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Nov 4, 2006 | 7:43 PM EST

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TTA Episode 059: One Final Gate

Using its powers of dimensional shifting, the virtual manifestation of the Forbidden Power, the D-Bug Dragon, escapes from D-Bug Headquarters and attacks TOME's main server! Alpha's team, the secondary users and the shattered remains of the hacker's group all follow the metal serpent through the dimensional hole, and a crisis arrises. Alpha confronts Zetto once again, but there's no time...the dragon has entered the lair of the Netkings! Its target: The Super Computer!



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Very good and stuff, but.....

I feel like this is getting just a little out of hand. I mean, it IS just a game.


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Here's a bright fucking idea: let that dooshbag kagemamoru and the dragon thing duke it out! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, well, still a good movie! That's the best insult I could come up with for a while, and that's my talent :P. ANYWAY, guess what?

Character summary time :)
Well, the normal members of d-bug don't really have analogies, except sojojo is a little like garlic jr with the makyo star or whatever the hell it was. Simdragon's personality reminds me heavily of raditz, with all the "join me" bullcrap he did with nailock, although his power lv (over 9000 omfg) is far greater than raditz was. I've already spoken of zetto, so I guess that means it's time for the secondaries! White Queen is... i dunno maybe Puar? But a strong puar? That's a crappy analogy, sorry. Saturndiva is a little like Rukia as well; maybe we'll try for naruto and say Ino? Hell, now I think about it, Flamy is Sakura! The tyranitar dude is... yamcha? Yeah probably. Tsuzuku's friend I will go out on a limb on and call him (this is probably really crappy) neji? You know what, WQ is nothing like puar, she's freaking shizune! Sniper wave is a really hard one. Maybe... choji? Holy crap, he is Choji! And nailock's strategy has elements of shikamaru! Hell, I'll just post this on my user page and leave this review space alone.

ANYWAY, great movies kirb! They are some of the best material I've seen in a while, and they really made my day, erm, days. This series is frickin long!


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stop with the cliffhangers man i need to sleep but this is to awesome

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Its going after the super computer!


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Cameo:Rock Lee body with cat head.

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