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TooF Leaves

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Comedy - Original

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Sep 16, 2006 | 5:01 AM EDT

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  • TooF
    TooF It's like a party in your mouth!

Author Comments

Part of the series:

*** I wanted to delete this because I've come back and left and come back and stuff... But hey, it was a part of it all, so... I'll keep it around :) ***



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I salute YOU, Teef....

This was SUCH a dramatic and sad flash. Oh my... it made me sad, that style was ridiculously effective. You are REALLY good at stirring emotion :] Thank you, Logo. Really. You gave me something to love in this fucked up clocks-and-homonimoids or whatever BS whatever world. xoxo.

MoodPoosh responds:

LOL! Nice man...If it made you emotional over it, it means TooF meant something to you in the first place, which makes me happy to know. Surprisingly dude, it made me sad too :(


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You can't be serious...

Toof was, and still is a great series. Me and many others have followed this series through the weeks and have come to love it. One of my little pleasures every week (besides ranting on the flash forum) was to watch the next Toof episode and I really loved doing so.

I'm not exactly sure why you're going to stop the Toof series on newgrounds (which I really hope you didn't), but I, among many other fans, will still folow the magical journey of your site.

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MoodPoosh responds:

Lol@Magical journey :P

Check out the commentary at the end, I explain.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This past 2 years sucks.My dog died,Grampa 2, a couple actors died,steve irwin 2, Denzle Washington playing master cheif in the Halo Movie.And now the Toof Series. >: Your series was awsome man, there are more fans then there were toof Haters.Dont see why your leaving newgrounds.Im to lazy to go to a diffrent site.Newgrounds is the only site im not to lazy to go to. Damn...

MoodPoosh responds:

Um...I dunno how Denzle ranks up there with the rest of those tragedies, but, ok :) Sorry to hear all that man, but TooF isn't dead, just in a differen't place :D


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Why quit?

I am not quite sure about why the Toof series is leaving Newgrounds. Obviously, there are many more fans then there are TooF haters. Sure, you became the center of attention during the TooF Parody rampage of August, but I am still puzzled why the series is seeking a new home.

The TooF series was an incredibly original idea, something that many people never expected when they opened that Flash file for the first time. Simple tween animations fused with great character design, within a restrained environment provided a medley of quirky antics and random-ass battles and musical numbers. The voice acting was well done, the style was simple but enough to make a difference, and the setting was enough to return to episode after episode.

But the downfall of the TooF series was the fact that the author decideded to release the submissions far too close together, causing a few different problems. First, it allowed for a mass of fandom and popularity for the series to spring up to quickly. Secondly, the response to one of the TooF parodies by the author (with a comeback animation) fueled the opposition by drawing lines (even if it wasn't the author's intention, which it was not). And finally, the tiring of the series due to the amount of parodies. By the time the audience finally got to the TooF series, they were already fed up with watching several horrible renditions of the TooF storyline.

The author has decided to move the series away from Newgrounds, which I feel is only going to leave the people who enjoyed it most depressed and the people who enjoyed it least claiming victory. I think you, the author, has the responsiblity of stepping up above the cloud of a few TooF haters, and making your way towards continuing your series here on Newgrounds.

You are a popular artist. You are going to get hated on for all the right and wrong reasons. Every post you make on the forums will be judged a second or third time now. You were King of the Portal. Stamper even put your picture in his sig. Obviously, there is something more to be earned here then a few 13 year olds who have a need to band together and drive down your work.

Your series is golden. You have a great style and touch when it comes to your series, and as much as we hated seeing the portal clogged with TooF parodies, the compromise of your work being driven down because of it is now over. Hopefully you will realize the potential of what your series can offer, and instead of saying goodbye to Newgrounds, possibly bring back your series in a new light.


MoodPoosh responds:

Awesome review, to which there were many good parts. But, you must see that what I am doing is the solution to one of the problems you stated. I'm taking away the mass flood of TooF animations.

I couldn't only do one TooF a month or 2, that's just not what TooF is for. SO, I'll do my weekly on the site, and then every so often put something on NG to keep it fresh.

I dunno.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


hope your feelin okay dude, ill definately check out the site. and yeah ive seen of the review of people just plain out being assholes.

MoodPoosh responds:

Yeah. It'll all turn out alright :) I'm not worried about it. I remember you from some review :P