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Feb 9, 2007 | 9:30 PM EST

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Author Comments

Hey there folks, made this for my Japanese class. It was really fun to make due to the fact I was able to have fun WHILE working. Isn't that awesome?

So for everyone to see my "magnificent" cartoon on Hiroshima, here you go. :)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars May 23, 2009


Pretty funny, the concept was original and it was actually presented decently enough with an informative narrator voice and a young boy. Graphics appeared on the screen when necessary which was a nice touch and the humour was nicely packed in with originality and wit. Nicely done and rounded off this was an enjoyable original flash.



Rated 5 / 5 stars March 11, 2007


The only thing more fearsome than godzilla with hats is godzilla with those french hat... things, because then they turn into SUPER MEGA FRENCH DUSHBAG ACTION GODZILLA!!! Yea, they like go "oui oui monsieur" and then you like don't know wtf they are talking about, but they get pissed and go RAWR!!! Then silence, as both of you stand your ground. Then... german godzilla (which is OBVIOUSLY known by the stash psh) kicks the french godzilla's ass and the worlds a better place from the damn frenchies... FOR NOW!

MetalDart responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars February 12, 2007

Cool stuff.

__The Good__
I liked the characters, they were done pretty well. Especially Godzilla, nice job. Style was pretty good, an educational video about Godzilla is definately creative. The narrator was a good choice for that part. Pretty funny too. I liked the hat part.

__The Bad__
Still a lot of white back there in the background, something should be done! A lot of static when the kid started talking too, kinda hard to pay attention to the kid. Also, it was pretty short, shoulda made it longer if it was for class!

__Over All__
A good flash about Godzilla.Nice job on this flash buddy, keep up the good work!

MetalDart responds:

Godzilla was awesome. At first, I was blinded from the pure awesomeness of his picture, but I grew accustomed to it. I am now awesome too.

And there's nothing wrong with it having too much white. I could have just made a flash with dancing frog men in the background. In fact, that would be a GREAT flash!!! :D

Thanks man. <333


Rated 4 / 5 stars February 10, 2007


I like this for some reason but I wish some things were different, like the sound quality could be better.
Also, how did this get you any marks for your japanese class? Just out of interest.
Good fun though, I liked it.

MetalDart responds:

This got me marks in my Japanese class by creativity. I was supposed to research a city, so I made this cartoon out of randomness. My teacher loved it, and so did my classmates. It was awesome.

Thanks for the kind review. <3


Rated 4 / 5 stars February 10, 2007


Nice. Dinosaurs with hats. gotta love it!

All my 5's r belong 2 this.

MetalDart responds:

Hell yeah man, thanks for the 5!!!