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Jul 3, 2006 | 8:14 PM EDT

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1/14/07: A sequel is coming...

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UPDATE: A lot of you are getting confused about the hand part. Some of you get it right and enter it perfectly, but nothing happens. Here's what to do:
When you click the grey scribliness, don't just tap it lightly. Hold down the mouse button for at least half a second. Good day!
6 minutes of cinematics! 10800 frames! 30 fps!
1. I am NOT an actionscripter. don't SAY I am. I'd like to give a TREMENDOUS thanks to the AS: Main Forum on the BBS, who's actionscript I mostly used (Don't worry, I didn't just copied it, infact I did learn a little actionscript myself;) And a special thanks to Sugggames from Ngcollabs who helped me with the Tab key script. Once again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS.
2. I want you to be able to see more of what I put into this animation, so i'm going to give a little walkthrough of the first level. This is also a special treat for people that actually read the author's comments ;) When you start, click on the clock to get the stream of light. Then when it says mouse hidden, move your invisible cursor to the mirror, and drag it into the end of the light stream. Then click the code panel on the bottom right, the code is pretty easy to find, it's written on the walls somewhere :)
3. Probably nobody will read this far in the author's comments, but I just want everyone to know how MUCH i put into this game. I worked on it for 2 and a half months, made the music, and with my very little knowledge of actionscript you can see how hard it would be. I tested this game so much i am now officially sick of it, so please be helpful in your reviews, that's all i ask ;)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing... so original

I just discovered this artist notorious milkshake, and I think their stuff is incredible. This flash is easily one of the finest works i have seen on newgrounds. Its style is without a doubt very abstract, but gripping; taking the player into the twisted and terrifying world of one's darkest nightmares. great work, notorious. keep it up and thank you!

notorious responds:

Awesome thanks for the good review, I'm always glad to have another fan :) Keep an eye out for the sequel!! Even though it might be awhile :P


Rated 5 / 5 stars

a pretty good game

like i said

notorious responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars


"This is envy-ious, I just forgot the password.... I'm clumsy..."
"So you decided to quit The Sleeper? Ah well. I loved it, but somethings end, right?"
"This game was pretty fun.... I just cant get past that blasted hand! I'll try the mind numbing activity when I'm not busy with another mind numbing activity..."
Also, I have a account on deveinart (SHAMELESS PLUG FOR MEI!) its TakaniS...)

notorious responds:

lol you're silly. Yeah, I was actually thinking of continueing the Sleeper several times, but decided it was hopeless. The hand part is hard, and almost as hard to explain, but i'm sure if you read some of the previous reviews it tells you in there!!1 Yeah, I'm lazy. But hey, what are you gonna do. I'll check out your Deviant Art for sure! Thanks for the good review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The single greatest submission I have ever seen.

This sumbission, and this submission alone is the greatest flash I have ever seen and/or played on Newgrounds. I have played wpnFire, I have played Linion RPG, and somehow the style, the eerieness, and the vauge mystery of this flash has truly peaked above them all. I don't know what else to say so I'll hurry up an shutup. Although I have to say one thing, the hand puzzle was not difficult at all, I got it as soon as I looked at the letters. The only thing that may confuse people but did not confuse me was that it looks like the fingers AND the gray spaces are clickable, although I like how when you highlight the fingers that they show you where to click. Again, the greatest I have ever seen. I look forward to more work from you.

notorious responds:

Wow thanks i'm glad you liked this so much! I have something on the front page right now actually speaking of more work from me, it's called 'Sleepless nights'. If you liked this i reccomend Sleepless Nights. It has the same sort of weird abstractness that this does. Thanks for the excellent review!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

wow and i thought i was messed up

yeah, man. i totally agree with former reviewers regarding the game--it's amazing. i've only recently gotten into point-and-click adventure games and this definately is at the top of my list. it was twisted--which is a great thing, a great thing indeed. the puzzles were only slightly difficult, the hardest one being the damn hand. stupid hand with the i kind of figured out what the word was pretty quickly, it was just inputing the letters to make the word that was making me scratch my head for a few minutes.
over all i think this game had me deeply into it. it just sucks to do all that and end up with an abrupt ending. if it were a bit longer, maybe a few more difficult puzzles, i would've given it a 10. but, if i were able to give it a 9.5, i would.
great job, can't wait to see some more things from you. and they better be as twisted as this! :)

notorious responds:

Sweet dude I'm glad you liked this game so much! Yeah, I'm starting to regret making the hand part like i did, because SO many people get stuck on it. I recently also thought i might make a sequel to this, and for that i would probably also get someone who actually knows actionscript instead of me getting it off the NG forums. Also the artwork is going to be a lot better if i make a sequel. And as for other submissions, I have a new one coming out either late this month or early december, and it's gonna be fucking big, about 5 minutes long (which is on the long side for me) so stay tuned for more hot action. Thanks for the good review!