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Create A Saiyan v2

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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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Author Comments

ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nme: Devon
Head: Scars
Hair: SS Gohan (Black)
Eyes: Normal (Brows: Black, Pupils: Dark Green)
Mouth: Normal
Nose: Fat
Ears: None
Body: Muscular
Hands: Wrist Band (Dark Red)
Torso: Pikkon (Primary: Black, Secondary: Orange)
Belt: Cloth (Dark Red)
Legs: Saiyaman (Primary: Black, Secondary: Orange)
Boots: type 4 (All Dark Red)
Tail: Either (Brown)
Background: Waterfall

Devon was a saiyan born of a common family 10 years before frieza would destroy Planet Vegeta, he was a peaceful, non-violent child, so to make sure he was safe his parents removed his tail and sent him off to a planet he would fit in. devon landed on earth after several weeks of flying through the cosmos, he was found by a couple who - even though they had a daughter - always wanted a son, so they took devon in and raised him as their own child. When Devon was sent to his first day of school many child picked on him, they bullied him so much that his saiyan rage kicked in and he beat all of the bullies up getting him sent to the principal's office. Over the years through his childhood and teenhood Devon should signs of saiyan blood but none of the earthlings knew that was the case. When Devon was on his senior year of high school he met the love of his live, a girl by the name of Grace who had just transferred to the school. After high school Devon learned that he and Grace - who had become his closest friend- were going to the same college. Through college Devon and Grace slowly started to become a couple and this continued after college as well. Three years after they graduated college Devon proposed marriage to Grace and they were happily engaged for two years while they planned the wedding. One week before the wedding Devon and Grace were out getting wedding supplies when they were attacked and mugged, Grace was accidently killed in the exchange by the mugger, enraged and saddened by her death Devon had finally ascended to super saiyan and brutally killed Grace's murder. After the death of his wife Devon met a half saiyan by the name of Rick who was immensely more powerful then himself so devon asked rick to train him. During the years they trained Rick told Devon about his past which had confused Devon until Rick told him that he learned the powers of time-control from Whis. Devon - after seven years of training with Rick - reached super saiyan 2 and decided that he would join Rick on his journeys. During his time journeying with Rick he reached super saiyan 3 and super saiyan 4 after Rick pulled out Devon's tail back out. Rick told devon about the dragon balls of Namek and decided to take Devon there so he could get his wishes. Devons first wish was immortality so we could continue training, his second wish was the revival of is fiance Grace, and his third wish was making Grace immortal so they could stay together for all eternity. Rick decided that he would stay with Devon and be his teacher for as long as he needed to be.

For anyone who questions who Rick is go back a couple pages of the reviews and look for my other account Ricky1332, it was the entire creation list and biography of Rick's story.

This is part two of my series.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

BIO: Sean was Gokus cousin, he was raised on king kai's planet he was training for his life. He never stopped, until Cabba Killed Future Trunks. He went to earth to slay Cabba. He found out that Cabba also hunted for him. They met one day, enraged Sean destroyed Cabba and revived trunks. Sean then began his journey to spar with Whis and Bills one day. He kept on training on his journey. He was said to be the most powerful saiyan in his time. At the age of 1 he can knock Frieza to his knees.

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Name: Cabba
Head: None
Hair: SS Gohan (White)
Eyes: Angry 2 (White) Red pupils
Mouth: Long Frown
Ears:Saiyan (peach)
Body: Muscular (peach)
Hands: Gloves 1 (White)
Torso: Saiyan undershirt black armor white with red line things
Legs: Tight black
Boots:1 black boot bit red end bit
the rest is up to you

Backstory: Cabba was the son of Iceber the brother of Broly his father was killed during an attempt
to take over planet Vegeta when his father died Cabba was enraged he tried killing Kai the one who killed his father but was kai froze him as he knew cabba was stronger even though he was only 4 years old he was sent to frieza's planet frieza was his mentor he trained for 10 years until he escaped to earth and met a gohan (who was the exact age as him) they fought gohan was brutally defeated gohan never told anyone about this 10 years later Cabba came back and killed vegeta for laughing when his father died and not long after the rest the Z warriors he then took over the world but then Future Trunks came from the future and defeated him he then revived everyone who died but Cabba was still alive and swore to never rest until he killed Trunks


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Ki
Face: none
Hair: SS Gohan (Yellow)
Eyes: Angry Two (Yellow) Blue
Mouth: Angry
Nose: Pointy
Ears: Saiyan
Body: Muscular
Hands: Wrist Band 3 (Grey) (Black)
Torso: Tank 2 (Black)
Boots: Type 1 (Grey) (Black)
Background: Color, Legs: (White human skin) (Black) Ki Was the lost brother of Goku who power was Powerful enough to Destroy Frezia and was a super saiyan at 2 year old. met goku for the last year of life.

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Face: Scars
Hair: SS Gohan (Light Blue)
Eyes: Angry 2 (Light Blue Eyebrows, White Eyes)
Mouth: Grinding
Nose: Pointy
Ears: Saiyan
Body: Muscular
Hands: Gloves 1 (White)
Torso: Cape (Robe and Cape White, Undershirt Gray)
Legs: Tight (Gray)
Boots: Type 1 (All White)
Background: Clouds
The forgotten son of King Vegeta, true prince of all Saiyans. Fearing him too powerful born with a power level higher than Frieza's, he was cast away into space to die. A year later the young saiyan landed on the planet in which the God of Destruction Beerus and his master Whis lived. Whis trained him for many years until one day he transformed into a SSJGSS. This was 30 years ago, since then Keno has been sent to a higher dimension to train with another more powerful God. He wishes to one day see his brother Vegeta again. Some day...

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