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Aug 31, 2006 | 10:56 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place September 1, 2006

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>>More recent guns of mine and another tutorial can be found there -> t/people/scrimpy I have also upped the guns there because the download in this Flash doesn't work anymore: t/media/files/scrimpy/553

Otherwise, enjoy and thanks for the collection and daily fourth

~ scrimpy



Rated 4 / 5 stars December 1, 2009

More of a gun lesson than an art lesson.

Being a massive gun enthusiast myself, I followed along the gun history and gun explanations just fine, but I can certainly understand how gun-uninformed people could get bored/confused by this... particularly bored. Considering this flash is trying to appeal to artists, and artists are not exactly notorious gun collectors, the flash loses its focus a LOT.

We don't need a history recap on the first chinese uses of gun powder for you to explain how to trace a gun... and thinking about it now, you went into VERY LITTLE detail on how to properly trace guns to make them look good like you do. For example, making radial fills work for realistic effects, how to make the muzzle flash look blurred, how many frames the muzzle flashes should remain, how to set the weapons up as independant symbols, or in segregated layer folders so that you don't end up with hundreds of layers everywhere...

Your guide basically went "Here's my work, here's the history of guns, here's how guns work, these are the different types of guns, here's a gallery of my guns, bye". There's nothing "Ultimate" about that.

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scrimpy responds:

Wow, I'm impressed by the amount of effort you put into this review. Rare to find such constructive critism nowadays. But, I won't be responding in such an elaborate manner, because, really, all there is to say to it is essentially: You're right.

Come to think of it, the tutorial really isn't that helpful and in fact, more of a disguised showoff. I really should have elaborated on different drawing and animation techniques. I actually have later made another tutorial which went in detail about tracing high detailed guns.
But, in retrospect, I'm not even too fond of that anymore, and, as I said, it is limited to this very section.

However, I won't attempt to do better, because nowadays, I have other things on my mind. Also, while certainly not "ultimate", I've called this Gun Tutorial Ultimate. And honest, it would feel really weird calling it "The really more Ultimate Gun Tutorial, serious now!", wouldn't it?
So, I'll keep it with this tutorial, if anyone wants to make a tutorial that's more "ultimate" than mine, I'll be happy to see it myself.

Well, that's it.

~ scrimpy

/tl;dr: yes.


Rated 5 / 5 stars October 6, 2009

Nice Man

Hey this is awesome. I'm a n00b at flash, just starting out because never had the time but wow just wow....people like you are my inspiration

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scrimpy responds:

Thank ye.


Rated 5 / 5 stars September 12, 2009

hey dude

hey could you create games? try this website just try it please bbtw great tut it helped me ALOT!

scrimpy responds:

I am already registired in there, and am perhaps one of the longest-time users on this site.


Rated 5 / 5 stars September 6, 2009

really cool

dude, this is awesome, and the only thing i can tell is that as you asked im gonna tell you where it´s got a gramatical mistake, where it says enjoi at the beginning, its enjoy...
why are the links broken?
you should make another one about other types of weapons, like blade weapons like swords, scythes, knives, daggers, katanas... or sci-fi weapons like Quake, Halo, Alien vs Predator and etc games, those weapons are really cool.

scrimpy responds:

Why, thank you. The enjoi thing was on purpose, so it was kind of unfortante of me to appologize for any errors there are. The links have been broken ever since, and I've been to lazy to reupload it/change the .fla to link to intact sites.
About Melee Weapons, there really isn't much to say, and I'm not seriously interested in those. The same goes for Scifi, just make it look cool and add some moving parts.


Rated 4 / 5 stars August 12, 2009


I'm not a very gun smart person so I did enjoy lerning somthing. But learning isn't fun exept in this case in which case I give learning an 8. (you should try making one about future guns.)

scrimpy responds:

How exactly do you mean future guns?
Futuristic, yet realistic concepts or concepts straight out from sci-fi?