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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Normal form:Kihongata,Big Bang Attack,Bukujutsu and Cosmic Cannon.
Super Sayan:Kihongata,Bukujutsu,Spirit Sword and Bang Feix.
Super Sayan 2:Kihongata,Bukujutsu,Spirit Sword,Galick Ho and Genki Dama.
Super Sayan 3:Kihongata,Bukujutsu,Galick Ho,Bang Feix,Kaioh Ken and Kakusadan.
Super Sayan 4:Kihongata,Bukujutsu,Bang Feix,Galick Ho,Genki Dama,Kaioh Ken,Big Bang Attack,Final Kamehameha and Kienzan.
Oozaru form:Kihongata,Galick Ho,Kamehameha and Big Bang Attack.
Golden Oozaru form:Kihongata,Galick Ho,Bang Feix and Kamehameha.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

My Saiyan
Name: Goten Junior
Age: 14
Biography: Goten Junior was born when his father of the same name found a saiyan woman living on Earth. (Pretty lucky, huh?) Junior was raised to belive that he was a human, but found out the shocking truth when he saw his father ascend against Omega Shenron. Goten is capable of ascending to three forms of super saiyan, ssj, ssj2, and ssj3, as well as go Kaoiken. He is a merciless fighter who will give up anything to save his friends.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Characteric Things:Scars
Forms:Normal,Great Ape (Still Have Tail),Super Saiyan,Super Saiyan 2,SuperSaiyan 3,Super Saiyan 4,Golden Great Ape.
Bio:Gray,He Was Sent From Planet Vegeta To Planet Flazor (My Own),And There Also Teached How To Fight.
He Founded Saiyan Pod At Flazor When He Was 10,And By That He Flyed From Flazor To Earth.
He Arrived At Earth After One Month,He Also Mastered There His Own Ki Attack,Its Called Omega Flame Blaster,He Did It When He Saw Dead Man That Died By Stabbing With Knife.
Now Lets Take On Him Teenager Years...
When He Was 13 He Transformed Into Great Ape First Time,Because At Flazor Was Not Moon,But Sun,At Earth At Night He Was Exploring Caves,Secret Places,And More,He Backed To Normal At Next Day,5 Months Later He Was Adopted By Shikazame Family,But After 2 Years He Discovered That Shikazame Family Is He's REAL Family From Planet Vegeta That Also Flyed To Earth:His Mom:Zerlia,Father:Blake,His 2 Brothers:Letial And Black.
So With His Brothers,Gray Flyed Back To Flazor But Gray Unhappily Seen That Flazor Was Completly Destroyed,So That Time He Foughted Jarliza,Son Of Kuriza That IsSon Of Frieza,Battle Was Completly Destructive,Gray Was Blasting Omega Flame Blaster At Jarliza,Letial Was Punching And Blasting His Own Move:Sky Defender,And Black Was Only Punching And Kicking Because He Not Mastered Fully His Own Move:Black Cannon.
Letial And Black Was Almost Down,They Finnaly Was Killed By Jarliza,And Gray Was Angry For That,He Became Super Saiyan And Defeated Jarliza With One Little Touch,Gray Backed At Earth With Bodys Of Letial And Black,Gray Collected Dragon Balls And Wished For Thier Resurection,I Will Not Tell About His More Adventure's,Because I Already Writed Much XD


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Since i'm a fan of DBZ and i have created a character using DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi's Hero Mode, let me give you the bio of my character "Shibuya".
Name: Shibuya
Form(s): Base(normal), Super Saiyan(this form was encountered during a fight with piccolo(explained in bio)).
Bio: Shibuya is from a world parallel to the one that Goku lives in, he's been training for many years so that he can be strong enough to save his world(it was plunged into chaos because someone found all the dragon balls and asked the ultimate shenron(red shenron) to do this) and at the age of 16, he set out on a quest to gather the dragon balls and change the world back to normal(this was a chance given after a fight with captain ginyu) and with that, he set off with a dragon ball in hand, later he came to amenbo island where he then encountered androids 17 and 18, and after a battle with them, he taught them that strength wasn't everything and that compassion and other things were needed, and in turn, shibuya gained two more dragonballs and a dragon radar. hours later into the night, and in a rocky wasteland, shibuya encounters a great ape and after one long battle, shibuya emerged the victor after defeating the great ape with a huge energy ball thrown at it, and when morning came, shibuya headed to north city, where he then fights burter and drives him out, he's then thanked by the civillians who live in north city and because of this, he hears rumors about piccolo, and then heads to the frozen north to confront him... after questioning the namekian, the two fight, and when it seems that piccolo loses, he has one last trick up his sleeve and fires off the special beam cannon and this severely wounds shibuya, piccolo then turns his back to the saiyan and calls him pathetic, but before he leaves, shibuya then states that when he said he's going to change the world, he meant it... and with that, a surge of energy and a burst of power went through shibuya, his blue hair turned golden and a golden aura surrounded him... he finally had become a super saiyan, and then the two fought once more, in the end piccolo lost, but this turned out to be a fluke and that he did this to train the young saiyan teen, and he explained that he was searching for the true villain and was then ambushed by a great ape... but despite his wounds, he trains shibuya... After a long time of training, Shibuya departed once more, and had gone back to north city to see how things were since his last time being there... he found everything in ruins, and had encountered a man named "Avesta"(a friend's character), and the battle with this man nearly ended shibuya's life, but in the end, shibuya knocked him out while in super saiyan form and with a big bang kamehameha, anyway, he then set off to west city to face off with the great ape that ambushed piccolo(this great ape was baby), and it was a long, hard battle, but in the end, baby used a huge(and i mean huge) death ball to try and kill shibuya, but this was then reflected back at him.
Shibuya tried questioning him about what was going on, and was told omega shenron was the one that caused this mess... even then, the battle of all battles would soon happen... will shibuya win against this shadow dragon? or will he wind up like the other heroes that tried... dead...?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Forms: Normal, Great ape(still has a tail) , Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, went Super Saiyan 3 once ever. IF YOU MAKE YOURSELF SSJ 4, 5, or 6...etc then you are the biggest idiot ever for 1 reason you can't surpass Goku or vegeta and 2. SSJ 5,6,7,8,9 etc. NEVER EXISTED YOU DUMB ASS MAIRY SUE.
Abilities: Kamehameha, Super Galaxy Fist (my one move), Galaxy breaker, instant transmission etc.. , and my ultimate move Super Galaxy Vortex
Biography: Born as the son of Raditz, Raiden was a low class Saiyan warrior. Witch meant that he was sentenced to a Planet. Raiden as a Baby was sent to Namek and was a tyrant until Frieza and his army arrived, for when this happened he was beat baddly and pummeld to the ground but as we all know when a Saiyan is low in health and energy the effect Zenkai kicks in. If you don't know what this is then look it up on the dragon ball wiki.) anyway, when Zenkai happened he was stronger and was able to force his lower ranked men back. (how he became good.) Raiden then stolen an escape pod from Frieza's ship. He set coordinates for Earth for it was the closest planet. When he was on Earth he met an adult named Trunks (Future trunks) this is an alternate universe.) He trained with Trunks and even met the Legendary Goku. When Raiden was 30( Saiyan are different and hsve an age of 40 but have a body of 28 yr old.) He fought a rival of his named Sarengonza (my friends character) and this pushed him to unlock his Super Saiyan 1 and 2 powers. He later fought a demon from underworld named Diacon. Who made him go Super Saiyan 3, his story is not over yet and he has another aheadbut this is him for now.