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Create A Saiyan v2

rated 4.21 / 5 stars
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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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Author Comments

ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Personality:Ruthless,sense of humor,energetic
Attacks:Kamehaeha,Final Flash,Super Kamehameha,Vanshing ball
hair:ssj gohan
wrist bands 3(grey,white)

BIO: after frieza blow up Planet Vegeta a Pod Crash landed on a Planet he was programmed to destroy but specie that was living there was a mercenary homeland filled with bandits and murderers. was found by a young mercenary who was married he forgotten to do so when landed at the age of 8 he started training with hes foster father who was skilled in martial arts in a training area that was able to train with a hologram of themselves at the age of 16 hes power level was 20,000 .until frieza and he's soldiers came to take over Kanniu planet a battle broke out between mercnarys and frieza soldiers kanniu and hes foster family tried to escape until frieza himself appeared and killed hes family in front of him filled with Rage Kanniu fought frieza but he was too powerful for kanniu so after they fought frieza defeated Kanniu and left him for dead on hes planet frieza didnt want to take it over but instead he blow it up but before he did Kanniu found a saiyan pod and escape the destroyed planet vowing to kill frieza the next time they meet he crash landed on a planet was used by high-tech society civilize people kanniu asked to live and train on there planet so they built a gravitational training room he then spent 10 years hardcore training when he was finished hes power level exceeded to ssj3 level (6,100,000,000) at Kanniu Regular power level
so kanniu travel the universe looking for frieza but heard that frieza was killed by a another Saiyan named Goku filled with anger Kanniu search for this saiyan after 4 months of searching he finally found this saiyan and traveled to a planet called Earth where he started blowing cities,towns,villages untill goku,vegeta,gohan,piccolo, goten,trunk, arrived Kanniu fought all of them Kanniu quickly beated piccolo,goten,trunk.gohan. goku and vegeta saw how powerful he was and had to turned into ssj4 Kanniu filled with laughter also turn into a ssj4 goku and vegeta shivered when they felt Kanniu Tremendous Power level boost as Kanniu fought aganist ssj4 goku, vegeta
goku and vegeta decided use fusion turning into ssj4 gogeta battle started to turn to goku and vegeta favors Kanniu know he was gonna be defeated unless he turns ssj5 but he knew if he did he could only use for 30 mins and out tremendous stress and energy ssj4 gogeta use there big bang kamehameha on Kanniu knowing he would die from this blast he used a secret move that was able to copy the same move that hes oppenonet does hes kanniu did a big bang kamehameha at them kanniu thinking of the past suddenly boosted with power ssj4 gogeta backing and losing the clash until fusion weared off goku and vegeta still in ssj4 form dodge the huge blast vegeta distracted kanniu while goku prepared hes super dragon fist after kanniu beated ssj4 vegeta he was rapidly losing energy ssj4 goku surprising did hes super dragon fist on kanniu making a huge expolsion and crater everyone was exhausted and beated until the mist disappear kanniu was still alive but barely until goku walked to kanniu saying "im srry for what ever i did i hope we become friends and next spare " walking back to the z fighters and flying away kanniu laid on the ground thinking about hes family and friends and decided to forgive him and became friends with goku and others and started a new adventure.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Personality:Serious&has no sense of humor


Rated 4 / 5 stars

race: unknown
skin tone: gray
head: cut
hair: SS gohan (blue)
eyes: sunglasses (black)
eyes without sun glasses: angry 1 (blue, dark green)
mouth: long smile
nose: long
ears: saiyan
body: muscular
hands: gloves 2 (black)
torso: cape (dark red,black,dark orange)
belt: tied (black)
legs: pants (dark red)
boots: type 3 (black, dark red)
tail: none
draggables: R x 2
effect: electric
background: sunset
music: any epic music

bio: unknown to anyone in the universe, tokora was born to destroy and become the best, even if it means killing his own family. Nobody knows who he is and where he cones from, they don't have a chance to tell anybody before there planet gets destroyed. nobody knows what's behind those glasses. he's destroyed only a quarter of the universe yet but his guest is not over. His next stop is earth. he has heard of the great goku and his ability but he will not be beat by a stupid saiyan. With nobody knowing the oncoming danger, tokora may destroy the planet before that saiyan goku even notices.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name Shen
Race Saiyan
Head Cut
Hair SS Trunks yellow
Eyes Angry 2 yellow1 green2
mouth open
nose small
ears saiyan
earrings potara green
body muscular
hands wristbands 1 black
torso fusion black1 green2
belts belt black1 green2
pants pants green
boots type1 black1 green2
tail1 yellow
effect energy 1
background snow


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey could you maybe make another with a female option?thanks.

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