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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Barrell
Forms: Kid, Teen, S.SJ .1, S.SJ.2, S.SJ.3, S.SJ.4, S.SJ.5
Age: (at this point) 17
Bio: Barrell Was Born An Raised On A Planet Called Ventus He Was A Happy Saiyan From His Early ChildHood Years With His Parents As he Got Older Things Began To Change For The Worst His Father Ruscell He Began to have Hatetred Towards His Son An His Mom Bevell His Father Would be torturein An Abusein His Son Barrell Verbally Mentaly an psychicaly He Brought His Son Self Esteem Down So much He Lost All Emotion Within him Self he became distant From his friends his Family An The Love Of His Life Ember ScalaFani But As Weeks Went By His Mother Bevell Came Down with A Rare Saiyan Disease Called Saiyan Chrosis its A Disease That Kills The Lungs An Heart At A Slow But Fast Rate Other Words Barrells Mother Was Gona Die leavein Himself with his Evil Hatred Father Ruscell That Wants To Torture Him An Hurt Him Non Stop Barrell Didn't Know what to Think Or Do When His Mother Eventualy Dies To The Saiyan Chrosis Disease His Mother Done Everything with Him An Helped Him Become A Strong Brave Leader That He Turned Out to be But What Barrell Does Know That His Family Or Friends Or His girlfriend Know is he Has A hidden Anger Locked within him That he held in for so long but didnt wana loose control of himself and take out his anger on his girl friend Ember Or His Friends His Girl Friend Ember Tried Talking to Him Helping with what pain Barrells Going Through Knowing His Friends Began To Hate him Because Of his sudden personality change from bein Happy An Social With his friends An Girl Friend To A Dark Alone isolated Life From Every1 Ember Started to Cry knowin her 1 true Love Wasn't Talking to Her Anymore Knowing Barrell Him Self knew he Loved Ember An Wanted her to be his Saiyan Bride Some Day in The Future But After Everything Of Being Hated By His Friends His Father him loosein His Mother To an non Cureable Rare Disease So Ember Began To Stop Talking to Barrell For a Few Days Then When Barrell Walks into his moms Room he finds out That she Stoped Breathing An Her Heart Wasn't Beating Anymore Other Words His Mother Passed Away An His Father was laughing Good That She died she was no use to me in the house or doing what he asked Even Though His Mother Bevell Did do everything but Ruscell Wasn't Satisfied he became greedy evil an mean Then The Father Wanted to Kill his Own Son He Grabbed Barrell By The Neck Slamed him Into A Wall Barrell Was Speechless of the low self esteem his father brought onto Him Then Barrell's Eyes Began To Turn Red The House An The Planet Was Shaking His Father not knowing what was going on Saying to Himself *HOW IS THIS POSSSIBLE There's No Way SUCH A HUGE POWER COMEING FROM MY SON! Then Barrell at A Sudden Moment Screamed at the Top Of His lungs *sended a Powerfull Sonic Wave That sended his Father Flying Through 5 Saiyan Buildings An The Saiyans Outside Came To Help Ruscell once The Earth Quake Stoped Barrell Walked Out With Glowing White Hair Red Demonic Eyes His Own His Became Somthing That was only A Legend an myth Told in stories Of a Powerfull limitless Warrior The Legendary Super Saiyan Warrior But Barrell Wasn't An Ordinary Saiyan Legendary Super Saiyans Are ment to have Blonde Hair like were told in The Stories But Barrell His Hair Was White Bc he Became A Dark Demonic Saiyan From All The Anger he's Held in for so long Finnaly Released an was born Somthing Outa A True NightMare His Father was petrified Seeing what he has created an caused his happy son to become even more evil then him It Scared His Friends An The Love of his Life Ember Was in Total Fear seein her one true Love bein Released into somthing pure Evil But Barelll despite of how evil he became he still had feelings for his girlfriend but she didn't know so she ran away in fear crying to a neighbor Planet Called Borata After Words Barrell Ended up Killing His Father leaveing him even More Alone An distant of the saiyan citizens Fearing him evn though he was still good at heart but no1 woulda trust or belive him again.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

android 21 but as ssj3 he is a z fighter but made android he was a sayain and no one knew he had trained to fight along side goku and his friends and when he went ssj3 he was known as the legendary android and he fused with gohan goten and all of the sayain z fighters but when he fought cell he was like ha your so weak but when he died he came back to life behind cell and put his hand threw cells body than big bang kamehameha cell was destroyed forever and than he was vanished when goku died he vowed to fight any evil villains but his power grew and than he was ssj4 but knwo one knows his whole life stroy unless your him im android 21 and i am the legendary android of earth and whoever threatens this planet will face the champion me android 21


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Jakku
Forms: Kid, Teen, S.SJ .1, S.SJ.2, S.SJ.3, S.SJ.4, S.SJ.5, Majin, Jak-en (fusion), Zen-kku (fusion), Zekk (fusion)
Age: (at this point) 14
Bio: Born on Ventak (2 Saiyan planet) his farther Goten and mother Belle watched their 2 twin sons growing for 3 months also meeting Bardock Goten's grandfather he says their son Vex (second son) must go to concur Jupiter leaving only Jakku growing to 14 defeating his bro Vex then at 18 marrying his best friend's sister Lola and has a daughter called Louise and son called Gofive and dies at 57 whilst Gofive is 20 and Louise is 37

FAMILY TREE: Goku-Chi-Chi-----------
| |
Gohan - Videl Goten-Belle
| |
Pan Jakku

thanz for reading


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Normal form:Kihongata,Big Bang Attack,Bukujutsu and Cosmic Cannon.
Super Sayan:Kihongata,Bukujutsu,Spirit Sword and Bang Feix.
Super Sayan 2:Kihongata,Bukujutsu,Spirit Sword,Galick Ho and Genki Dama.
Super Sayan 3:Kihongata,Bukujutsu,Galick Ho,Bang Feix,Kaioh Ken and Kakusadan.
Super Sayan 4:Kihongata,Bukujutsu,Bang Feix,Galick Ho,Genki Dama,Kaioh Ken,Big Bang Attack,Final Kamehameha and Kienzan.
Oozaru form:Kihongata,Galick Ho,Kamehameha and Big Bang Attack.
Golden Oozaru form:Kihongata,Galick Ho,Bang Feix and Kamehameha.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

My Saiyan
Name: Goten Junior
Age: 14
Biography: Goten Junior was born when his father of the same name found a saiyan woman living on Earth. (Pretty lucky, huh?) Junior was raised to belive that he was a human, but found out the shocking truth when he saw his father ascend against Omega Shenron. Goten is capable of ascending to three forms of super saiyan, ssj, ssj2, and ssj3, as well as go Kaoiken. He is a merciless fighter who will give up anything to save his friends.