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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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Author Comments

ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 5 / 5 stars August 21, 2012

this is my own character:
name: Firen
hair: gotenks yellow
eyes: angry 1 yellow then dark green
mouth: small frown
nose: small
ears: saiyan
earings: none
body: muscular
hands: wrist band 2 black then yellow
torso: saiyan red then black then blue
belts: leather black then red
legs: tight red
boots: type 3 black then dark red
tail: type 1 black
draggable: R x 2
effects: energy 1
background: dragonballs
music: SSJ3 ascend


Rated 4 / 5 stars August 20, 2012

Name: Vaco
Head: Scars
Default skin
Hair: Teen Gohan
Eyes: Blank
Nose: Small
Ears: None
Earrings: none
Body: Muscular
Hands: Wrist Bands 1 Black
Torso: Saiyan, Red, Red, then Grey
Belt: Tail Brown
Legs: Tight Red
Boots: Type 2 Black then Red
Tail: Type 1 Browm
DragGable: Halo
Energy None
No music.

Background: Vaco was Bardock's other son that was hidden on Earth by Bardock right before the Genocide of the Saiyans. When he found Goku it was right before Buu appeared so the two started to train together until Buu showed up. Vaco was the first to challenge Buu against Goku's wishes. Vaco being a full Saiyan himself with Super Saiyan 2 before being slaughtered by Buu. When Goku and the others went to wish everyone killed By Buu including Vaco back Vaco said to specifically tell Shenron to let Vaco stay with King Kai to train for at least another human year. Vaco eventually was able to reach Super Saiyan 4 after completing his yearlong training with King Kai. Vaco then joined the Z Fighters full time and hopefully for a long time. He had two sons. Vaco Jr. and Ren.


Rated 5 / 5 stars August 14, 2012

i create vegeta super saiyan vegeta super vegeta ssj2 vegeta then ultimate ssj3 vegeta THIS IS SPARTA GREAT SO NOW CREATE THE V3 WITH SO MUCH MUSCLE NOW!


Rated 5 / 5 stars August 14, 2012


Turles is the half brother of vegeta. he has a twin brother named bardock II. he was born on planet vegeta after broly died and broly soul possessed him but his body took control and he so powerful that he aged to 13. he traveled to earth to control his ultimate move destroyer boomerang. he met the z fighters and learned Kamehameha, big bang attack, final flash, super ghost kamikaze attack, and the fusion dance. goku taught him super Kamehameha and true Kamehameha. accendently Turles turned ssj 4 and fought with the z fighters until he died


Rated 4 / 5 stars August 12, 2012

Name: Damen
Head: Scars
Default skin
Hair: SSJ3 white
Eyes: Angry 2, White then Black
Nose: Pointy
Ears: Saiyan
Earrings: none
Body: Muscular
Hands: Gloves 1, White
Torso: Saiyan, Black, then Red, then Grey
Belt: Leather, Black then Yellow
Legs: Saiyan, Black then Grey then Red
Boots: Type 4, Black then Red
Tail: Type 2, White
DragGable: R x 2
Energy 1
No music.

Background: Damen was a Saiyan who was recruited into Frieza's army at 2 years old. He ecscaped the explosion of planet Vegeta because he listened to Bardock. He eventually figured something out that even Frieza's top scientist couldn't dream of, he discovered the master equasion. This allowed him to manipulate all forms of energy, allowing him to combine them all into one ultimate attack, the paradox beam. His signature attack is the ion blast, his super attack is the pulse cannon (the longer he charges, the higher the percent) and his final/ultimate attack is the paradox beam. Using the equasion, he reached the unthinkable power of becoming a HYPER SAIYAN. That's why his hair is white, he is the one and only Hyper Saiyan, and he can go up to HSJ1000. He fought with the Z fighters a bit, but eventually decided to join them and fight for the forces of good.

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