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Max Mesiria Chp2 RPG

rated 4.42 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Feb 14, 2007 | 9:29 PM EST

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Author Comments

UPDATE 03/02/07 - Battle mode highscores table keeps more scores (250 max) :)

Space - Actions, texts, talk to people, etc.
Enter - Open/close the menu.
Arrow keys - Move the character.
Mouse - Click the buttons during battles.
Q - Toggle quality. (Best, high, medium, low)

Don't forget to equip your new weapon/armor once you've bought them.
Purchase the battle mode from a merchant in the game.


- New party members
- Overworld map
- Alchemy system (replacing Magic, for humans)


- Sea traveling
- Boat battles (against other boats and sea monsters)

-Snails Animation
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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nt bad cept for a few issues..

overall gameplay was great!!!that was the first thing when i ran thru the game for about 15 mins(after gettin lvl 10 in the mines by killin glow worms lol)there were a few issues i noticed though,and it seriously kills the game.

when u enter combat,i noticed that a couple of times,when i click any panel,lets say i'm tryin to attack,it does smth diff,like usin my dble att nt only wastes my skill,bt i gota tink of another strategy when i'm tryin to kill a boss,for example.

also,the attacks tend to 'miss'.when i say this,it means that when i attack,it shows a normal attack,but nt attackin the target intended,which again causes valuable skills to be wasted and a change of strategy.

when healin,u somtimes tend to use a herb instead of healin usin mp,even when i dun have any herbs(this bug,is a gd one lol!!imagine free healin xD)

the last bug is at the mines,when i'm facing the boss(after the 3 plasma waves)when it closes itself into a shell,and i 'miss' usin my skills,the game just jammed,but dosent crash.It just stops there midway,and i hafta restart the whole thing and load again.

overall nice gameplay,but still needs a few tweaks here and there.

SnailsAnimation responds:

wth I don't know what happened! you should try to erase your temporary internet files and download the game again. Load your game and see if the problem persists. The game really didn't behave like it normally does!
Please contact me. I really need to know. Thank you.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


This was pretty fun, and it was kind of reminiscent of Chrono Trigger, which was one of my most favorite RPGs of all time.

However, after the fight with the slug I was going to the save point and the whole flash went white. Then my computer locked up and I had to restart. I'm assuming the bug happened when it was trying to go into a random battle sequence and it hit an infinite loop.

SnailsAnimation responds:

Hmm don't know what happened there :( I hope it won't discourage you from playing it again.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Much better than the first game

Good job, I see you improved a lot. The graphics are really nice. The monsters are imaginative and great. The story still sucks bum. Nothing the player is told to do makes much sense nor is explained very well. The characters motives and desires seem very muted or nonexistent. The into story seemed intriguing, but I didn't see any of it in the actual game. :/

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Just started.

I've played your past installment and am looking forward to playing this one right now, but I can't seem to find the "sparkle" in the snow for the mine key as I've read some reviewers mentioning. I tried adjusting my contrast, brightness, and gauss but I guess my monitor just plain sucks.

Anyway kudos on this new one, and I'll rate properly after I've played all the way through. = )

SnailsAnimation responds:

No problem! It's on the left side of town, in the area with the three houses. Look in between the red and green house, behind the barrels. It looks like a star.
Good luck :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

really good game

iv been waiting 4 this ever since i played the original about 2 years ago. much better than the first! but wut is the password on the train?

SnailsAnimation responds:

Mesiria chp1 got out the 29th of march 2006 ;-) lol
There is a note that was left on a box in the room before the puzzles room; it contains the code. But, sometimes you can't read it because of a bug.. if that happens, you can send me a private message and I will tell you the code :-)
Good luck!