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Dec 19, 2006 | 9:17 AM EST

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Foamy Writes A Letter To Everyone's favorite fat bastard... Santa!



Rated 4 / 5 stars


Foamy blinks WAY too much and when he does its just his angry eyes, not closed eyes


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I will despence the awesome candies to morons? Yes?!!!!
lol.. anyway...
I don't care what 'holiday' is celebrated. It always revolves around this:
people hating others and wanting to get away from family
being by the family you like and talking trash about those you don't
bitching about getting presents you really dont NEED you give
bitching if you didn't get the presents you WANTED that year...
When it should be gifts for all and love to go around!
...and evil candies? lol...

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OMG. To funny. "Damn it why do all my letters to santa ryme" XD it kills me every time. gd job man.

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PIE for the good and Death candies for the naughty!


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what bugs me is the idoits who rush the stores at x-mas time(to lazy to type christmas even though i just did and typed a whole sentece plus explaining it cuz im bored) just to get some dinky little toy they can buy off the enternet during teh summer or get after the christmas rush just call it a late x-mas present cuz santa was very busy this year cuz people wouldnt stop having 10-20 kids(thats a whole nother rant) just cuz they wanted goverment support for their lazy lives. any way there is no reason to rush the damn stores and trample some old guy to death ON X-MAS i mean com on people u just murdered some body to get ur kid some dinky little toy that u could get practicly anytime u wanted to

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