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rated 4.39 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Jan 7, 2007 | 9:42 PM EST
  • Frontpaged January 9, 2007
  • Daily Feature January 9, 2007
  • Weekly 3rd Place January 10, 2007

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Author Comments

sock 4 lops. An idea explosion factory of bits of dreams
and bits of not-dreams. I've been adding small bits to
this for months and now i'm sick of doing it. I think this
one is quite long. I think my attention span is short.
Actually I know that. If you want music by Lackluster (who's tracks are featured in this ones) then go to



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I couldn't just watch this one and not review it afterwards, so here it is. Your movies are among the best of the best, your style of flash movies are unrivaled, nobody can pull off this style like you can.

I loved your Salad Fingers movies, your movies are weird, insane, interesting, and funny, all in one dose, also, I believe your movies send off an important message as well, one of the most important parts.

The message I got from this movie was that doctors always want you to think your ok, no matter what your going through, and they fill you up with lies, even with scientists, and doctors on this matter too, just because you do not hold a degree in college, or some sort of certificate, doctors and scientists think your a moron, they are right and you are wrong no questions, your the idiot guinea pig to their product, well, they had capabilities to get to where they are now right from the beginning, everybody has these capabilities, everyone can be a doctor or scientist if they wanted to, its not like only a select few have a God given gift, you just have to want it bad enough, just go to college a few years, pull it off and ya got it.

And if you were a doctor you would then have to make a choice, do you really want to help people? Or soak them in lies and comfort them to their death bed, because its all about the money, just use the latest tools on the patient that supposedly "helps them". Yeah help, fry some healthy cells in your body to get rid of a few bad ones that would just regenerate.

Anyway, most doctors and scientists just think we are a herd of dumb goats and feel the need to sheperd us, in the wrong path.

And at the same time your movie offers a simple innocence, like for example how that guy kept getting smaller and smaller, giving himself trophies for every little event he pulled off, such as passing through a microscopic loop.

Graphics I give a 9, very good, the lighting details of the rooms were detailed, and just animated nicely, dim and sorts, just like most of your movies.

Style I give a 10, you have one of the best styles, nobody else can do this certain style like you can, as I explained above.

Sound I give a 10, the right atmospheric music, it described your movie, and went along with your movie quite well, it helped the message out.

Violence I give a 7, the whole movie wasn't about violence, just a couple of scenes where this guy got drilled by a surgical tool in the stomach, a bit of blood.

Humor I give an 8, I laughed a little on the small humerous parts, like how that boy said his clothes were so clean, the guy behind the counter just said how they have some weird guy hooked up in the attic.

Overall, a 9, your movie was well thought out, and well delivered, and had a big message in my opinion, at the same time it was fun to watch, with interesting characters and graphics, and a few funny lines the characters said, and how you turned a few would-be product commercials, into humerous jokes.

I appreciate your movies.

VegetA, NG Portal Lieutenant.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I honestly enjoyed this very much. Very deep. A little strange at times, perhaps, but by the end it became extremely significant. Your art and music are as always beautifully haunting. Not necessarially a humourous piece, but it holds a lot of cool images and thoughts.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Lovely David

Your really coming along. Come a long way.

I'm glad to see that Piper helped. ^_^

Keep going man, you'll get there.

It does suck that childhood dreams get interrupted, but they can be resored. They really never go away. I always rember the part in the book of Mary Poppins, where she rembers what it was like before one went through the pain of getting thier teeth in. And I have.

Tis true, we are silly sometimes. I cant help it I suppose. Heh. I think its your complete lack
lack of prentousness and that you dont answer questions that keeps em coming back.

I know its kind of silly, like when Elvis, the american Singer was singing about how lonely he was and everyone was clapping and cheering for him. Fortunately the universe knows that we are just regular joes and better yet, understands us completely.

The only thing I was going to say was, the elevator went the wrong way, it should have gone up to the roof instead of the basement. All your going to find is lint and cobwebs down there. It needs to go up to the roof instead. A cup only gets filled when you take it to the faucet and flower when they open up to the sun, blooms. We just dont have anything in us. Thats it.

I gave it a 5 on humor. Humor usually comes when something twists unexpectedly, and this was talking about things that are true. Didnt enjoy it any less. It made me smile. Id put it on my site with the other ones but for the nudity. Although it wasnt lewd. Some of the people that go there might not understand.


Happy New year and new starts.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Very creepy and totally origional. The animation and graphics were very impressive. The lip syncing is very good compared to some and everything was put together well like sound and music and shots, colours etc. The thing about when he was going through the circles was good. it looks exactly like when you close your eyes and see that. I reckon this one is one of your best. I liked it better than the Pulch. Your style is very unique and inspiring. Keep it up.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Very Strange

This had a lot of style and randomness It scares me to know what goes on in your head but yeah its still good and gets a laugh sometimes