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Oct 16, 2006 | 1:06 AM EDT

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**Updated as of 2/14/2015**

+Added new POV character
+Added brand new scenes
+Added 3 new music tracks

A fantasy-themed hentai role-playing game.

This is the zenith of my hentai work.

I always wanted to create an RPG, but never had the free time on my hands nor the appropriate content. I finally decided to create this because a lot of Newgrounds users (mostly fans) asked me to make something unique and distinctive; hence, I engrossed in an RPG. A lot of time and effort was spent into it in order to bring you countless hours of solid play. Perfection is achieved with a lot of sacrifices. By all means, enjoy and please leave general feedback! XD

Fun facts:
43 music tracks.
Total of 12742 frames used.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey man,

I really used to enjoy the original one before the update but mostly because of the soundtracks it had. I understand that you wanted to combine all your games and thats fine but it also made me (and some others) miss the other bliss rpg games( the original one and two were the best). Of course, its still your game and you're creativity on these rpgs really excels and captures my attention. The story on the original bliss rpg was awesome and had an incredible touch to it. It always had me return to play it and I'd enjoy the endings where you could choose which girl to be with in the end. Now, if you have free time, I would really appreciate if you gave me a list of the original songs from the original game( I think they were around 7 of them). And if you have alot of free time, You could upload the original bliss rpg game( but its your choice as you are the creator). Now to rating this game. I havn't had the opportunity to fully play the game ( when i first tried the new updated version, I had spend over an hour on it and I still haven't finished the game), but from what i've seen you've spend a lot of time and dedication on your rpg and that shows that you care. I will give you four stars because even though the game is long (and sometimes a little bit repetitive and boring) it shows hard work and intention to make it better. Thats probably it and you should be proud of your updated project even if some people don't enjoy it. You returning to update it after years of its original release shows something that i've never seen other uploaders do. Great job, man and I hope this comment gave you some ideas for some updates. P.S)I really miss the kingdom theme on the original one since i'm really into medieval stuff. When I saw it gone, a slight piece of me died. hehe.

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GhoulRa responds:

Actually everyone enjoys my new work. Based on your review, you are the exception. You probably only completed about 10% of the game and decided to write the review based on that. I don't know what kingdom theme you are referring to. Next time be sure to indicate what installment in the series were you referring to.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

(Bad English)
Hi, I used to like your Hentai Bliss series. I am very sorry that you have removed all of them except this one. In the end of each Hentai Bliss there were a very good hentai anime scenes that I liked a lot. One scene was about the boy, which forced a girl to read a book for adults, and he was doing to her all that she was reading. And the other scene was about a man which pressed a naked girl against the wall, lifted her legs and fucked her till she was pleased. If you remember, and you know the titles of those hentai animes, please reply. And thank you! Always liked your stories! 5/5

GhoulRa responds:

Lohotron, thank you for your feedback. To answer your question, the two hentai titles which you are referring to are Maple Colors and Castle Fantasia.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game series is what introduced me to hentai and expanded my view of what a choice based game could be. Both of these things I couldn't live without, so a big thank you to this wonderful creator and an even bigger fap to Hentai Bliss, which will always have a place in my creepy, dark, otaku heart.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

dude do you know kids dosent care about adult sex and they just play it right? xD


Rated 5 / 5 stars


GhoulRa responds:

This installment received the most positive reviews. I took all the best parts from other installments and added them to this one.