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What is Love?

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Feb 15, 2007 | 4:47 AM EST
  • Frontpaged February 16, 2007
  • Weekly Users' Choice February 21, 2007
  • Daily Feature February 16, 2007

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Author Comments

**Thanks a TON for the February nomination new grounders! Just to have one title next to of all those other great flashes means a great deal to me! AND A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED out of the kindness of their hearts! Really, thank you! And I'd just want to assure everyone once again that I read all the reviews you give me on a daily basis! Thanks to everyone who has left one!**

We've all heard the song. I decided to make a music video out of it!

After three painful/agonizing years of work (one year creating it, one year mourning the loss of all my work on it due to a virus, and one year recreating it from scratch), my music video for Haddaway's, "What is Love?" is finally complete.

*If you're animation isn't running smoothly, try turning down the quality by right clicking*

Although it is a day late for Valentine's Day, hopefully you guys can still enjoy it!

Don't forget to watch past the credits! ;)

Some fun facts :
Movie length is 4 min and 30 seconds
12,193 total frames
1,375 symbols
absolutely everything was mouse-drawn
Countless cans of Mountain Dew and Mexican Fiesta flavored Cheez-Its were consumed during the making of this music video
Along with the hidden items, there are secret buttons throughout the movie. See if you can find them all!

I take no credit for this awesome song but all Animation was done by me.
This movie got me thinking.... What exactly, is love?



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Song, and a truly great clip

This was a completely awesome clip. Below I have all the secrets and MOST of the easter eggs, so enjoy it all the more now that you know what to look for. WATCH IT! also, these arent all teh easter eggs so go search for a few urself.

0:17-0:24 Theres a heart guy on the keyboard
0:39 look in the back row of the audience
0:40 The clock has a Heart guy in it
0:57 SECRET: Click the Trash can! Also theres a heart guy on he treebranch
0:59 The "Mr. Cracka'" can and the 4th Soda can says "Your Death"
1:01 The folder "Pr0n" and the All your base are belong to AOL!
1:04 The side of teh keyboard says "OMFG KEYBOARD!1"
1:05 The status bar says "file, edit, insert, peehole" CHILDISH!
1:10 SECRET Click the Mexican dude in a boat!
1:10 MANY FUNNY THINGS, Statue of Fat, Canada eh?, The Iraq symbol, pretty much everything on this page is funny!
1:13 The guy riding the Baggage cart is sleeping
1:19 The heart Guy keychain is on his backpack
1:20 The guy riding the Baggage cart is sleeping AGAIN!
1:22 The sign on the Emergency Exit says DO NEVER TEST
1:23 The building behind the ugly chick says Le Airlines
1:25 Look at the guy in teh baggage cart flip thru the air behind teh airplane
1:26 SECRET CLick The Bag!
1:27 The Car that has 2 people that just got married has a sign that says "We just made teh biggest mistake of our lives!"
1:29 Old dude in a wheelchair is following and flips out of it
1:31 The building signs: Alien Abduction Insurance, David the Gnome Sighting Headquarters, and Zerg Rush protection
1:31 SECRET: Click the chef on top of the building
1:32 Old granny in a Lambo LOLOMGLMFAO!
1:38 The glasses say Cupid Co.
1:40 Poster of Jesus: If you aint down with the J money, you may be way down! Lost poster Lost season 1 is LOST, and the Lonely sign with a heart guy on it
1:40 The sign that says will show boobs for booze
1:43 The paperclip says: I had sex with your stapler last night!
1:45 The paper clip says: I will kill your family and devour their decaying bodies!
1:45 The paper clip says: WTF? NO! AIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!
1:47 The coin says Liberty n' Junk, Unsatisfied, and 1337 (leet for nerds)
1:49 Other side of teh coin says Liberty n' Crap, Happy and 1337 again
2:02 SECRET: Click the flying pig
2:05 Sign says: Your mother will be here shortyly, with a pic of a bus LOL! Diss!
2:13 The bookshelf has a Pacman CLock, A heary Guy statue, 5 Hula dance dolls, and a Christmas snowglobe.
2:13 SECRET: Click teh COw on the Ice Cream container
2:15 Heary guy in a mousehole
2:27 Little stick figure dude by broken picture is waving
2:32 Thumbs up dude in picture ducks from teh heary guy shot
2:33 Box says Incase of relationship problems
2:34 Heart guy shows up underneath the couch
2:42 Heart guy and some dog shit in the box. ALso a Heart guy Bean-Bag Chair
2:42 Click the one handled drawer
2:43 Picture is a guy with a boner
2:53 Piece of glass hits the black guy in the heade, he doesnt even care
3:03 The street signs say No Way Harryman
3:04 CLick teh light grey brick in the wall
3:06 The clouds look like a hunter killing a poor rabbit. *sniffle*
3:08 SECRET: Click the Sign on the door
3:10 Balck dude pulls glass out of his head
3:12 Sigh supposed to say Happy hour time, but teh Happy, and the H in Hour doesnt light up so it says our time
3:22 teh thirddodge is a sexy pose
3:23 LINK: Do not click the Fire billboard rigth now, it will change THIS WINDOW!
3:23 Mikes Man Milk... EEW, willys Haircut Palace??!?!?!?!
3:46 DICKS JockStrap Rental, and Give Up Your Bucks Coffee
3:48 Chucky Cheeses, a pic of chucky the doll, Let me Cut That Pizza For You!
3:50 SECRET: Click Waldo in the window
3:50 Heart dude in the Tumbleweed
3:56 Big, Hard, Long, Erect, and Juicy Hot Dogs!
4:00 Click the Panel that has words in it to save teh poor hotdog vendor!
4:03 The bums sign says: Wife held for randsom I am 53cents short Please help!!!
4:10 Mailbox says O RLY? Express FUNNY!!!!!
4:10 Click the mailbox dorr to open it up and see the heart guy

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


i loved the credits music lawl


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'd like to say a few things about what you've accomplished. You've made something that will stay with me for quite some time. I enjoyed every minute of it. The attention to detail, the craftsmanship, the humor, it's just as good as any Hollywood or television production I've seen.

The fact that you did it all TWICE, is impressive. The fact that you didn't skimp one bit the second time around speaks volumes about you personally.

You really gave this film a personality. The little gags, the character's faces and impish qualities and the not so subtle shots at the so-called weaker sex makes this movie new and fun each time I've watched. The lip syncing was PHENOMENAL. The Cupid character reminded me of Paul Shaffer(except when he was doing a Morpheus impersonation) from the Tonight show, was that your intention or is it just me?

I hope you not only continue to create, but someone with some money behind them realizes just how much talent you have.

I have no idea why this is not in the top 50. I can't even find it on the list. Did you disable it from consideration? I have voted 5 on this 5 times already and will continue to do so. I think I'll go watch it again.

The last thing I have to say is from the bottom of my heart.


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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Quintessential flash. Undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, on this site.
Those three years of working on it definitely paid off... it is absolutely fantastic.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Funny AND sexy!

I love all of the jokes, mostly because a good majority of them require you to pay atttention to minute details.

Also, Iike I mentioned, it's sexy as hell. The characters FEEL alive, and, considering the subject material, that's good thing.

Great work with the hidden items. I was wondering what that control bar was for the first time I watched it. :P

Finally...I LOVE the bonus clip. :D