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Aug 14, 2006 | 12:54 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 15, 2006

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EDIT 8/12/07

NO, Nazo Unleashed is not coming out today. Yeah that's what the alpha said, but that was an estimate, hence the phrase, "Expected Release date". In regards to clockday and the last parts I am working on, it should be done around August 20th. By "around" it could range from the 20th to the 25th.

Want the 'Open Your Heart' Remix? Here you go!
open-your-heart-remix2 (There is a space in the link. Delete that or it will not work.)

Remixed by 'Remix Factory' (I THINK)

The re-release of my 2 year old movie "The Power of Nazo", completely redone with voices (it actually took about 15 months to get all of part 1 and most of part 2 done, not 24 months)! My apologies for the file size, but there is graphic heavy and 10 minutes long. Thanks to all who contributed, and Tom for letting me upload this, and the next two parts will be submitted in the near future!



Rated 0 / 5 stars

You didnt make any real part of this up

You made some random boring story line wich is very very similar to dbz its not original nor interesting the sound wasnt that great and overall I just didnt like it


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Hey I was wondering if you could put up a download so I can use it for my own puposes via PSP

Chakra-X responds:

Sorry, I don't think flash files play on the PSP/iPod. I've tried =/.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


nice movie i likey gotta go choas......controll


Rated 0 / 5 stars

thanks.....and please help

hey that was a great movie but now the link for the remix is invalid. I want to get it but i cant through that means any more. can you please help us, the people who no longer can use the link to the song?

Chakra-X responds:

Thanks! You have to copy the link in two parts now, the top line and then the second line. And make sure there are no spaces.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

You've got to be kidding me.

"Many Will Claim the Following Scenes Are "DragonBall Z" Rip-Offs. In Reality, They Are Not. Sonic Has Officially Used Seemingly DBZ-Oriented Themes, Therefore It Could Be Said As Staying True To The Games. These Are Also NOT Limited To Dragonball Z."

Yeah, I love the part in Sonic Adventure where Knuckles charges up before he hits Nazo. And I also like the part where Sonic screams his ass off before turning into Super Sonic just like in the games. Even the fighting was cool like when Shadow . I love how they fight in the middle of nowhere, too. This flash definitely stays true to the series.

I also found it hilarious when Knuckles said "Without the Master Emerald, this island will fall into the ocean!" and then it falls in the middle of the desert. Seriously, why is this even on frontpage? Because it's filled with a bunch of traced Sonic artwork along with DBZ-like fighting? Please excuse me while I go hang myself.

Chakra-X responds:

A zero? Well somebody's negative Nancy!

As for your annoyances. Knuckles does use that attack (Maximum Heat Attack) in Sonic Adventure. This is how it looks animated/dramatized. The screaming part was for dramatic effect. It's just that you have only seen it in DBZ and therefore think it is exclusive to that show.

Of course it's in the middle of nowhere, where else would they fight? City would be destroyed, pretty sure Nazo's doesn't like forest..

There is an ocean though, just can't see it.

And I find it both flattering, funny, and disappointing that you think I traced 10 minutes worth of Sonic images O_o.

It's frontpage for a reason-A hell lot of people like it, even the ones that dislike Sonic movies like this. They can look past the energy blasts and auras and actually be entertained. If you can't look past the Dragonball Z you see in this instead of just enjoying it, I pity you sir =/