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Create A Saiyan v2

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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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Author Comments

ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Name - Zero
Head - None
Hair - Trucks
Eyes - Angry 1 (White eyebrows, Red eyes)
Mouth - Big Frown
Nose - Pointy
Ears - Saiyan
Earrings - None
Body - Muscular
Hands - Gloves 2 (White)
Torso - Saiyanman (Black shirt, White overshirt)
Belts - Belt (White, Yellow buckle)
Legs - Pants (Black)
Boots - Type 3 (White, Black)
Tail - Tail 2 (White)
Draggarle - B x 2
Effects - Dust
Background - Mountains

Race - Zero is from a different dimension, in which saiyans use negative energy as Kai. Saiyans in his dimension also have white tails and doesn't have a Great Ape form, but a different form know as White Chimps. He can go up to SSJ5 and can become a Anti-SSJGod.

Story - After losing his parents in a fire at age 6, he was left alone to fend for his self. During the God of Destruction's visit to the saiyan homeworld, she found him alone and adopted him and trained him after destroying his plant in anger (due to something else). After 10 years of training, he become more powerful than his master and decided to visit Earth (in that dimension humans are more advanced and created civilization on Mars). His master eventually got angry at Earth and choose to destroy it, due to this Zero had to save Earth. After defeating her, he decided to go to school and meet his soul mate, Alexandrite. A few years later, they got married and had a 3/4 saiyan childern, Luna, who grew up to be stronger than her father.
(Sorry about the long story, I REALLY got into it :P).


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Name: Silver
Head: Teen Gohan (black)
Mouth: Blank
Nose: Small
Ears: Saiyan
Body: Muscular
Hands: Gloves 1 (white)
Torso: Fusion (black and grey)
Belt: Tied (grey)
Legs: Pants (black)
Boots: Type 1 (white and black)
Tail: Tail 1 (brown)
Effects: Dust
Background: Mountains


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Gogito (Fusion of Vegito and Gogeta)
Head: Majin
Hair: SSJ3 Colour: Blue
Mouth: Long Frown
Nose: Long
Earing: Portara
Body: Muscular
Legs: Tight
Boots:Type 4
Tail: Tail 1
Belts: Tied Colour: Blue
Torso: Saiyan
Blue x2
Background Clouds
Effects: Energy 2
Theme: SSJ3 Ascend

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Name: Savage
Power Level: 600,000
Head: Scars
Body: Muscular
Hair: SS Gohan, Color: Yellow
Torso: Fighter Color: Red, Color 2: Dark Red
Legs: Pants, Color: Red
Nose: Fat
Boots: Type 4, Color: Black, Color 2: Red
Eyes: Angry 1
Mouth: Long Smile
Music: DBZ Theme


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Kolard.
Power lvl: 93,000
Head: scars
Body: Hairy (hair brown)
Hair: Kibito Hair color: Brown
Torso: Leotard. Color: dark gray
Legs: Pants. Color: Dark Gray
Nose: pointy
Boots: any Color: dark gray
Eyes: Angry 1
Mouth: Long Smile
Music: ssj3 ascend

Story: Kolard, was born a saiyan on Vegeta Long before Goku's birth. His power level at birth was: 0.093. Other saiyans thought it wasn't good enough. Because of this, He was abanded On a Unknown planet. The damage From the blow of landing on a planet Put him in a coma for 97 years of his long, long saiyan life. When he awoke, his tail was gone. For years he trained to get back to vegeta to show his power, but it was destroyed. so he found his pod and took it to earth. He fough goku and learned how to go ssj ,ssj3 and ssj4. goku and vegeta at ssj4 fuse to ssj4 vegito to DESTROY HIM!