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Phoenix Wright: The Trial

rated 4.42 / 5 stars
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Dec 6, 2006 | 7:10 PM EST

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"Two thumbs up!" - AshfordPride
I've never been one to make a spin off of a popular movie, but I was chill'n out one day and this just came to me. This is a couple things to me, this is my FIRST sprite movie, and my LONGEST movie ever! (@ about 5mins long)
My latest Pink Floyd music video: The Trial



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Where did you get this from?


Rated 5 / 5 stars


a masterpiece. but for the last guy,the wife might not be mia but its disturbing that lottas the mom because shes 23 and a middle aged man's mom. that is the mistake. but screw it brilliant flash!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

liked it but there was a mistake

i love the video dude but u made the wife one of the lawers but it's still good clip keep it up.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I am truly amazed...

As a Pink Floyd fan I must say that your choice of music was excellent, What better way to use Phoenix Wrong than to represent a deep and obscure musicalized trial? It is very difficult to create something that can represent the profound meaning of Pink Floyd's music, especially this song. I liked it a lot.

G: You added graphic you had never used before, and they were original and fluid.

St: It is your style, so, What can I say?

So: Most Excellent, very good choice of music (also in your first flashes the music is excellent, but this one blew my mind)

V: Pshychological violence.

I: Play and Retrial Button.

H: ReTRIAL button...

Just one thing, why did you use a guy to represent the "exquisite wife"? If you had time to change it, I would recommend to use a woman for that part...

Nevertheless, very good.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Superbly Done

Great work, truly excellent!

As someone has seen The Wall, I suppose I glean a greater appreciation of this movie than someone who has not seen it might, but even with that in consideration I can truly say that this was a triumph of fusion in Flash between Pink Flyd's The Trial, the surreally horrifying climax of The Wall, and Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney, a game about... well, Pheonix Wright, an ace attorney.

The Graphics are very well done, consisting mainly of sprites and scenes from the game, but there were a few things in there that you either made yourself or brought in from somewhere else. The scenes played in the chorus are pretty original and accomplish the intended effect splendidly. The integration of the graphics into the music do a great deal to improve the Style rating.

Style receives a ten; you have done something that is uniquely your own, and I can tell that you have a great deal of talent with the tools at your disposal, especially considering that this is your first sprite-based flash. The concept itself is humorous and a parody, but you manage to pull this off without making it overly humorous or downright silly, which would have truly ruined the effect of the piece as a whole, despite the obviously humorous points in the song itself.

Sound. Wow. Pink Floyd's 'The Wall,' as legendary a film/album/tour as has ever been conceived in the past century. Surpassingly extraordinary, the culmination of Pink's tortuous childhood and withdrawn, fame-drunk career collide with the drug-addled, downward-spiraling personal life to cause his consciousness to literally try him and destroy the Wall which he had built to protect himself over the course of his whole life to hise all his insecurities and vulnerabilities, turning him into an inhuman, withdrawn person and a ferocious demagogue as a celebrity. Masterful, wonderful, perhaps... perfect.

A small score for humor. The concept itself is humorous: these two things cover the same territory, at least on a certain level, but are so different that blending them makes for a very clever medium with which to tell this story. Also, many lines in the song are humorous, adding to the score. Again, though, humor is not a requirement here and could have destroyed this song had you thrown in a bunch of 'OBJECTION!!' sound effects or something of the like, and I am very much grateful to you that you chose not to.

I cannot resist asking: You have probably seen the movie and are familiar with the story; why, oh *why* did you use a man, and an old man at that, to represent Pink's wife? Where there no female sprites available for the witness stand position other than the lady you used for his mother? It seems as though the brunette lady in black or the buxom, pink-haired one would have worked well, especially considering the sexual nature of the representation of his wife in the movie's Trial scene.

You have wrought a work of which you can be most proud. I have watched it several times, and have enjoyed it more and more each time. A clever concept coupled with expert execution have made this a Flash that fans of the movie or the completely uninitiated can both enjoy, and you should be most proud of yourself for this accomplishment.

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