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Nov 29, 2006 | 10:46 PM EST

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Author Comments

i whipped this up for phoenix wrong's last stand, and apparently it was rejected by assford. since other people have been successful with thier own easy to make spritefest, i figured i might as well submit this.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This Flash is terrible.

I see why you weren't accepted into the Last Stand collab. The "Trace Bitmap" feature has made the graphics SUCK DICKS.

Plus, the sync is off. Better luck next time... (that is, if there ever IS a next time)

MrBigStick responds:

i'm still gonna make flash, but fuck assford. i'm not gonna touch the gyakuten saiben until i get a new DS and can get the new PW game. other than that, unless i'm really wowed these flashes will get an automatic 0 from me.
i liked that one where the old lawyer with the deep voice moved his finger up and down like a guitar in that one... thing. it was ok.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

The first flash that truely recieves all 0's.

The graphics were awful. Very bad editing. The style was quite tasteless. The sound was muffled and in poor quality. No violence of course as well as interactivity. Finally, not funny.

It's clear why it was rejected from the main series. This isn't even good enough for any of the knock-offs.

MrBigStick responds:

graphics sucked because i did my usual technique for sprites and my abilities were out of date, apparently laziness is in and skill is out.
i didn't edit anything.
i'm glad you thought the style was tasteless.
the song i picked starts off quiet but gets loud, with violent lyrics but i got sick of the damn thing by the time i got to that part.

of course it's not funny.
none of these phoenix wrong flashes are ever funny.
i mean, a spiky headed lawyer qouting homer simpson.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

i think it isn't so much the sync and graphics

i thought it wasn't too bad. but yeah, it could use some work.

it's a nice story, decent song, etc. but i'm not sure that's what people watching Phoenix Wrong videos want to see. the whole premise of Phoenix Wrong is putting together strings of audio that are so random that it becomes funny.

yes, work on the sync and the graphics. you've heard that shit before. you're more than tired of hearing that by now. but more importantly, try making something like "assford's" stuff, but with your own style and audio files. other movies, other artists, and maybe not that hammer or "OBJECTION" clip to separate the videos.

put songs, but they can't be much longer than 5-10 seconds really. otherwise it gets a bit boring to wait for the punchline.

but other than that i won't criticize you for making it....i couldn't make a flash if i fuckin tried.

so kudos to you.

MrBigStick responds:

people watching phoenix wrong flashes want to see stolen jokes.

yeah, i know the graphics sucked, and with just an A E and O mouth it's hard to lip sync. i'm not an anime producer.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

A small wonder "assford" didnt accept it.

You stretched the sprites to the point that they made my eyes bleed. I could barely hear the audio. It was much too long. The sync was god awful.

MrBigStick responds:

so far that's four bleeding eyeballs, eight bleeding ears, and one screaming, puking friend!

i like the reactions this flash is generating!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

somehow make me

++ Pleasant song.

+++ Amusing ending.

++ Good choice of character for the narration.

--- Why're the other folk in the courtroom moving lips when not saying anything?

???--- Cutting the gifs in photoshop would have given better graphics.

-- Edges of characters badly aligned.

!!!!-- no play/replay buttons. Starts automatically.

Not great at all, but it did somehow make me smile. Sometimes, that's all that matters.

MrBigStick responds:

because the fatso with the topknot was still talking, they were just agreeing with him on the fact that the woman he met at the park was beautiful.

i don't have photoshop anymore, thought i didn't need it when macromedia and adobe did the fusion dance for flash 8.

no play or replay buttons because this was made for a collab and was just gonna be plopped into a scene after a preloader with a button to go to that scene with the words MRBISTICK-syphilis.swf like it's a legal file or something. but that didn't turn out so i just submitted it to NG as is.