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Oct 4, 2006 | 2:35 PM EDT

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This is just for fun :P
A game about reviews.
And if you leave a review, I'll respond.
That means, leave a review please n.n




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Rated 5 / 5 stars

evil ones must die
here we go newgrounds


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I get what you're saying, but you also have to remember that reviews are basically how viewers communicate with the artist, while it's nice to say "nice animation, but...", it alone is not helpful, it is also important to communicate other things, like if we found the flash, in whole, or in part, to be offensive, or if we think the portal-spamming jokes aren't funny (actually, never-mind, there are many reasons why you should vote with your mouse, and not your keyboard on those submissions) in fact, I'd go so far as to say giving content-based criticism instead of talent based etc. might help the artist grow faster, in my admittedly limited, (currently) one-sided experience, most artists know there weaknesses, effectively rendering "you need to work on your line art" to "lol", if however, an artist gets feedback on content, they can adjust there content accordingly, and thus advance there art instead of just there median while increasing the likelihood that all parts of there flashes will be judged fairly, also, as it is art, it feels good to have it judged as such, even negatively, it feels good knowing that at least it got through, and that in turn will motivate them to work on more projects, put more effert into there work, and refine their technique
also (I feel) of value, are relevant jokes, and that sort of thing for flashes that it is hard to meaningfully fault, if you have a somewhat original way to say "this is awesomeness", why shouldn't you? and if you wanted to translate that into useable advice, you could just equate it with "good work, plz make mor XP"

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Little-Rena responds:

Yeah, this flash was more of a test of concept.


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I can see the fact your trying to get the point across about reviews and such, that effort and time helps make a fairly well review, though I do suggest a little more effort. I'm gonna see what the second one is like, and see if it has a little more quality and time added into it. I did enjoy this though. It was very fun.

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Little-Rena responds:

Yeah, this was more a test :p


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I like the message you were obviously trying to get across here, that all reviews should be contructive and helpful, and not insulting to the artist. however this game itself wasn't very good. It was a pretty big file for such little content (the music?) and having just the five entries to choose from meant it was also a relatively short game. Was made even easier to win, if you just always selected the review option that was obviously going to be in depth and detailed so it ended in [blah].

Still, a good way of portraying your message, and it has been improved on in your later games.

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Little-Rena responds:

Yeah, this was my first try at something like this.