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Check It- Episode 2

rated 3.36 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Nov 10, 2006 | 5:11 PM EST

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Author Comments

Update: December 8, 2007
-I removed episode one from the site after coming across the revelation that genital jokes aren't funny. It had no plot(?) significance at all, but I will be re-making it as a pilot episode to introduce everyone.

Episode 3 is out, and I plan on another episode to come!

Okay everyone, here's what nobody was really waiting for but everybody wants- Episode 2 of the Check It! series.

Kaento and I worked to perfect this. We started last night and finished tonight. This is my first project that I finished in a day, but that doesnt mean the quality will be any worse than anything else. We both really hope you enjoy it, and please leave a constructive review.

Also, If you find any glitches tell me. The only one we couldnt fix was with music in the credits if you go there straight from the title page.

Naruto Soundtracks 1 & 2

Thanks for watching! More to come!

By the way, I did get a new microphone, so that problem should be fixed. Thanks!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great work.

=Good Points=
Well first off despite how the flash was pretty short, everything that happened during the time was amazing. I loved your style of characters, also you did a good job on the voices to. The animation was top notch, and that Decline ripoff, pure genius. Also you had a kickass credit song aswell. Above all you did a great job.

=Bad Points=
Well there are not many bad points for this movie, just a few I thought could use a little changes. One is the commentary was a good idea, but I found the voices to be a little annoying because it seemed to be a little wavey. Also the characters were drawn good, but you should put more detail into them next time, aswell some gore maybe. A little blood never hurt. Great work though.

spare-jello responds:

Wow. Thanks. The voices where wavy because I tried to edit it to reduce static in Audacity- a little tweeking will never hurt. And thanks for commenting on the joke- I've got a whole bunch more to come.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

i can't blam it

I liked it, gave me a chuckle or two. Mostly due to the subtitling along with the voiceovers. Aminations were fine, I'd just like it to be longer. Plus, ace song for credits taking me back to high school. Thanks so much!

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spare-jello responds:

Thanks man. I plan on making more, so if longer is what you want than that's what you'll get. And for the credits- Chumbawumba. Yep. Awesome.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Really stupid!, what's the plot?

The voice actors had annoying voices, that really made me angry, after being in a good mood all day. The ending was not funny, the music sucked, the graphics and flash was boring, all they do is stand there like tards the whole time with moving thier lower body.

If your serious about getting a series. You'll have to imprve ALOT, because if I'm giving it a 4 Tom will dedfinately not like it.

spare-jello responds:

For your first comment, what would you rather they have? We tried to make their voices cartoonish, not realistic. For your second comment, jokes take time. This was a one-night thing.

What do you mean by "The graphics and flash where boring"? I understand it looked sketchy, but saying they look like tards really doesnt help much.

As for standing there... you prove a point. Having a moving background where they walk would be pretty cool. But since they where just standing there, I didnt think moving their legs was a big thing.

I understand that I need to improve. But practice makes perfect. if I think that something I make has a chance on Newgrounds, I'm going to submit it. Sure, i'll get better with time, but the time is the present, so why not live for the day?

Truely, I dont really mind what Tom would think of it. I'm not going for a seris page, I'm not going for fame. I'm just animating for fun.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good job, bud.

See, it's ok for me to review this because all I did was voice act.
The graphics aren't bad, the joke was [mine...] not bad.
Better than your cock joke in Check It 1.
If you keep working and refining your flash skills and such, then you could be really good.


spare-jello responds:

Thanks, Kaento. I think youre going to be like... my main joke guy for these from now on. But I need to clean up the lines, and that's where the 'refining' comes in.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Put on a better pre-loader if any on ur movies

I could barely even watch ANY of that peice of crap.

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spare-jello responds:

Um... sorry, but that's the ng preloader. I just did it because. Could you tell me what needs fixed? I really dont think that your review helped much.