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The Tutorial Collab '06

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Oct 15, 2006 | 12:01 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged October 16, 2006
  • Daily 2nd Place October 16, 2006
  • Weekly 5th Place October 18, 2006

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Author Comments

The Tutorial Collaboration '07 is coming, so keep an eye out for it. If you have any suggestions for it, please PM me, you will be credited. Thanks for all the support, it means a lot to all of us.



Need more help? Visit Chaz's awsome Tut Collab Forum for more help :)

The Tutorial Collab 06 is one of the biggest tutorials, ever. With over 600 Pages, 55 Tutorials and 16 Authors, it tops even the great Ultimate Tutorial in size.

These people made this behemoth Collaboration possible:-

West-End-Pro, Pyromaniac, Chaz, Re2deemer, BlanBlan, Nuggs, dEltaluca, Saza, DrRobot, DannyIsOnFire, LesPaulPlayer, DingoEatingFuzz, JD77, Possesed, Capt*inChu, CMProductions, Penboy and Depredation (Me).

Although the Tutorial is mainly flash based, there's something for everyone, it also includes parts on Adobe Photoshop, FL Studio, Flash, and Swift 3D (To be completed soon). From Simple to Advanced, Frame Actions, to 3D Action scripting, Drawing Bushes, to Drawing Faces. There is a Tut for all levels.

And if you want to support the collab, you can use one of the awesome Tutorial Collab Sigs and Desktop Backgrounds. Simply go to the 'Extras' Section, and it's all there for you. Take a look at the thread:-

And the alpha:-

For more Information on the collab :).

So take a look around, read some tutorials and review and vote :). We can 100% guarantee, that you will learn somthing.

, Depredation, and The Tutorial Collaboration Team.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

the best tut of all

OMG this tut. is great!! it showed me all i needed for my first flash thingy. i also enjoyed the music, when i discovered number 5. it makes me so happy that i just want to read more of ur tut!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


*removes hat*

I love you... I love you all so very much.

*insert generic "when I conquer the world" reward speech*


Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Masterpiece

This was a great piece of work. Kudos to all those who worked on it. It's great to see more than "This is how to make a button." And whats more, you taught how to make the basics look good.

I hope to see additions later, though I don't know what else you could work on. I would like to see more about FL Studio, but its gonna take me weeks to work through this material and really learn it.

Thanks again for such a rich resource. One last note, the preloader was a bit intensive, though it was a nice effect.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is HUGE!!!

It is one hell of a behemoth, I'll grant you that. There's just one probelm, the music can't be turned off, it's annoying.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I decided to read through this and as I did I noticed many grammar errors. While they don't really bother me, I still decided to take note of them since I was going to be reading through it anyways. I only thoroughly read through the "Basics" and the "Extras" and so I only have errors collected for those sections. I don't know if you would even care to fix any errors. However, I think it could make it look more professional if you did. I'd like to point out that many errors had style and personality associated with it and because of that I did not bother to take note of such errors.

- LoadMovie
8: *learnt = learned
- Simple Frame Action
2: i = I
3: eiter = either
5: Beacuse = Because
6: heplful = helpful
7: animatons = animations
8: problably = probably
9: somthing = something
- Variables
1: *whilst = while
7: flahs = flash
8: its = it's
9: (There should be a comma after "number")
9: (There should be a comma after "string")
9: "VariableName = "variableName"
10: varialbes = variables
11: varialbe = variable
11: "Delete" = "delete"
12: abd = and
13: (There should be a comma after number)
13: followe = followed
- Clip Events
1: differnt = different
9: executed = is executed
12: revieved = revived
- Basic Math
1: amiercians = Americans
1: lets = let's
5: multimplies = multiplies
23: Thats = That's
- Clocks
3: ("Back" button link does not work)
- Using The Mike
3: ("Back to example" button link does not work)
4: ("Back to example" button link does not work)
5: pannel - panel
5: ("Back to example" button link does not work)
6: lets = Let's
6: ("Back to example" button link does not work)
7: ("Back to example" button link does not work)
8: ("Back to example" button link does not work)
9: ("Back to example" button link does not work)
9: suites = suits
9: your = you're
10: ("Back to example" button link does not work)
10: (There should be a comma after "50")
10: you're = if you're
11: ("Back to example" button link does not work)
11: (There should not be a "." after ""activityPercent"")
11: dont = don't
12: ("Back to example" button link does not work)
12: espescially = especially
- Simple RPG
1: Ill = I'll
1: Ive = I've
3: dont = don't
3: let = Let's
4: its = it's
4: creat = create
5: dissapear = disappear
5: lets = let's
7: a enemie = an enemy
7: Im = I'm
8: test = Test
8: Lets = Let's
10: Heres = Here's
- Simple Overhead Game
2: you = You
3: provide = provided
3: (It seems that the map does not show)
3: ("Download Here" link goes to a site that appears broken)
4: lets = let's
4: its = it's
4: Lets = Let's
4: its = it's
6: call it box = call it "box"
6: its = it's
7: --you = --You
7: heros = hero's
9: ("View" link opens in the same browser window)
9: ("Download" link goes to a site that appears broken)
10: collison = collision
-Flash Search Engine
3: labelled = labeled
5: viewers = viewer's : OR : viewers' : (depends on the motive of the author)
- Paypal Button
5: many of the product = many of the products : OR : much of the product
5: Buyer = Buyer's
5: Buyer = Buyer's
6: buyer = buyer's
- Desktop Background
1: (Top right image does not work)
1: (Bottom left image does not work)
1: (Bottom right image does not work)
- Author Bios
1: Ands = And
4: (Site link opens in the same browser window)
7: (Site link opens in the same browser window)
10: (Site link opens in the same browser window)
12: (Site link opens in the same browser window, and it also goes to a site that appears to be broken)
13: (Image appears to be clickable and yet it does nothing when clicked)
14: (Site link opens in the same browser window)

* learnt and whilst may not be officially incorrect. They are Old English words and not actually part of the New English language.

I did not mark errors for Extra Bios that people actually wrote since they are personal expressions. I may have said more but I have now reached max char

Depredation responds:

Wow, great review. Loads to improve and fix there, thanks :). I just updated the file, so see if any are fixed :D.

Thanks for the very long, but great review :).