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Mortal Kombat - KAF!

rated 4.17 / 5 stars
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Nov 9, 2006 | 10:00 PM EST

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Author Comments

Mortal Kombat: Kreate A Fatality!
Thanks to everyone who voted this into the MK collection and the NG staff for listing it!

Use lots of different moves to string together FATALITY chains to pummel Sub-Zero - and kill him off in a variety of gruesome and unmerciful ways!

EDIT: Updated 10th March 2007 - Updated interface for main menu, custom mode and movelists, and added tutorials.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is HOT!!!!!!!

i have a 11 hit combo for this game this is the most HOTEST game i had ever played in this website you should be proud of your self thanks i am fan of mortal kombat

treevesuk responds:

Thanks :-). Glad you enjoy it!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Might Be Better Than MK: Armageddon Itself...

I like the KAF in MK Armageddon for the fact that you can determine the death of your opponent, but I take more joy in humiliating everyone i fight, right before i kill them. When I Played this game, I was thrilled with the cool ways to kill your opponent. It gave me relief from seeing the same shit i always did in the actual MK game. when i saw the black hole fatality, that made my day! I like the hidden codes thing too, keeps me guessing...keeps me playing! It makes me ask "WHY DIDN"T THEY DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!!!" Armageddon would have been a much better game if everyone had their own unique KAF like Noob here. Thank you for this Game, you have put a smile on my face!!! Great Job Man!!! (goes back to playing MK: Armageddon wishing Noob Saibot can do all that nice shit you thought up!!!!!)

treevesuk responds:

Haha, yeah, would've been much cooler if they'd have put a little more into it. Maybe next game.

Thanks for the great review! :-D.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


i always use every 1 for the custom game, for a idea (What??????)


treevesuk responds:

Lol, yeah using them all in custom makes for one hell of a long chain :-P.

Glad you enjoyed it :-).


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Magnificent game

This game ownz,but too bad MK:A doesn't have normal fatalities only has chains and finishers but good job i think this is abit better than the real mortal kombat for MK:A only of course.Well good job i love your game

treevesuk responds:

I have to admit, I don't mind the idea of chains for MK:A but I wish they had the character specific ones they talked about early on in development.
Though I do prefer the normal ones, provided they're creative, heh.
Anyhow, glad you enjoyed it, thanks :-)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

good game

well done for the game ^^ for the idea of chain some fatality etc ...
BUT I found 2 BAD point : 1st it's about the secret move ...
I thought it was better than ... "that" ...2nd : how can you make a throw ? there's no help about that even in the move list ...
about the ultimate combos "manual" I made often14 hit :
Double kick(right,up,SP)
Heart rip (2Xleft,SP)
Elbow smack (down,2Xright, SP)
Shuriken toss(down,left,right,SP)
Clone throw(right,down,2Xup,SP)
Shadow punch(3Xleft,down,SP)
Teleport Kick(down,right,up,SP)
Invisible(up,right,down,left,S P)
Draw sword (up,down,up,SP)
Vertical Slice (right,left,SP)
Torso Slice(2Xup , SP)
Ice blast (left,down,right,SP)
Leg sweep (3Xdown , SP) ... I made max 16 and in "auto" 17 max

treevesuk responds:

Thanks :-).
Bout your points:
1 - The secret move - I agree tbh, it was a complete after thought, so I just put "that" in there, lol.
2 - To do the throw, quite simply, enter the sequence it tells you to enter, which is R,D,L,SP (F,D,B,SP) I believe and he will throw Subby.
Well done on gettin those combos!