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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice hope there's a version 3

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name:Logan Age:17
Specials: Big Bang Kamehameha x (any positive number),Spirit Bomb, and any energy blast ever created or thought of.
Tansformations: Ssj1 -4, Lssj, Fusion, Potara
From:Planet Vegeta
About: Long lost brother of Prince Vegeta or Goku who is the ultimate life form and who escaped Planet Vegeta right before detonation.Is 1,000,000% smart and powerful with godlike abilities.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Jenkinson Age:19
Specials: Super Maximum fire punch,super blast,psychic and Super kamehameha blast.
Transformations: SSJ1 SSJ2 SSJ3 LSSJ SSJ4
From: Namek
About: A mysterious saiyan who is 9000% smart and powerful.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name:Felipe Age: 15
Maximum Genkidama
Double Genkidama
Fire Punch
Ultimate Power

From:Planet Vegeta,Earth
Transformations: SSJ 1 SSJ 2 SSJ 3 LSSJ
About:A mysterious warrior 100% saiyan final form is the legendary saiyan

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Name: Gosan Age: 34
Flaming Combo
Ultimate Kamehameha
Mystic Bomb
Up 'ya go! - Kicks the enemy multiple times, only to send them back down

From: Planet Vegeta
Transformations: Mystic Form
About: A saiyan who lived survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He is Goku's brother who showed up with Raditz in episode 1. His power level was only 500 but survived the fight with his wits. He joined the Z-Fighters after declaring his hate for Frieza and Vegeta and helped in the fight against Nappa by Transforming into a great ape. At the end of the Cell Games, he was killed and started his training in the other world. During he Buu saga he came back to Earth with Goku for the world tournament. After that he underwent the Mystic transformation with Gohan.

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