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The Tainted Ep. 1

rated 3.73 / 5 stars
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Feb 10, 2007 | 5:00 AM EST

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Author Comments

My second submission! Finally finished episode 1 of a 3 episode series called The Tainted. The story starts out with an average young man, Seth, and his girlfriend, Jess, in a world that seems to be hell. Seth mysteriously escapes but Jess does not. A mysterious figure gives Seth an offer to save Jess' life.

*story discontinued* My friend and I realized we just rushed into the story without thinking it through, so we've decided to stop this project and start with a new one. (The Tainted might be reworked and resubmitted after a new script). Thanks.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

To be honest

It wasn't half bad till the part with the hooded guy asking for 100 souls. The voice acting seemed rushed and out of place. :P loved the credits with the A7X song.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


.it was just boring im sorry. the fight scenes were lame. the characters were lame. the style of the characters is overused.the plot was just dumb.

lvl4l2C responds:

that was deep man...


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Some people are just stupid.

It seems that any action oriented animation gets criticized more due to the fact that there is not another element, such as comedy (obviously), to distract the viewer.
However, why the hell do some judge these creations so harshly.
This isn't another Xombie or brackenwood for godsakes.
The kid is 16 for fucks sakes; he did not and does not work for a well know animation company.
"Oh dear the wiggly lines the wiggly lines".....yeah you’ll get that with frame by frame.
The only real advice I can give is: watch your speed.
You need to slowly get a feel for how you think your characters should move. in some parts the running was to fast...yet the fighting was too slow.
When your doing complete frame by frame it is hard to judge this....but that is why filler frames are used. Look at the kings of flash. Their animations seem smooth but many times have less frames then you might think.
Try adding camera exaggerated motion affects (ie: blur, ghost trails)
to save you time and add some some style.
Overall great work.
I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

lvl4l2C responds:

thanks for the advice, i'll work on it more. uh...and dont worry about defending me or anything, i want to learn how to improve and people need to be harsh so i can. thanks though, i appreciate it.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The zero in sound is because I watched w/o sound

Ok, so first off... SON OF A BITCH!!! Talk about one helluva cliff-hanger! Shit! I mean, I was so pulled in, and the idea is just plain kick ass. I can not wait until the remaining two come out. And when they do, I will be so happy I can shit! But anyhoo... this was straight-up awesome. Smooth animation, good story (so far), and the style is unique. I love the bad dudes... them some cold-hearted mofo's. I'll watch it again with sound later, but for now, right now, I am all thumbs up for this submission!!! God... you are a fucking genius!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, cool shots

You got an eye for cool camera shots. I enjoyed the first person view when he's getting punched (although wasnt too crazy about the constant eye lids being seen- I suggest using that aspect less). The backgrounds were cool. I enjoyed the "weapons" and the shadowmen's design - simple, yet scary. The only thing I had a huge problem with is the voice for the Grim Reaper-esque guy. I suggest not using such a "stock" voice, or atleast do it better (in otherwords, dont let us be able to say "okay, he just lowered the pitch of his voice in goldwave or whatever"). That voice really hurt the ending, imo. Other then that, I enjoyed it. I hope to find out where this will go in future installments.

lvl4l2C responds:

heh yea...i guess that really hurt the flash. well, now i know what not to do with the voices haha. thanks for the advice.