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PTFA Guy Hates ClockDay 2

rated 3.75 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Aug 15, 2006 | 3:25 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Note: People are mentioning that I didn't draw the clocks. No I didnt, so credit goes out to the people who did make them, they are drawn a little better than my shit, I'm still pretty much a beginner at this shit.

I DONT THINK YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND WHY I HATE THE CLOCKS, you say I'm contradicting myself by using good looking clocks. I dont hate clocks because they all look shitty (most do though), I hate them because its so big that all clock shit gets in, even though most of it sucks ass.

I'M BACK ONCE AGAIN WITH MY ANTI CLOCK FLASH FOR THE YEAR. Fuck these clocks, why do they get a day? Lets give'em hell clock haters, show them they dont run shit.

Reviews welcome, I respond to them all!



Rated 3 / 5 stars


i find your movie to be a huge contradiction.

you hate the clock crew, yet you create 1 movie about them every clockday.
you claim that the clocks are making crappy movies, yet you cannot draw clocks+the various clock drawings, and you use other people's drawings, in order to add some quality into your movie.

plus, you havent created a clever parody that is making fun of the clock crew; instead, you've created a lousy, petty and violent movie about how much you hate the clock crew, and how you wish that the CC would be dead.

is this creative? no. is it funny? no. have you created a clever anti-clock movie, that inspires thinking? no.
instead, you are just whining about the clocks making crappy movies, while the only thing that you create is... crappy movies.

by your own standards, i should ''hate'' you, because you make crappy animations.
therefore, in a way, you are exactly like the thing that you hate; you are exactly the same with the clock crew: you both create ''crappy'' movies, and you spam the portal with your stuff.

BUT! in reality, the clock crew actually makes good movies, and quality colaborations, and thats why it has remained alive for so many years. thats why the clockcrew still gets frontpaged movies & collabs in all those years. its because the clock crew has many good animators, and many good artists in it, people that are very skilled in creating elaborate and artistic movies.

(ofcourse, there are also a few crappy spammers in the CC, but they are a small minority, and most CC spammers are not official members of the clock crew, they just claim to be part of the CC, in order to get more internet-fame, just like you do with your ''anti-clock'' movies.)

your main character, the PTFA-guy seems nicely drawn, and perhaps he could've been a part of a good movie, if it wasn't for your violent hatred about the CC. shooting clocks? crude gay jokes?
whats this? ki1o's 11-year old fanbase again? oh boy!

my advice:
grow up, and move on.
you can still hate the clocks for your own bizzare reasons, but at least you've got to do it in a classy way, with some humour, elegance, and with a GOOD, QUALITY animation.

you can't be talking about quality when you create a hateful, bad movie...

thats all. improve yourself, otherwise your argument is completely invalid.

PS: the clockcrew made this movie ''popular''. perhaps you should thank them for your extra pageviews, instead of being an ungrateful jerk.

PS2: learn to support the good CC movies for their good features, and to dislike the bad CC movies for their bad elements. in short, be a fair voter, and judge with a fair hand. (according to each movie's quality)
its the best thing to do.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Tell me, why do you hate the Clock Crew? I know one of the reasons might be B, but you have to admit, the CC have done good work on Newgrounds. All and all, this is a shit pile of a movie. Most people who hate the Clock Crew can't go to the effort to even make their flashes good. IF you have no reason for hating the CC, you should get the hell off Newgrounds.

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Ryan-Smith responds:

I hate them because the concept is stupid and yet it is now all over the fucking place here. And fuck, "Most people who hate the Clock Crew can't go to the effort to even make their flashes good?" Most people who make clock movies don't go to the effort of making their flashes good. I've admitted before that a lot of good artists make clock movies, but I think they're wasting their time on a stupid idea.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Alright then.

Even though your anti-Clock, I don't want to piss you off automatically. I certainly disliked this movie, but I don't think you should die for making it. If your making it to express your true opinion about the CC, good for you, your doing the right thing. But if you just want to piss people off and mock them in your responses, then your just being abusive and unfair.

I know that CC has just as much right to submit their movies as anti-Clocks have to try to blam them, and I can accept that. But what I can't accept is anti-Clocks expressing their opinions in a dishonest, infuriating way.

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Ryan-Smith responds:

Its all in good fun. Its a concept I hate so I decided to mock it. I don't make many flashes so I need a reason to make any. I'm only mean to them because they're mean to me in the reviews, just don't take this all too seriously.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Know this:
1. SBC is King of the Portal
2. You CANNOT kill SBC
3. We don't use Microsoft Sam, we use Dee Dee Dee! Speakonia
4. The "Clock Crew runs Newgrounds" thing is a joke, don't take it seriously.
5. Why did you submit this on Clock Day?
6. You suck at Flash
That enough for you?

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Ryan-Smith responds:

1. Bullshit, TN is King of the Portal
2. I can kill anything I want
3. Doesn't matter what program you use, they still sound fuckin retarded
4. I dont take any of it seriously, I think everyone takes my anti flashes too seriously.
5. I submitted this on clock day because its like a tradition now to me. I did it for clock day '05 so I'm just gonna do it every year. I did it before I knew of, and I'm pretty sure even before there was, an anti clock day.
6. Hmm, I will say that there are a good number of clock flash artists who are better artists than me but they all suck because they decided to use that shitty premise for a cartoon. So in your eyes I may suck at Flash, but in mine, you guys just suck all together.

That was fun, I like lists.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I hayte those dumb clock things, i wish Foamy were in an anti clock episode so he can blam those crappy clocks back to the crapy animator they came from 8P

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Ryan-Smith responds:

Hmm, I'm glad you hate clocks but I'm not really a Foamy fan. I guess its a cool flash, better than mine but I don't like it.