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Aug 27, 2006 | 3:41 PM EDT

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    TANKMEN In the year of 20XX, the world has been destroyed. These guys are all that is left.

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Thanks for the add dudes!

*Flash 8 Required*

A while ago after my friend Steve and I watched TANKMEN, he said i should make a parody of it and a few weeks later here it is! I've been talking with Johnny_Utah and he's given me some advice and such about how to make this, and I've had lots of help from Dusty_Gorilla with sounds, Voice Acting etc. There are a couple of cameos by Bill Cosby and Jimmy Stewart (from its a wonderful life, they play it every christmas XD) Anyways, enjoy the parody and plz submit to the TANKMEN collection. :)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

That was so gay,

that you just have to laugh. Nice job, the only thing that bugged me was their heads bobbing about as they talked, and the volume was slightly, random.. Lol. I was smiling throughout it until the tank flipped. Then I cracked up lmao =D. Nice job, The sound problem, though clear, was hard to understand. If that makes any sense at all =p. Good job, and one of the better tankmen parodies I've seen, good luck with your future stuff ^^. 4/5.

-Review Request Club-

fadedshadow responds:

thank you good sir, i'm currently working on a music video which should hit newgrounds sometime before october


Rated 4 / 5 stars


this ws pretty funny but no offense the girly not yet hit puberty boy voice ruinded it unless of course you were slap happy whish i watched until i watched 9 mill tankemen submissions that had to relate withe gay penis jokes exept for two of them then i got pissed off

fadedshadow responds:

i tried to give this movie a more of an action edge with explosions and stuff


Rated 5 / 5 stars


thought it was funny and i think u did an awesome job........need more girl fighters in ur movies WOMEN j/k anyways thought it was one of ur best......lemme know if u need any help or anything

fadedshadow responds:

i'll keep u updated, and thanks for the compliments


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Just a fad submission, lol.

It was ok, I liked the Jimmy Stewart part, but the Bill Cosby was too drawn on. It was a tad too short, but it was ok, I didn't like Davron's voice though, sounds too young, maybe use me next time, eh? ;P

fadedshadow responds:

we'll see what happens buddy


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Awesome drawing

The graphics were well done on this and the synching was pretty good. It was a little short and sorta... not quite original, in my opinion. Try making something completely original, like the Lemmings was, and you're bound to get a higher score. Keep it up though, you can only get better with practice. :-)

fadedshadow responds:

thanks jenni