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Jan 3, 2007 | 11:50 AM EST

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Most accidents DO occur in the home....according to recent studies.



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Best statistic

Obese people are more likely to stop at a fast food resturant than those who are average.


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what is with these fucking reaserchers.

this crap is common sense. were do people get the money for this shity ass reaserch.


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SO, use yer brain there.

Number one: JOKE!! Funny thing, people laugh, give Foamy money, etc., etc.

Number two: if you'd read a book, you'd konw that statistics is a foolish waste of money for damn near everyone. People who can afford to go on more vacations have less chance of, say, being drugged and killed. Why? They're rich, and don't have to go to the same shiteholes we do for vacation.
Statistics that show that places where knives, puddles and hard tile are may be more dangerous ARE a waste of time and money. That's like the studies that tell us a car is more dangerous than a plane. No crap! Hmmm, come to think of it, there are no trees to run into in a plane, no other planes veering into your lane to pass other planes...


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nice as always

this was bad ass. but so12 fuck you hard up the ass sideways no one has too many accidents on vacation because we spend little time there so fuck you and your mom hard up the ass while your dad sucks you off you stupid retarted ass munch


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read a book

Cant people actually try to understand what they criticize before they go public with their opinions? Statistics is relative, when scientists say accidents are more likely to happen at home, it has been CORRECTED FOR FREQUENCY. Which means that x hour at home is more dangerous than x hour on vacation. Get it?

The only waste of money evidenced from this flash are the fees your parents spend on your education! How's that for a rant.