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Sep 11, 2006 | 1:07 AM EDT

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  • 911
    911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.

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*UPATE* Thank you everyone for the responses. I was think of doing a where were you when it happened video. If people still want to do it, PM me with your story. Thanks Tom for adding this to the 9/11 page. Have to plug the site:

This is a tribute video of an event that happened 5 years ago. There is also a short cartoon at the end.



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you do know the government was involved right? just before each of the planes hit they fired a missile into the towers, think I'm wrong? watch loose change, oh and also you think a jumbo jet can make such a small hole in the pentagon? watch some of the secuirity cameras, it clearly shows a missile hitting the pentagon now if you wish to prove me wrong and change my "opinion" e-mail me. overall I liked it nice flash. P.S if you fold a 20$ bill the right way it clearly shows the towers smoldering, ask any WW2 vet what they saw on their money back in the day and they'll tell you a little story. I don't mean to be an asshole if that's how I'm coming off, but after you research a bit it makes you wonder.


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A somber tribute

Lest we forget.


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You had it coming for you.

A year ago, I created a newgrounds account just to say:
Tragic event.... unspeakable atrocity... thousands of dead.
I read that with pleasure. Yes, pleasure. I'll be honest - I want to see USA and every last of its lapdogs burning in hell for what they did.
Only an idiot wouldn't realise by now that the whole thing was set up and executed by your own government. Sacrificing a few thousand drones and two old buildings in exchange for free resources of Afghan and Iraq, how that's a bargain. No al-qaida could plan this operation with shutting down NORAD, making buildings fall exactly on the same time and in unbeliavably short time - the thing was set up! You can ever see thermite bomb explosions when buildings started to fall.
The zionists in your government, using that pathetic excuse for a civilized human that somehow made it to presidency (and the elections were faked, yes) manipulate the world, throwing it into dark anarchy of chaos, terror and shadow of USA the police state standing over it.
You are already getting repelled. You got your second Vietnam in Iraq, and it's only a matter of time before your losses will start to grow, because arab states are not the only ones who want to see you purged from this planet. Russia slowly anbd painfully shook off your money leechers - the democrats, and no matter how much you whine about "lack of democracy", Putin - the ex-KGB officer, by the way, will lead Russia to new future. The new Soviet Union.
I hope I'll see the day when soviet tanks will drive over ruins of White House, how soviet missiles hit your cursed Statue of Liberty, how soviet troops burn Pentagon, how soviet submarines sink your precious aircraft carriers... I hope... no, I WILL see it!
Long live Soviet Union!


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that really impacts people to see a tragic avent like that becuase i am one surviver of the crash its sad