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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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  • Dragonball Z
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ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



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Uhhhhh assassin I have the same name but it's the older brother to trunks who is born 2 years before gohan was and Kai was in an acolma during the cell games but woke when Trunks had died when cell killed him seeing Trunks dead from goku had him go into ssj2 and flying to the cell games but to be abrubtedly stopped by chiatzu and chiatzu said he needed not to fight but to rest kai fought him won and continued right before to kill cell he notices gohan needs help and gives him some energy for the kamea wave. later during buu saga went ssj3 at the thought of the world ending and helped goku save the world


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Goku had two children Gohan and Goten, Gohan was the name of Goku's grandpa Gohan and Goku's
fathers name was Bardock who had died in an effort to defeat Freiza.soon Goku arrived on Earth as a baby and was raised by grandpa Gohan and usually when it hit night Goku ended up mysteriously
turning into the great ape,which was a tranformation most Saiyans achived e.g. Bardock,Vegeta,King Vegeta,Turles,Gohan,Goku,Nappa and Raditzalong with Fasha.


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Godam was the lost saiyan son of Goku who was lost in a storm when his farther dropped him and now Godam is here to find his father and his mother so he can see if it is true that his father is the greatest fighter in the universe and that he beat Frieza and his little brother beat the mighty Cell in perfect form and Gohan to see if he can really turn in to Mystic Gohan. But Godam believes he can defeat his dad as he can turn SSJ6 and Goku can not so he thinks it will be possible he will be the greatest fighter in the universe.


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Name: Dragovich
Age: 124
Bio: He was the first ever saiyan to receive immortality from the Dragon balls. Many years passed and he lived on a baron planet with no civilization any where. All there was is savage creatures and the occasional bounty hunter. He trained until he mastered ss1,2,3,4,5, and the legendary ss6. He the came to earth and joined gohan, trunks, and goten to protect earth though there trust with him is strained since they believe his powers will corrupt him.
Attire: Tank top, finger-less gloves, grey jeans, and combat boots.
Super Saiyan forms: Whats weird is that his hair turns red in SS form. This throws his enemies and allies off. This also causes Trunks to find out that he uses negative energy when in Super Saiyan form.
Allies:Trunks, Gohan, and Goten.
Enemies: Anyone who attacks Earth.
Love Interest: A young saiyan warrior who gains the Dragon balls and wishes for immortality as
well named Topaz


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this is philtenks basicly gotenks fused wit phillip he is super saiyan 78 and lives on yhe plantet z fighters and has his two brithers goten and trunks and his dad goku and mother chichi grandfather vegeta he is only 15 the youngest ssj78 he is also know as the saiyan king he eats healthy stuff he doent quit from a fight he has a cousin called broly who went mental on his dad then philip got angry and turned lssj he stole that from broly he can do every move because he steals then so he is know as the stongest he has a girlfriend called android 18 just after krillen died she saw phillip and shouted hey and then then super 17 atatcked but pgillip killed him with dragon fist
ps. this uy is epic