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Create A Saiyan v2

rated 4.21 / 5 stars
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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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Author Comments

ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Name: Rebic (ssj4)
Race: Saiyan

Head: none
Hair: SS Goku - Black
Eyes: Angry 2 - Black eyebrows - Red eyes
Mouth: Grinding
Nose: Long
Ears: Saiyan
Earings: Potara - Red
Body: Muscular
Hands: Gloves 2
Torso: Fighter 2 - Black
Belt: Cloth - Red
Legs: Pants - Black
Boots: Type 1 - Black and Red
Tail: Tail 1
Draggable: Energy Y
Effects: Dust
Background: Lightning
Music: SSJ Vegeta


Having been considered a low level as a baby, he was sent to a distant planet, where he was grown by the inhabitands. The platet was the same where Goku had gone after Namek's destruction. Thus, one of the first things he learned was the instant transmission, which he used in order to find a good opponent after he grew up. His search led him to Earth, where he heard about a man named Son Goku, and he searched for him for a good fight. When he met Goku, he found out he was a Saiyan too and learned about the Super Saiyan form. Goku, seeing the potential in him, trained him to achieve the Super Saiyan form. After months of thaining, Rebic was able to become a Super Saiyan, and on a full moon night, he turned into a golden Great Ape, resulting in him jumping into Super Saiyan 4 immediately. After a few years, he joined Goku, Vegeta and everyone, helping them in any adventures that occurred.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wanna create SSGSSJ Goku?
look here:

Name: SSGSSJ goku
Hair: SSJ goku(light blue)
Eyes Angry 1(eyebrows light blue, eyes dark blue)
Mouth:long smile
body: muscular
wristbands: type 3 (all dark blue)
shirt: fighter 2
belt: tied (dark blue)
pants: pants lol
shoes: type 3(first column dark blue, second column black)
energy 2
Your DONE!!!!!

sorry if it doesn't look the same as original


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Majin Gotenks
Heads: Majin
Hair: Gotenks (light red)
Eyes: Angry 1 (dark red eyebrows) (light Red eyes)
Mouth: Long smile
Nose(s): Long
Body:Hairy (Red fur)
Hands: Gloves 2 (red)
Torso: Fusion (outside black) (Inside light red)
Belts: Tied (light red)
Legs: Pants (light red)
Boots: Type 4 (main part light red) (Line black)
Tail: tail 1 (Dark red)
Halo + Rx2
Energy 1
Background fire
theme: SSJ vegeta

Bio: Gotenks after fighting Buu, Gotenks became mad and began a rampage starting with Vegeta being a Majin Goku was possessed by Buu and became part of the Majin and they fused to beat up many other saiyans Gogeta has been around for a long time.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Shiodai
Race: ???
Heads: None (White)
Hair: Cap. Ginyu (Black)
Eyes: No Eyebrows (Yellow)
Mouth: Long Smile
Nose: Long
Ears: Flat (White)
Body: Muscular (White)
Hands: Gloves 2 (Black)
Torso: Cape (Black) (Gray) (Black)
Belt: Tied (Black)
Legs: Pants (Gray)
Boots: Type 3 (Black) (Gray)
Tail: Tail 1 (White)
Draggable: R x 2
Effects: Dust
Background: Mountains
Theme: SSJ 3 Ascend
Bio: No-body honestly knows Shiodai's story, but so far, he himself has mentioned he has more than one form and that he killed his race in cold blood.
Alternate Uniform
Head: Cut (White)
Hair: Cap. Ginyu (Black)
Eyes: No Eyebrows (Yellow)
Mouth: Small Frown
Nose: Long
Ears: Flat (White)
Body: Muscular (White)
Hands: Gloves 2 (Black)
Torso: Leotard (Black)
Belt: Tied (Grey)
Legs: Pants (Black)
Boots: Type 2 (Black) (Grey)
Tail: Tail 2 (White)
Draggable: Energy - R
Effect: Energy 1
Background: Clouds
Theme: SSJ Vegeta



Rated 5 / 5 stars

hair:ssgohan black
torso:fighter black and red
boots1:black and red

a sayian born on namek named daka he lernt many things from his namek family growing up there. but years later came a threat the nagrasims a race so advanced they had killed freiza and all the sayians on earth. even gokus ssg form almost defeated them goku and vegeta into gogeta ssg and still lost so the nameks sent daka to a planet so far it had no name yet no life but he could live there another person was there a sayian his name was kiren he called the planet arangi so they became friends and trained with each other becoming stronger and stronger and both became ss
and then they found a dragon ball they didn't know what it was so the collected them 2 years later a group of 5 elite nargrasims came so they fought a deadly battle but kiren died sending daka into rage transforming into a ss2 and then killed all of the rest of the nargrasims and the after he said I wisk kiren was back then the 5 dragon balls flew out of his pouch and somend a god name god named brost and he said is that your wish and he said yes. you have 2 more make them quikly I must goand then he wished back goku,vegeta ,and kiren for his first and then wished back the namek race. goku and vegeta now he wished that goku and vegeta had ss3 god forms
and now kiren and daka were training again. both earnt ss3 and goku showed them how to fuse and left to get revenge on the nargrasims so did vegeta. a group of 3 sayians came to take over but
got there asses kicked by kiren and daka's new fushion kida and they left 2 sayains stayed and 1 was a girl other was a guy. there names are dagi and bell then another group of sayians they were 10 of them all had ss forms but were defeated in the end 2 stayed both girls brasa and arana the other 7 sayains stayed on another side of the planet. a war raged on between the to groups till they made peace and joind together they all unlocked ss3 and protected the galaxy and out of them all daka and kiren were the strongest and called them selves the 14 heros the end.p
ps: daka and kiren unlocked god form lol