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Jan 22, 2007 | 1:17 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place January 23, 2007

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Dishoom Kumar thought life was good on the farm. But when a local butch makes off with his harem of sexy chicks he knows he's the only one who can save them.

Written by the Badmash team and animated by yours truly!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

very good flash, but peta...

It was a quite good flash, but might i ask you why peta is good besides save animals from kennels, in my wiev they are just ppl who want all under their banner of no eating meat, but do you ever think of the thousands of animals who die in the fields so you can have your bread? or the fact that you probably drive a car that spreads co2 poisoning the air of the animals, ourself included?
Animals eat animals, its the nature order, and il eat meat to the day i die and teach my children if i get some that eating meat is our birthright and we should all use it as much as we can. MEAT FTW

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good graphics but...

what did this have to do with PETA? The cock danced, stopped 1 truck, and that has to do with PETA? Well i wont be the first to say it, but we are supposed to eat meat. Its not just some crazy fad that started, lol. We are really supposed to eat it, to help balance out things. We would be so overpopulated if every creature in the world quit eating meat. Overpopulating sucks...


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good video one problem

DON'T SUPPORT PETA!!!!! They always are saying don't test the animals I say if you don't want us testing the animals either volentier to be tested on in their place, shut the **** up, or don't use any medicin at all because all medicine was tested on or made from another living being including the first useful and easily atainable antibiotic in the word pennicillin. But besides that good animation and we didn't get to the top of the food chain to be vegitairians. EAT THE MEAT.

Mark2000 responds:

Once again the point of view that you need to do everything or nothing. If you take meds but dont eat meat you're doing half the damage, right? Sounds worth it me.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

nice one

not exactly my style of music, but it really suited this style of animation. i liked the graphics in this one, they were quite nice... especially the design of the chickens.... very nice. the ending could've been a little different though, but overall, that was an awesome animation, i liked this one.
good job on this one, glad to see it win an award and make it onto the NG front page.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

style meets graphical acheivment

i was very impressed with it. as far as the undertones, i consider myself very liberal on most issues, but my main point is choice, how we live our lives is a very personal thing that everyone needs to figure out for themselves, and the concepts of right and wrong is normally a tool of justification. it's so much easier to press your beliefs on others if you feel your path is true, anyway subtextt aside i love your work.

P.s. what is your stance on cannnibalism?