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Amitoune Internet Client

rated 3.94 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Nov 7, 2006 | 3:43 AM EST

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Author Comments

*To solve your scroll problems, please click Pop-Up when trying to view.
**The gray screen at first means it's connecting. The preloader will appear after a few seconds.

Other notes:

1) Enter "newbiechat <msg>" to ask for help if you get stuck. If an administrator is on to help, they will answer your questions.

2) Amitoune is a roleplaying game, and there are rules against names that are incompatible with the game theme. Please choose your name carefully. At any time while connected, you can type "suggest" to display a randomly generated name that will be acceptable with our rules. Here are some examples of excellent names: Aeetes, Nuala, Ianthe, Izol, and Altarus.

3) As soon as you enter the game, you will still be in character creation. Please read the beginning text carefully, as it explains how to continue. The idea is that you move down and choose your characteristics as you go.

4) When you are finished with your session and want to leave, type "quit" before closing the window. Otherwise, the game will think you are still connected and you can still die.

5) If you die, first enter "stand" to stop resting, then type "recall". Next, find the morgue by typing "beacon". After reaching the morgue, type "getcorpse" to have your corpse brought before you; then get your items.

6) If your pet dies, take its corpse and bring it to the pet doctor. You can locate the pet doctor using "beacon". After you are at the pet doctor, type "resurrect corpse".


This is the first MUD client to ever be made in flash. We focused on customizing for the MUD itself, which means lots of special features you don't find on other clients: health bars, quick buttons, and greatly improved clickable interface for commands. It also supports color and sounds, and we might add features later such as fastwalking (this is only the first version). Overall, this project has taken two people over two months to complete and has required over 6,000 lines of programming in C++ and in actionscript.

If you get tired of the in-game tutorial and want to see the actual game, go west from the Cruach and say explore. If you have trouble figuring out what to do, type help <subject> or click on Help -> Help. Also, you can use the newbiechat command to ask for help; if someone else is on and feels like it, they will answer. Remember: lines in the text area that are underlined are clickable; this will save you from typing alot, but you will still have to type in some commands.

Additional notes:
1) The filesize is small because it immediately loads another .swf file from another location. This is required in order to get past actionscript socket restrictions.

2) If the colors annoy you, you can turn off color parsing under options or you can configure the colors typing the "colors" command while connected.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


this game is so hard i keep dying at lev 2 :(


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

please atleast read the top part of the review

newbies please read if stuck
(please read)hint if your stuck at beginning ^click file(left side)^ connect ^type new the password(atleast !5 letters long or numbers!) can be anything you can remember {write name and password down before you forgot it{ dont forget to save it } how to log in bla file bla bla bla name password there you go
if your stuck at a closed door dont just sit there type openand the direction sometimes you might need a key
if your lost use the becon button
examples if an direction looks like this *east* type leap east or it could say this (south) (north) click on one of them press open and then click move or type it out like you want to go south and there no north type open south. a few times open wont show up
flying floating special stuff i cant help you there
remember more level up more abilites and new stuff gold health and bla bla bla

-each and everytime you die you lose all thoose items
-people steal your gold
- experince points rest each time you die (not back to zeroyoull see)
-people cheat
-a few auction are rip offs
- you have to type most of everything out
-you sit there bleed the death and cant do anything
-cabt find a sore that sells wepones
- you get hungryand thirsty after you die
- if you are still hungry or thirsty when you disconect it might get deleate
+you get easy gold when you are level 7
+you get a pet to that actuly helps you and doesnt stab you in the back
+my favorite the auction you can make lots of gold if you put up the right thing
+sweet hidden items
+you get to fight a people if you feel like it
+you get to choose what race, class, weight, height,
+you could put your items in a chest, sack, pouch,
+you can trade,get,or give people stuff
+you can sit there and follow people with no effort at all
+you can gang up on people
+be in a mob
+be rich in a week
+kill people in a arena
+kill a person behind there backs
+you can talk to people anytime if your bored
+you can mess with other people
+you can make a few freinds
+good connection sever works
+you can save your game
+people help you when you get stuck
+some people can heal you
*note*dont *auto vote*! or *auto review* this game* ITS NOT A RACE

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Love it!

I love it, but it could use a map feature.
I used to be Megamaw, but my username was changed and I cant remember it.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

i didnt like it.....

i did not like the game. all you do is read the whole time and click on words boring 0 stars


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


I can't even scroll down to right my name!This sucks

dawnsiebugg responds:

Click Pop-Up next time.