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Oct 29, 2006 | 10:43 PM EST

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Author Comments

-Please Review CONSTRUCTIVELY.. not just 'u b45t4rd y u h8 emos' & stuff.. I explain what may be many of your comments in this..comment.. Thanks for putting it in the collection..i dont think i deserve it..and also thanks to the ones who even hating it gave a good review
ABOUT: the flash is about a little emo who wants to suicide but he cant
COMMENT: I just want to note that I dont awfully hate emos.. this was done just for fun..and shamely following the anti-emo trend.. I'M NOT PERSONALLY PROUD OF IT.. but I learned flash through it.. and also..many fo you blood-lovers may like it..oh yeh.. i only translated what was necesary.. dont worry about it

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

I think Emo dudes are hot!

That emo dude with the flippy hair was hot, it was funny when the carsd didn't hit him, but I didn't like it when he tried to cut himself. Good movie since it has something to do with emos. You get my fives. But just to tell you, not all emos cut theirselfs! By a weirdo and please reply!

PinkSkull responds:

I never get my reviews replied so i'll reply to yours
btw, just for you to know, i am a girl and in no way emo..
but there was this time on my life when all my friends thought em oguys were hot.. :3


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well said

Im givin u straight tens simply because ur not another "EMO IS GAY" person cuz it's not. I like the music and style. so yeah 10 for u my friend. bty every else GROW UP AND STOP WASTING YOUR TIME HATING ON OTHER PEOPLE!! JUST CUZ UR AN ASSHOLE DOESN'T MEAN U NEED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW IT!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

To tell you the truth...

I really like it! Not that it's about killing emos and such. I have emo friends and I'm trying to keep them alive.. o.o.. anyway erm.. I really like the idea on the main character's "little chapter in his story"...

I really like the way you draw, I can see you like Anime of some sorts.

I like your style of art which was interesting also.

Sound would be my favorite. I really like the music you posted up in this flash. Head bobbing. Awesome.

Violence, another of my favorite. Unlike me, you can draw a good detail of blood, which I fail to do.. o.o... Eh...

Humor, not so much, but I like the ending which I thought earned some humor points. The main character was brought back by a friend. XDDD Love it.

Overall of 9! I'm not an emo hater or anything alright? I can be in a emo mood at some points, but the only reason why I liked this flash was because the plot of it. I love it! Great Job, and I hope to see more from you... o.o...

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PinkSkull responds:

Thanks a lot
hope you can come up on drawing blood!!
and i started to work on something actually..


Rated 1 / 5 stars

kinda dumb

watchin it it looks like you put in alot of credit so ill give you credit for that i kinda think the movie is s t u p i d ! ok being an emo would not automaticly make you want to commit suicide it just means you thought enough to realise life is not so great. any 1 who wont admit it is in denial ok plus what kinda person thinks suicide is funny? do you sit on your arse thinking huh huh suicide is hilarious. Its not ok! oh and just incase you couldnt put letters 2G4 s t u pi d spells stupid!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Keep it up, you might get better

Well I do give you kudos for the concept of killing the emo. But, you do have a couple of things wrong. First of all, the chicks that you kill don't look too emo. They acutally look quite goth. Despite what everyone seems to think, goths are very different from emos. The fashion is very different. Goths look hot, sexy, rape me kind of thing (corsets, thigh-high boots, rocket spikes, fishnets, latex) You should have drawn the tight pants that emos wear, the boyish haircuts that the girls have (the gay ones that the boys wear), the fact that you cant tell if its a guy or a girl, the cutsey annoying skulls (goths have the fearsome lovely skulls). Also on the music, breaking benjamen is alternative rock not emo or goth. You should have but more emo music. You know stupid bands like My chemical romance or green day, that sort of thing. Your animation could also use some work, but I forgive you since I read your other reviews and saw that its helping you learn flash. maybe for another anti-emo flash you could do some research and be able to differentiate between emo and goth. I'm not emo trust me, if you read my review you can tell I'm goth, but on the emos-are-goths topic I do get touchy. There is a difference. But good job, keep it up!
Just do some more research next time! :D ^_^

PinkSkull responds:

thanks a lot.. finally someone gives a good review that says why 'e doesnt liek emos being killed.. well i agree with you.. emos shouldnt be mistaken for goths.. its really anoying.. i should have made more research than just the emokid song.. about the music.. if you look where it says music.. i said 'nothing emo' .. i didnt want to mees up my flash with that 'music'.. and i understand you for getting touchy on the emos-are-goth thimg.. many non-rock people tend to generalize.. adn since emo is a new trend some say that everything black si emo.. even if they are hardcore or punk or something really different .. they go like 'its the same'

thanks for your review^^