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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Gogito (Fusion of Vegito and Gogeta)
Head: Majin
Hair: SSJ3 Colour: Blue
Mouth: Long Frown
Nose: Long
Earing: Portara
Body: Muscular
Legs: Tight
Boots:Type 4
Tail: Tail 1
Belts: Tied Colour: Blue
Torso: Saiyan
Blue x2
Background Clouds
Effects: Energy 2
Theme: SSJ3 Ascend

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Name: Savage
Power Level: 600,000
Head: Scars
Body: Muscular
Hair: SS Gohan, Color: Yellow
Torso: Fighter Color: Red, Color 2: Dark Red
Legs: Pants, Color: Red
Nose: Fat
Boots: Type 4, Color: Black, Color 2: Red
Eyes: Angry 1
Mouth: Long Smile
Music: DBZ Theme


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Kolard.
Power lvl: 93,000
Head: scars
Body: Hairy (hair brown)
Hair: Kibito Hair color: Brown
Torso: Leotard. Color: dark gray
Legs: Pants. Color: Dark Gray
Nose: pointy
Boots: any Color: dark gray
Eyes: Angry 1
Mouth: Long Smile
Music: ssj3 ascend

Story: Kolard, was born a saiyan on Vegeta Long before Goku's birth. His power level at birth was: 0.093. Other saiyans thought it wasn't good enough. Because of this, He was abanded On a Unknown planet. The damage From the blow of landing on a planet Put him in a coma for 97 years of his long, long saiyan life. When he awoke, his tail was gone. For years he trained to get back to vegeta to show his power, but it was destroyed. so he found his pod and took it to earth. He fough goku and learned how to go ssj ,ssj3 and ssj4. goku and vegeta at ssj4 fuse to ssj4 vegito to DESTROY HIM!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Saiyan
Power Level: 456,000,000
Hair: SS Gohan (Black)
Eyes: Blue
Legs: Tight (Blue or Red)
Torso: Pikkon (Blue/Red)
Boots: Type 2 (white/blue)

Description: The most powerful Saiyan has come to earth to give the Z Fighters a helping hand after defeating beerus he gained Super Saiyan 6 to help protect the universe when he heard frieza got revived for the new movie he was pissed and unlocked Super Saiyan 7 and went to earth to tell the Z Fighters and they told Future Trunks the news so he started training Goku (it was a waste of time) that's when he took the Z fighters to Dragon Ball X he gave Goku and Vegeta so much they went Super Saiyan 5 and fused to in the end beat the shit out of Saiyan

find out more in Dragon Ball X revival of F


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Hair:SSJ Goku/Color:Light Blonde
Eyes:Normal/Brown:Light Blonde/Pupils:Red
Hands:Gloves 2
Music:SSJ3 Theme

Story:Rick was a half saiyan warrior born of an earthling and a weaker, younger brother of Broly, Rick trained with his two siblings Drake and Talia, the three of them were triplets, Talia was the weaker of the three where Rick and Drake were evenly matched for many year till one day a new enemy came to earth and the sibling had to battle him since the Z warriors were all retired (this story takes place around the end of GT). Rick and his siblings fought valiantly but alas Talia was the first to fall causing both Rick and Drake to ascend to the legendary form of super saiyan, using both of their strongest attacks the mighty brothers defeated this new enemy for the time being. Many years past after the great battle and the trio became very distant, Both Drake and Talia got married and were starting families, and Rick left home to continue his training, with the help of the guardian Dende, Rick went to Namek where he trained under the namekians for many years, around the 7th year the namekians found Rick worthy to use the dragon balls, Ricks first two wishes were immortality so that he could defend earth for all eternity and his second wish was the power to ascend to all forms of super saiyan including SSJGod at will, he used the final wish to return to earth to start aiding Dende as the guardian, Rick then used earth's dragon balls to ask Shenron to summon Rick's high school love Ashley to his location, he too settled down and had two kids, a son named Jason and a daughter named Alyss. 20 years past and Rick's life had changed immensely, his kids moved out and had families of their own, Rick's wife ashley died 5 years earlier of cancer but Rick still lived on as Dendes private warrior. The enemy Rick and his siblings fought when they were teens had returned for revenge on the three of them thinking they would all be too old and weak to fight back, but what he didn't know of Rick's wish for immortality, Rick meet this alien warrior on the battlefield and learned that the warrior was created alongside Majin Buu, the warrior had grown accustom to calling himself Thanatos after the greek god of death, Rick revealed to Thanatos that he could ascend to the form of SSJgod which led to the second and final battle between Rick's family and Thanatos, Rick after battling for many hours finally killed Thanatos, he then used the instant transmission technique to travel to otherworld where he destroyed the spirit of Thanatos so that he could never return, Rick then return to the lookout to help Dende till Dende finally past on, Rick then went to Namek to find someone willing to take Dende's place as earth's guardian, after finally getting a new guardian Rick meet Goku who had become immortal after fusing with both the dragon balls and Shenron at the end of GT. Rick and Goku then went on to fight together as the immortal duo slaying evil for the rest of eternity, no one knows if the duo still walks the earth or if they just became legends, but one things for sure, their legacies live on in their descendants and in the stories told about them.