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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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  • Dragonball Z
    Dragonball Z The most popular cartoon series gets a lot of attention from Flash artists!

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ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I made ssj5,6,and 7 goku


Rated 5 / 5 stars

when vegeton was 4 years old saiyans came to take vegeton away when he became a super saiyan killing 4 of the 5 saiyans vegetons parents sent him to earth so he wouldnt be killed but 5 years later on vegetons ninth birthday seven saiyans come back to take vegeton away but vegeton kills them with a single attack now six years later vegeton is 15 and he is reencountered by an old friend named kira who helps him find the seven dragonballs to wish to fight the strongest saiyan alive.......BROLY!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love that game but if you had ssj4 hair it would be awsome bro!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Owen
Gender: Male
Moves: Normal Form: Supers: Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb,Explosive Wave, Kaioken Attack and Super Energy Wave Volley
Ultimate: Big Bang Attack
Team Super: Kaioken X3 Spirit Bomb (Team up with Goku)

SSJ1: Supers: Kamehameha, Instant Transmission, Instant Transmission Kamehameha, Kaioken Rush (Kaioken Attack+Kaioken Finish) and Spirit Bomb
Ultimate: Super Big Bang Attack

Super Owen: Supers: Super Big Bang Attack, Super Energy Wave Volley, Finish Sign, Large Spirit Bomb and Hellzone Grenade
Ultimate: Supernova

SSJ2: Supers: Hellzone Bomber, Hyper Energy Wave Volley, Kamehameha X3 and Change The Past
Ultimate: Final Flash

SSJ3: Supers: Big Tree Cannon, Hyper Energy Wave Volley, Finish Buster, Warp Kamehameha Strike, Finish Sign and Kaioken X 50 Super Spirit Bomb
Ultimate: Super Final Flash

SSJ4: Supers: Kamehameha X10, Mystic Energy Wave Volley, Element Rush, Super Final Flash and Ultra Spirit Bomb
Ultimate: Dragon Fist

Mystic Owen: Supers: Burst Rush, Kamehameha X 100, Finish Sign and Super Buster
Ultimate: Super Dragon Fist


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Kira
Race: Saiyan
Moves: Kaioken, KameHameHa, SSJ1, SJJ2, SJJ3, Victory Cannon, Final KameHameHa

Kira was separated from his mother and father at the age of 2. Not knowing it though, Kira was a Saiyan. Destined to save the world. At the age of 5, Kira met his best friend, Cody, and they fought evil until the age of 9, when Kira and Cody were separated for at least 6 years. While Cody was being kidnapped, Kira unleashed his rage, becoming a Super Saiyan. At the age of 15, Kira and Cody were rejoined. And then, they used the fusion dance to become Core. And then, they defeated Gusha. And during that six year period, Kira found all 7 Dragon Balls. And after a failed attempt at wishing Cody back, Kira wished for training with Trainer Kai. He trained for two years and learned the Kaioken. After his training, Kira went back to Earth and started doing research on Gusha. After Kira found all he needed, he set forth and found all 7 Dragon Balls, once more. It took him two years. And after that, he asked the Eternal Dragon, Shenron, for Cody's location. Shenron gave him a new Dragon Radar, but updated with a person-tracker, able to search any living person on the Earth. With the Radar, Kira found the base in two years. But was delayed by Gusha's men. And then, it was time for Kira to fight Gusha. After the fight, Cody was returned safely to Kira. They started their adventures again, but with the long time apart, they were happy to be back. Kira soon entered a Martial Arts tournament, having to face Gusha, Cody, and other fighters. As soon as Kira won the tournament, he won the $1,000,000 prize, and the Guardian Sword, used from Guardians in the past who protected the Earth. Cody got the second place prize, $5,000. Though, Cody was defeated by Yee, an evil mastermind, about 2 years later. At the age 17, Kira had lost Cody once again. Cody was sent to Other World, training with Trainer Kai. Kira suddenly unlocked SSJ3. Kira had unlocked SSJ2 at age 11. Cody was never brought back, until Cody was 23. It was a true legacy that Kira and Cody had made. When Cody was brought back, Kira had fallen ill. He had gotten well after a year or so, while Cody was training hard on Earth. Kira found Yee's brother, Zee, and they had fought together to beat Cody and Kira, but failed Kira and his best friend, Cody, had claimed victory. And fought together, and trained together, for a long time. Four years later Cody had just figured out he was a Saiyan. Though, Cody never reached Super Saiyan. But he did reach Super Cody. About a year after, Kira met his parents, both Saiyans. Then, the biggest battle of Kira and Cody's life had begun. Xee, Yee's and Zee's brother had attacked. The battle was non-stop. After a tough fight, Kira won with a Victory Cannon. Then, the world was at peace. Kira and Cody had been living in peace. Kira met a girl named Ju. They soon married and had a kid named Dirk. He wasn't much of a legacy, but he saved the world a few times. Kira and Cody may have been split up, but they were a true legacy.

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