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Feb 10, 2007 | 4:20 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 11, 2007

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In the year 2105, the world is in a desolate state. A madman has recently come to power in the US, and has allowed for anyone to sell their babies into the military for ten thousand dollars.

-Finally, the second chapter is out! The action is in the second half of the Flash, so be sure to watch it all the way through! There were a few problems along the way, but thankfully, it is complete. It isn't absolutely necessary that you watch Chapter one, but it will help you learn a bit more about the characters. The third chapter will include more information about the base itself, and the situation the teens are in. Look for it soon!

Special thanks to the voice actors and the VAC!

Dominic/Prodigy - NinjaMatt
Trey - Willknavison [Credited as Nick Patrella]
Cybil - Rina-Chan



Rated 4 / 5 stars


I like the dialogue alot! Very intriguing, kept me wanting to see more. Voice acting was good, but your screenshots are excellent! I study in this field and think there very nice! Grapics are on the level, but animation has a few flaws, especialy during the fihgt sequence. What would of made it better is to add sound to the punches and the mouvements, also, the mouvement of wind sorrounding the punches would have made it cooler. I knoe that animating a fight sequence is not easy, but all in due time. it's with advice like this that you will become better at what you do.

But still, it's a good episode and i'm rather curious to know what happens next.

Bubbowrap responds:

Thanks, the voice actors did an awesome job :D

The fight scene was too much for me to take on, that's for sure ;P I just hope that by the time number four comes around, I'll be a lot better.

You won't be disappointed (:


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I personally liked this work... it had some nice aspects, corporation fighting and a guy who doesn't care! The best part however is imaging lawyers in a court room pulling said techniques and getting arrested for assault! LOL!

Bubbowrap responds:


But I'm afraid you're way off with the plot :x


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is very well the next thing i will look forward to! congratz!!

It's a very good storyline capiable of a lot of things to come in and twist it up or shootin' it straight. (translation- adding a twist or keeping it how its going now)

towards the end though, the sync kinda went off with the voice and the mouths.
Also, ya the main characters voice is a little disappointing, it has the same tone(which is kinda ok) but it also has the same volume level. It could use a little louder or softer in-and-outs somtimes.

Anyway, very good. I'm looking forward to the rest!

Bubbowrap responds:

I hope so!

There are a lot of different twists in the plot, and it'll hopefully keep viewers on their toes.

His tone doesn't change until the next one :x (/spoiler) After all, he has no life right now.

Thank you!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


That was really excellent, but I would not have said so if not for the second half. The first half was actually pretty dull-- we see the same from-the-side walking animation just a little too much, and the inner reflection is pretty...slow.

I do like the girl and friend voice actors, but definitely not the voice of the main character. It's not just's tired and unnatural in a bad way. If anything, please change this for the next one. =/

Which I can't wait to see. ^^

Bubbowrap responds:

Thank you! I agree about the first half, but it had to be done for future chapters :P

His voice has to be that way to fit the character ): I think it's great.

Thanks again for watching!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very myserious

i like that. it's a great style, your artwork could use a little work though, it seemed a tad bland. the fbf wasnt too hot either, but your movie was great. i look forward to seeing future submissions.

Bubbowrap responds:

Thanks! I'm always working on improving my artwork, and the fbf is already better in Chapter 3.