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Create A Saiyan v2

rated 4.21 / 5 stars
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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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Author Comments

ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name:Beeta (get it beet-a)
race:half human half saiyan
hair:teen gohan brown
eyes:angry 2 brown,blue
ears: saiyan
earings: normal yellow
body: muscular
wrist bands:1 purple
torso: fighter black over purple
legs:pant black

Bio: His saiyan mother and human father sent him to namek when an army of saiyans came looking for him. Raised and trained by a nice namek he unlocked his ssj form. When Beeta was 18 the saiyans found him. After everyone was killed by the saiyans his lust for blood awoken and he changed into the legendary super saiyan. He then savagely killed all the saiyans. Right before he blew up namek with a giant ball of energy. He remembered his father the namakian. And gained control over himself. He then traveled along the universe and found earth he used there dragon balls to wish back everyone on namek.

Guys post if you like this story i'm planing on making a manga called DragonBall FM tell me if i should btw it'll be way longer than just this saga.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Eyes:No eyebrows,Blue.
Mouth: Big frown
Hands:Wrist bands 1,Black.
Torso:normal:Cape,White black white.Battle:none
Boots:Type 4,White black
Moves:Kaioken,Instant transmisson,Instant special beam cannon,Kamehameha,Spirit bombard(A single ki blast type thing),Equal power level.
Quick backstory:After his father killed his mother when he was 11 he left old Namek to search for a planet to train on,but as he left he saw his home being exploded.Several months past until he finale got to earth there he trained with picolo for 9 years .then shenron with his saiyan freind/rival Thon for 6- years


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good but i could use the namekian antennas and namekian body style plus it needs dragon ball gt stuff that would be awesome and it could use some torn up shirts and stuff thats all.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Name: Itazura
Japanese name: いたずら
Head: none
Hair: ssj gohan black
Eyes: Normal black
Eybrows: Black
Mouth: Grinding
Nose: long
Ears: Saiyan
Body: Muscular
Skin: Brown
Hands: Gloves 2 Black
Torso: Fighter orange and black
Belts: Cloth Black
Legs: pants orange
Tail: none (due to getting cut of as a baby)
Dragable: Bx2
Effects: Electric
Background: grass
Skill list: Kamehameha, Super Kamehameha, spirit bomb,super spirit bomb, Super Dragon fist
Forms: ssj 1-ssjgss

Itazura, was sent as a baby to planet Earth from a colony of saiyan survivors that migrated to a different planet. When he got to planet earth ( The adopted homeworld of his future masters uub goku and vegeta) violent kid, due to his warrior nature. As a young adult, uub was flying to visit goku when he heard the flying of a spacepod followed by the crying of a baby. Uub picked up the baby and the adopted it. Due to a freak accident he suffered which made him lose his memory. He became a kind and calm kid. Trained with his 3 masters , he became a talented martial artist and world's greatest defender Soon to discoverhis family lost in the stars.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Name: Goshin
Head: None
Hair: SS Gohan
Eyes: Normal (Brows: Black, Eyeballs: Black)
Mouth: Long Smile
Nose: Long
Ears: Saiyan
Earings: None
Body: Muscular
Hands: Gloves 2 (Black)
Torso: Fighter 2 (White)
Belts: Cloth (Black)
Legs: Pants (Black)
Boots: Type 1 (Upper: Black, Lower: Black)
Tail: Tail 1 (Brown)
Draggable: Y x 2
Effects: Electric
Background: Waterfall
Music: SSJ3 Ascend

Fighting Moves
Kamehameha, Super Kamehameha, Ultimate Kamehameha, Soul Bomb (Spirit Bomb like technique), Dragon fist and Super Dragon fist.

BIO: Goshin is a pure saiyan and is pure hearted unlike his father, Raditz. Goshin is the younger son of Raditz. Raditz managed to survive his battle on Earth against his brother Goku and Piccolo. His saiyan wife 'Gimz' came to Earth and to him to a planet the had occupied. There Raditz recovered. Raditz and Gimz already had a son one year older than Gohan named Rycon. Raditz and Gimz again had a son a few days younger than Goten named Goshin. Even after two pure hearted children and wife asking him to give up his evil ways Raditz continued his evil ways. Raditz and Gimz were killed while Kid Buu was destroying planets. Fortunately Rycon and Goshin were on a planet that was not destroyed by Buu. After defeating Omega Shenron and after Goku's training with Shenron Goku returned to his family and friends after three years. At the same time Rycon and Goshin came planet Earth. After two months of peace the Z-Fighters felt Sin Shenron's energy, Rycon and Goshin felt it too. So, the Z-Fighters and Goshin went out to destroy Sin. The Z-Fighters and Goshin first met each other on the battle field. Goshin turned into a Super Saiyan and with amazing Super Saiyan powers Goshin and Goku managed to destroy Sin. Goshin was taken to Bulma's house were Rycon also appeared. They told everything about themselves and surprisingly turned out to be the nephews of Goku. Goshin and Rycon both started living with Goku and his family. Goshin turned into a SSJ2 and SSJ3 after a lot of hard work. While in a bad situation fighting against the Demon God Demigra Goku told Goshin to look at the moon in hopes of him turning into a Super Saiyan 4. Goshin and Rycon did not know what happens if a saiyan with a tail looks at the moon. Goshin turned into a Super Saiyan Great Ape and started to destroy things but he gained control over himself when he was reminded of his parents. Goshin managed to ascend to a Super Saiyan 4 with powers even greater than of Goku's and Vegeta's. Goshin with his amazing powers managed to destroy Demigra. Evil kept on coming and the Z-Fighters kept on fighting.

The description of Rycon will be available in part 2.