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Madman vs Osama Bin Laden

rated 2.30 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Sep 29, 2001 | 5:05 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Madman vs Osama Bin Laden. Madman is pissed at Bin Laden for all the trouble he caused to the USA. Now it's payback time. Sorry for the slightly large file size. It was really essential for the flash. If the preloader doesn't work, just wait on the screen where it says Loaded, for a few moments. If that is the case, just tell me so in the review and I will get it fixed ASAP. Enjoy. UPDATE: Fixed an error in one part and slightly reduced file size.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

what the hell

why did he trow a dick at him and i didnt know osama was canadian.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Oh boy, it's idiot-boy again!

Oh look, it's Xito, the walking birth-control ad! You know, you can't help to feel sorry for Xito, considering the fact that he sounds like a guy who's been raped by a fire hydrant...


Rated 2 / 5 stars

There could have been so much more here.

In this video Osama Bin Laden is animated just like Hitler on South Park, with is alright, but not very oringinal. The first part when this "agent" throws a penis at Bin Laden is somewhat funny, but the rest sucks. This could have been alot better in many ways. Not worth your time.

At least the sounds were cool.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


I'll admit it right off the bat. I'm not from New York. I don't have friends who were in the attack. And, as such, many people would probably say I have little right to talk. But still, I feel that if I did, I would hope that I would have the same attitude right now, and that if I didn't someone would say what I am about to say to me. But before I do, I thank you for not attacking the entire nation of Afghanistan in your film, nor being so full of grief that you have succumbed to a desire to have a long, painful torture movie. The first is terrible, for there's no reason to punish the innocent with the guilty. The second I hate because it saddens me to see people become so immoral and vengeful in their own anger as to wish such terrible things on other people, no matter what they have done. They seem sick and downright immoral, the acts that is, to me, and I wonder why people think that because something so terrible was done to them that it gives them the right to abandon all morals and decency and sink to such a vile and contemptable level. I appreciate leaving both out of the film, despite the personal note that was struck within you. Still, I advise two things. One, which I'll get out of the way for I feel it is far more difficult to express or for people to tolerate, especially one involved like yourself, is though I believe bin Laden should be captured and incarcerated indefinitely, I would still ask that he not be killed. This is not out of justification for his acts, but out of respect for the sanctity of all human life, even to those who failed to respect it toward others or use their own to the best of their ability, and maybe their worst. This sanctity is what prohibits anyone from killing another, whether it be terrorist or justice giver. Few people would try to investigate all who died in the WTC, determine if some were more worthless than others or even cheaters or hurters of others, due to the tragedy and importance of life itself. So it should be even for people like bin Laden. Putting bin Laden to death will do nothing to help those that died. It will not fill the space they left behind with their departure, it will not make us any more moral or justified or less hateful, and it will not discourage terrorism. From the movie, you sounded enthusiastic for eliminating terrorism from the world, and I wish it was possible. But I don't think it can be done. People like bin Laden are fanatics, and I doubt are responsive to rationality or force. It's right to assume there are probably more who will not be responsive to the same, who will always see themselves justified and will not be scared of death. What's, I'm sorry, foolish to think that one can rid the world of terrorism. Even if you could destroy it all as it exists in the world, disregarding how much collateral damage in lives and invoking anger there would be, there will always be difference of opinion, and there will always be fanatics on the more polar ends who will resort at anything to get their way. You can't get rid of terrorism unless you can get rid of the evil in human hearts, which is sadly impossible for mortal mankind. In the meantime, the more aggressively we try to get rid of it, the more misery we will cause, and the more terrorism we will incite. These were the two points I had a grievance with in the film and wanted to bring up to you. I pray that time will heal the void that was left within you from this attack, and I hope that you will still have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it is preety good

it is one sick movie i reckon it would be funnier if madman and o.b actually fought though