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Eulogy For 'It's a Halo -Sneak Peek-'

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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

12-13-06 – 10-29-07

Author Comments

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!
Hi again newgrounds. i usually get excited while making a project and no matter how stupid i sound i always like making a sneek peek, even if i later on delete it... this is just to give you an idea on a project im working on, the due date isnt CERTAIN yet, simply ecause im working on 4 projects right now... :S i know im a jackass, but yea. i was inspired to make this because i heard that Super Flash Bros. and Mr. Frog and all those hot shots were making rubberninjas collab sequel, nand there was a competition finding the 5h artist or somthing like that,i dunno what happened but i sent some drawings, never got a reply so i said, THE HELL WITH IT... i'll make my own. and me being a detail maniac, i expanded and expanded and came up with my plan on spoofing EVERY LEVEL FROM HALO 1 to HALO 2, i already got the script written for halo 1 and almost with halo 2, basically i'll just keep polishing and polishing until its a really good script, and basically just waitng for halo 3... teh titles arent SURE yet but part 1 will be named: It's a Halo Thing" that title is for sure, the next 2 im still thinking over... for halo 2 it would be "Yet Another Halo Thing" or somthing along hose lines and part 3, not sure yet... anyways, enjoy my preview, don't forget to listen to my grunt version of the halo theme i sang in the AUDIO PORTAL,or just check out my audio submissions on my profile :P

-Hans Van Harken (a.k.a. almightyhans)


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