale. I simplified him down as much as possible to keep his movement smooth for those bits, which resulted in a slightly ugly-looking character. And I am definitely NO actor of ANY kind. But then again, neither were the people they got to do the voices for the first Silent Hill. (^~^)

Thanks for playing as far as you did into the game, and I hope you'll stick with it and get all the way through.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good

Well I gotta say I liked your game. It was a great game for the length I got through. I couldn't get past the hospital because of some bugs and my frustration. Here are some bugs I have found:

1. Outside the hospital, near the front doors is a dumpster. If you walk into the wall just below this dumpster, you can literally walk through the hospital.

2. After setting all 3 heavy jars on the crack in the floor and going down. If you go back to the 3rd floor and jump back down the hole, the kit you find in the room will be there again... so basically you can pick up the same item more then once.

3. In the "Nightmare" Hospital, there was a bug that made me stop playing. After going to the 3rd floor and reaching the end of the hallway there was a couple of papers on the floor. The one I read was about someones love or something like that, it said "Dear.." something I can't remember. There was a 2nd paper right by a door, well I mistakenly went into the door into the left part of the 3 floor hallway. I decided to go back and try to read the paper, but when I opened the door... I was teleported back to the first floor in the normal hospital, into the Doctor's Office. (You know, the room where you find the fetus in a jar.) So basically I went through a time warp to before I even found any of the jars.

That last bug made me stop playing, I'll play again later maybe. For future games of yours, PLEASE do not put papers or items right next to doors. That can get very frustrating and may end up like bug 3 I typed earlier. I hoped this review help you out, I really like this game.

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kennsj responds:

I'm sorry you came across those bugs. They would no doubt have been very frustrating. I didn't come across those at all in my reasonably extensive testing. Just goes to show that you need a team of beta testers, and not just yourself and a couple of friends on the job.

I hope you did go back to the game, and had a smoother experience of it at later attempts.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

goddamn this game is awesome

Graphics-cartoony top down view. ok, but its hard to tell if youre gonna bump into a wall or not

Style-scary silent hill tribute; one of the best there is

Sound-startling radio static monster screams and awesome voice acting

Violence-extremely violent and bloody

Interactivity-its a game for gods sake, its gonna be interactive

Humor- nothing really funny (unless you count the dick in the box, but thats more creepy than funny)

Overall-nearly perfect

You mentioned something about Quiet falls 2 in a response. Do you know about when it'll be out?

kennsj responds:

Thanks for the very generous feedback.

Unfortunately, I can't say when Quiet Falls 2 will be out. My creative hobbies have had to take a back seat of late...

A fair amount of work has already gone into the planning, including some killer monster designs and music. I've got a lot of gameplay improvements in mind, a lot of them taken from suggestions in the reviews the game has received here on Newgrounds. It's still definitely in the works, so please keep tuned.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Help please?!

Where is the gas for the boat?

kennsj responds:

Have you solved the "Gone fishin'" puzzle with the pickup truck near the motel? Please see the walkthrough if you get stuck. The link was down for a while, but it's back up now. Please see above (the game blurb) for the link to the walkthrough, and don't give up!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

pretty good

this is a pretty good game but i hoped for a life bar and also can you please help out with the shooting and also mind if you can give a better story like why is Dale on the run for, why is he in Silent Hill why did T.J take him there you know cause i want a more clearer story and thats all i also gave it a 2 on humor cause T.J's corpse had a sign and it said AIDS F*****r and i gave the sound a zero cause i don't like to hear the sounds that are scary.

kennsj responds:

All your questions about the story are answered as you play further into the game. That's why I put those mysteries in there... so that you'd want to get answers! (^_^) Thanks for the generous feedback.