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Max Mesiria Chp2 RPG

rated 4.42 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Feb 14, 2007 | 9:29 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place February 16, 2007

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Author Comments

UPDATE 03/02/07 - Battle mode highscores table keeps more scores (250 max) :)

Space - Actions, texts, talk to people, etc.
Enter - Open/close the menu.
Arrow keys - Move the character.
Mouse - Click the buttons during battles.
Q - Toggle quality. (Best, high, medium, low)

Don't forget to equip your new weapon/armor once you've bought them.
Purchase the battle mode from a merchant in the game.


- New party members
- Overworld map
- Alchemy system (replacing Magic, for humans)


- Sea traveling
- Boat battles (against other boats and sea monsters)

-Snails Animation
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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

grafically better than the early final fantasies

exelent game, can't wait for the third, do you have any idea as to when it will be out.
what i would like in the next chapter is:
-the game to be longer;
-maybe not needing to level up so much (i needed to level up 4 times in the mine)
-more secondary (not required for story) quests
-"ultimate enemy" (like the FF weapons)

and BTW isn't the mine music from another game?

SnailsAnimation responds:

Thank you :)
The third chapter will be longer and with more sidequests. As for "ultimate enemies", well... eventually Mesiria is to be assembled. So in every chapter, enemies will become bigger, tougher and more grandiose, and once you will be able to travel at sea, you will fight some pretty huge sea monsters.
As for the Mine music, we found it on, the Author's name is Lee I. Garnett and the title of it is Adulterous Empress. That's all I know :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good

very very good, a few things though
- it ended rather abruptly much like the first one, i accept that they are installments/chapters but leaving such a huge gap between CHP1 and CHP2 ment that i forgot what happened in CHP1 and therefore CHP2 seemed like a whole new game, so maybe you could have had a complete story line.

- the battle mode?!?!?! WHAT DID IT DO?!?!?! i didnt notice a single difference when i was fighing before i bought, and nothing changed after i bought it :S????

part fomr that, and the boring sounds, it was a very very good RPG spent alot of time playing this and getting to lvl 15 with all the items

SnailsAnimation responds:

When you purchase the battle mode from the merchant, it unlocks it. So when you return in the game (make sure you saved it), you can now click the Battle Mode button in the start menu. [NEW] [LOAD] [BTL MODE]
NOTE: For an unexplained reason, we're having trouble with our ArmorBot highscores table.. scores have been disapearing lately (fortunatly, the best scores are still untouched) I don't know if a hacker has been messing around with it but I contacted the person in charge of ArmorBot and I'm waiting for a response. Sorry about this.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Just started.

I've played your past installment and am looking forward to playing this one right now, but I can't seem to find the "sparkle" in the snow for the mine key as I've read some reviewers mentioning. I tried adjusting my contrast, brightness, and gauss but I guess my monitor just plain sucks.

Anyway kudos on this new one, and I'll rate properly after I've played all the way through. = )

SnailsAnimation responds:

No problem! It's on the left side of town, in the area with the three houses. Look in between the red and green house, behind the barrels. It looks like a star.
Good luck :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars


This game was fun. When is the next one gonna come out XD.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good!

Good stuff:
--The graphics are just awesome! The most impressive stuff this time around is the scenery, but I still think the characters are very well-drawn and animated. I especially like the animation for when you "pop" a ghost pulse, and when one of those little shadow thingies attacks with its blade arms.
--The music is vastly improved from the last one. The creepy night music in the beginning, in particular, is just beautiful. One sour note: the new battle music is kind of annoying, though at least it sounds like battle music now. :-)
--Puzzles in the train are nice and challenging. Good work on those. (SPOILER: The trap chest was a nice touch!)
--Nice job adding a save function and an in-game menu.
--Character advancement doesn't feel too slow--you become noticeably stronger with each level.

--The electrocution noise has a popping sound at the end that bothers me.
--You still can't customize your guy when he levels up.
--You can't spend any of your money until you beat the first boss.
--Consequently, you have to "build up" to beat that boss. One of the things that was nice about Mesiria part one was that you could (and did) progress without deliberately walking around in circles in a given area fighting things over and over.
--The opening sequence, while cool, was obviously modeled after Phantasy Star 4. Points lost there in the originality department. :-P

Anyway, bottom line: this is huge improvement over part one. You guys have won yourselves a place on my favorites list. :-)

SnailsAnimation responds:

Mesiria is a tribute to games like Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Lufia.. We're actually glad some people noticed the resemblance in the opening sequence. (We're going to improve it in chp3) The "specials" system is also inspired by the "skills" in that game. And in the chapter 3 there will be combo attacks :l But aside that, there will be nothing to much like the ps series. There will be a Alchemy system for humans(a bit similar to Secret of Evermore *since you know old games, I'll throw in some examples like that :)*) You're gonna be able to see the enemies in the dungeons, but in the overworld, it's going to stay random battles. As for char. customisation, I'm unsure of what you mean. If you mean adding strenght, it will be possible, but only with special items like "Power milk" or like "Life bread" in Shining Force :-P, because there will be other characters in chapter 3 and the rest. And we did so because you could end up having characters with the same specs. (we want every character to have it's unique strenghts and weaknesses) Of course, in chapter 1 & 2 you're alone and if the story was to stay that way we would have used a system like that.
About the music, we would really like to have our own musician.. anyone willing to donate his talent and be a part of Mesiria, you let me know. The popping sound might be the sound of Gustave taking a hit, I'm going to check that.

Thank you for the great review!
I noticed that you made a game, I'm going to try it! :)

P.S. Screw Sega for not making Phantasy Star 5 and ruining the series by making a mmorpg out of it!!