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Comedy - Original

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Oct 29, 2006 | 10:43 PM EST

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Author Comments

-Please Review CONSTRUCTIVELY.. not just 'u b45t4rd y u h8 emos' & stuff.. I explain what may be many of your comments in this..comment.. Thanks for putting it in the collection..i dont think i deserve it..and also thanks to the ones who even hating it gave a good review
ABOUT: the flash is about a little emo who wants to suicide but he cant
COMMENT: I just want to note that I dont awfully hate emos.. this was done just for fun..and shamely following the anti-emo trend.. I'M NOT PERSONALLY PROUD OF IT.. but I learned flash through it.. and also..many fo you blood-lovers may like it..oh yeh.. i only translated what was necesary.. dont worry about it

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Keep it up, you might get better

Well I do give you kudos for the concept of killing the emo. But, you do have a couple of things wrong. First of all, the chicks that you kill don't look too emo. They acutally look quite goth. Despite what everyone seems to think, goths are very different from emos. The fashion is very different. Goths look hot, sexy, rape me kind of thing (corsets, thigh-high boots, rocket spikes, fishnets, latex) You should have drawn the tight pants that emos wear, the boyish haircuts that the girls have (the gay ones that the boys wear), the fact that you cant tell if its a guy or a girl, the cutsey annoying skulls (goths have the fearsome lovely skulls). Also on the music, breaking benjamen is alternative rock not emo or goth. You should have but more emo music. You know stupid bands like My chemical romance or green day, that sort of thing. Your animation could also use some work, but I forgive you since I read your other reviews and saw that its helping you learn flash. maybe for another anti-emo flash you could do some research and be able to differentiate between emo and goth. I'm not emo trust me, if you read my review you can tell I'm goth, but on the emos-are-goths topic I do get touchy. There is a difference. But good job, keep it up!
Just do some more research next time! :D ^_^

PinkSkull responds:

thanks a lot.. finally someone gives a good review that says why 'e doesnt liek emos being killed.. well i agree with you.. emos shouldnt be mistaken for goths.. its really anoying.. i should have made more research than just the emokid song.. about the music.. if you look where it says music.. i said 'nothing emo' .. i didnt want to mees up my flash with that 'music'.. and i understand you for getting touchy on the emos-are-goth thimg.. many non-rock people tend to generalize.. adn since emo is a new trend some say that everything black si emo.. even if they are hardcore or punk or something really different .. they go like 'its the same'

thanks for your review^^


Rated 3 / 5 stars

i just though ur drawings were cool

the music was gd and there faces were ok i liked there eyes and hair and the bit when the cars coming towards him and girls can fly weeeee


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


im sure every1 hate emos (even emos) i mean they wanna be depressed........which is the most stupid idea ive eva heard, i should know it runs in my family and seeing my dad with it for many years....well ive neva met an emo with it, not once, just cause a friend said sumthing they diddent like they go off crying for aggeesssss and seek attention for shit, i mean its pathetic and fake and pointless, which is y i love it when people make fun of them ^^ bunch of fags anyways, yeah thats all i have to say


Rated 1 / 5 stars

i fucking hate those fucking whiny emo bastards

those stupid fucking winy emos they suck cuz they think theyre in pain cuz their fuckign hormones are fucking wack.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Emo Suck

nice vid i hate emos!! i still get called an emo cause i like all heavy metal music(your music was gd btw!)but i dont want to die!! emo are just attention seekers! they killed heavy metal cause now everyone who likes heavy metal music is called an emo when they are not!!! I HATE EMOS!!EMOS KILLED THE HEAVY METAL MUSIC!! ALL YOU EMOS OUT THERE IM GLAD YOU WANT TO DIE CAUSE THAT WOULD MEAN THAT I WOULDN'T HAVE TO DO IT FOR YOU!!! GREAT VID IT HAS GOT THE RAGE OUT OF ME FOR THE EMO'S!!!! THX LOTS AND EMOS! GODIE IN A DITCH!!!