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Nov 2, 2006 | 6:56 PM EST

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Author Comments

In Tri-achnid you play as an endangered species of exopod on the verge of extinction, in search of a safe heaven for his young the tri-achnid must fight his way out of the lithic alps by any means necessary.

To run Tri-achnid well you will need a good PC with Flash Player 8.

Read the instructions to learn how to play!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


this game is freakin awesome

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very good!

Best game on Newgrounds in my oppinion :D

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I really like the music for this game. It is simply amazing! The whole game is a bit tricky though, but overall it's fantastic and its in the top 5 games in my favs!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is one of the best games i have ever played loved the style =)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beautiful. Absolutly beautiful.

Hullo. After playing your game, I was just absolutly amazed. I registered for Newgrounds for the soul purpose of sharing my thoughts on it. There's just so much to say, I don't know where to start.

First off, the physics. It's just amazing. Despite the occasional annoyances (such as getting hurt when you drag your leg onto the ground too fast, or getting killed if the world shakes and rattles your head against the wall), it was just amazing. I mean, the water/goo had surface tension!! SURFACE TENSION!! OMGWTFBBQSAUCE!! AMAZING!! All in all, the physics are just breath-taking. Swinging around on a web was tons of fun. I can't stop saying to myself how talented you are.

Secondly, the concept and gameplay. It is just amazing. The storyline was just a tad hazy (but don't get me wrong, hazy ish good :D I loved the storyline none the less). Maybe add more pictures, but keep out words. I really enjoyed the Greek letter thingies in the corners of all the pictures. Collecting larva added a bit of side tracking to the game, but not much. Keys were a bit easy to catch, and killing the red fly egg sack was difficult because it kept springing back and smacking me in the head (o_x)... I really enjoyed the puzzles, however short lived they were. I was slightly dissapointed in how simple they were, but I can imagine how hard it must be to make even the simplest puzzle. I noticed that when you enter the worm thingie and you said something along the lines of "there are multiple ways to go about doing things", I was dissapointed in the lack of instances where you could do so (I can't think of any at the moment...). Learning how to do things was fun (you could have said to collect larva sooner), despite the many times I put my foot down too hard. The wrost part about playing was that it ended once it got fun. Longer/more complex levels ftw!

The graphics/audio both were amazing. I loved the design for the spider. Kinda cute, I want one as a pet (o_O;)... I loved how its eye changed in different situations (and that it growled <3). The single eye concept was very smart and I enjoyed it a lot. The pictures were beautiful and very well drawn, however, more more pictures would be great (1 to 3 per scene). The music... The music was just spectacular. The sad, desolate tone of the first levels just made me wanna cry, and the last two levels made me wanna beat the hell out of that worm. They matched the game so perfectly, words can't even describe it. It made me die a little be inside, and that's the effect that I think would make a lot of people enjoy this game for what it really is.

To sum it all up, I just cannot say how much I appreciate this game and how much I appreciate its developers. It really made an impact on how I look at all games of any genre (and it made me sign up for newgrounds~). It is an amazing work of art. English dun got a word for what it means to its players (or me, at least). Please coninue the amazing work. And know you have influenced at least one player's life.

Finally, my suggestions for a sequel (yes, a sequal. No sequel = no cookie from me. You wanna cookie, don't you? I thought so.):
1) Longer/more complex levels/puzzles. I noticed that all the levels had more or less one theme. Get down the mountain, put the key in the hole, push a button (last two levels are exceptions to this)... Creativity!! Ingenuity!! Complexity!! Longetivity?! Some examples: filling a hole with rocks to push something across, spinning a web to stop a lanslide from blocking a door, etc etc. (Gotta keep it short, only 450 characters remaining.)
2) Expanding on larva. Little babies!! Add some features to go along with the larva, such as collecting food, protection, building a nest, etc etc. Maybe they can even hatch and help you solve some puzzles?
3) Multiplayer. Yes, you read right. Multiplayer. Simple things, like capture the egg sack, or race to the end, co-op, and so on. Alright, gotta stop now (55 characters).

Once again, awesome game. Congrats.

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