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rated 3.43 / 5 stars
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Nov 16, 2006 | 8:23 PM EST

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Author Comments

DONT VOTE ON FIRST IMPRESSION; movie graphics improve nearing end !
~~update 1: menu+sound at end fixed.
It isn't a real movie, there are parts wich has interactive content, but it is assumed a movie, so don't nag about that.
I know it is full of bugs, and i know the sound is terrible, but my PC isn't top so it takes for ever to get out the little things and then export it all the way, so i'm sorry... I also don't expect too much feedback, it isn't top quality flash, but it's just a start too me and I hope i will improve



Rated 2 / 5 stars

start of the parallel

+++ I liked the starting scene. Specially the part where the wings spread out and it 'powers up'.

-- starting text remains on-screen for too long. I thought it'd broken.

-- Game-playing not funny. Kinda dull.

--- After we play the shooting game, the mouse remains hidden.

---- Unsatisfying end. How do we know the professor is evil? Maybe the creature was created fpr a benign purpose and the prof had some way of getting it 'back on track'? I don't like how the hero is so over-judgemental.

-- If we click 'menu' on page 2 of 'background', it replays.

--- Easter egg with pogo jumper doesn't work! Clicked and it did nothing.

- shooting game - make it on(press). Not on(release).

+++ Some funny expressions on the dude.

Some parts of it amused and I like how you've experimented in fusing interactive/non-interactive parts. The start of the parallel dimension bit kinda got dull though and the plot didn't really satisfy.

Soupcat responds:

Waw man, you really did an effort!i'm shocked that you really explored the whole fucking thing!
okay, lets give this a nice response.
Thank you for the pro's always nice to get compliments.
Yeah, u really nailed it, it does has a bad story / plot kinda thing, and yes, the buttons don't work how they should, and all the other crap, but it's just, i have this terrible pc, wich makes it anoying too get every bug out, and it's very time consuming, so at the end i was all like 'oh fuck it' and exported it for the last time and didn't care about the glitches. and, well, it turned out it did'nt really matter, because 1 outta 10 found them XD
But i really appreciate your comments, it's all noted (especially the AS thingy, that's a nice tip) and i'm learning how to create good cinamotagraphy 'n stuff, so my next animation wich includes a story, shall have more intresting things.
(V CAM !!!)
okay, this looks like a good response, if you wish too comment me more (spelling mistakes in response etc) PM me......i love PMs


Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of a Kind

This movie had all the criteria...Something that isnt seen alot in flash movies. I expectially like that parts where he is playing the GC expectaally the Zelda GAme...I have to thank you for choseing my audio to use in ur flash....It was possible one of the most unique flashes i have seen...The graphics and stuff werent really noticable becuase of how smooth the flash was...I really hope this one stays...GREAT JOB!!!!

Soupcat responds:

<3 Zelda

Well, i must thank YOU for making audio in the audio portal :D
It is an honer for me to have a review from someone who 'helped' in an animation of mine. I respect the musicians!
Keep the Music coming!
You think its unique? wow, thanks man! But you gotta admit, this is probably one of the most crappiest plots you have ever seen (including Minority Report)
Smmooth? i guess :p
Thanks for the review, really appreciated!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good one

that was a very nice animation. your choices of audio from the audio portal were great. the graphics in this one were also quite good, nice little mini-game in this one, good action, decent humour and it was a blast to watch. there was pretty much nothing that this one didn't have. i did notice a couple bugs in this one, but it didn't have a negative effect on this one... not in the least.

great job on this one, i really liked this one.

Soupcat responds:

"A blast to watch" wow, my ego meter just went up xD
Yeah, i often get emails from Tom sating "...AS ALL YOU PEOPLE SHOULD DO" nagging that too few people use audio portal material, and they use big budget companies who don't care that you use their music in a small internet animations, so i actually listened to him.
Ain't i nice.
Anyways, thanks for all the great comments, i am aware of the bugs, but as stated somewhere "my pc..blabla...lazy...stuff" so, i don't care :p
Good to know it doesn't have a negative effect! I was thinking "meh, it probably doesn't matter" well, i was right xD !
Glad you liked it!
Seriously, i'm learning this to entertain people!(and to win an award someday = money, mostly for the mone xD



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, good

This flash had basically everything it needed. The remote control section was great, and some of the effects you used were also great, such sa the part where the main character was hunched over in the desert, and his shoulders were bobbing up and down. The little menu thing was a nice touch, and helped me realise how much effort you put into this flash as I watched some psrts frame by frame.
Also the music was most appropriate, such as the metal at hte beggining, and the RHCP light rock during the shooting mini-game, however it seemed to fade away. The flash wasn't really high quality, but all the stuff that you threw in still made it good, well done.

{- Review request crew -}

Soupcat responds:

Well, thanks man, really appreciate all those compliments !
I did spent some time on it, i would say about 4 months, wich includes brakes of weeks xD and waiting for the audio, wich evetnually didn't arrive and had to do it myself then in a rush :p apperantly it turned out quit good. I must say a big thanks for watching some parts FbF, nice to hear some people actually get into your animations! When wathcing the "better" stuff i tend to do this as well and review those parts, but i doesn't often get noted.
But you will stay in my memory, friend.

gotta <3 RHCP


Rated 4 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
Normally I would be turned off by a movie this long of this quality, but the fact that you added a lot of interactivity in throughout that made it much more interesting than most movies. This had everything, good graphics, great music and sound effects, violence, interactivity, and even some humor throughout!

^^Needs Improving^^
The ending was a little lame, and really quite simple and easy to beat. I would have liked more of a challenge for this.

Review Request Club

Soupcat responds:

First off, let me thank you for your review.
Wow, you really liked the graphics and stuff...thanks! i thought the sound would be horrible, and the graphics too, since its mouse drawn....
And yeah, the bad points, i know that it is easy to beat, because i never intended too make it a real game, just a non lazy movie, so you would actually see itcarefully before voting brainlessly.
And the ending, hehe, yeah, that was kinda of a quick fix, because i was all outta good ideas, andi just wanted it too be finfished after spending too much time on the whole middle and beginning......oh well, i'm glad you liked it! thanks for the good constructive review