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Jun 20, 2006 | 7:10 AM EDT

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ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ear Accecerys:Potara
Tail:Tail 1
Backstory:Zach trained with Bills all his life with a freamd he liked but after years of training the ship was Exploding.Bills left with wise and Zach teleported His freand to Earth to his dad Goku wow he almost escaped but all the kais saved him.He game to earth and liked there helping trunks his new master. da End


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

head: cut
hair: ssj3-grey
mouth: grinding
nose: pointy
ears: saiyan
earings: normal-yellow
body: muscular
legs: pants-dark red
hands: gloves 2-grey
torso: cape-dark red 1 , grey 2, grey 3
belts: belt-dark red 1, yellow 2
legs: dark red
boots: type 2-grey 1,black 2
tail: Tail 1-brown
effects: dust
background: desert

Story: Creazue was a planet trade organization clone who had the power of all plantet trade organization workers (except for frieza ) once he reached his ultimate form from there dna. He was mainly super sayain from Nappa , Raditz and Vegeta. Creazue was a project that Frieza was working on but when he finished he realised it he could possibly stronger than he is and could betray him so Frieza stopped his project and left him in their bunker in Namek but Frieza didn't bother destroying him. 5 years later after Frieza dies Creazue floats through space after the destruction of Namek he was floating through space for years but he broke out. (BUT before I go on let me make this clear his name isn't Creazue YET it will come up later in the storyline). Creazue was evil as Frieza set his agenda to set off to destroy planets, when he woke up the only planet he couldn't blow up was Earth and he was travelling so fast when he woke up it wasn't that long until he was falling through atmosphere of Earth .He landed in the desert where Vegeta and Goku first fought but Vegeta, goku and gohan all felt his enormous ki so they quickly went there and they found Creazue laying in a HUGE crater but hardly wounded. When he woke up Goku put his hand on Creazues' head then Goku said to Vegeta "There is no time to explain we need to kill him." Goku was charging up Kamehameha and shot it at Creazue but he wasn't fazed he walked up to Goku and grabbed his neck and lifted him up but Creazues' agenda changed completely when he hit his head when he fell and he said "I fight evil not with it don't attack me and I won't attack you." He put Goku down and then Goku, Goten and Vegeta noticed that they were moving like they were in slow motion but Creazue wasn't moving slow his eyes became purple and he was slowly moving into the air then it stopped. "I have gathered all of your information" said Creatzue "looks like we could all work together"


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Name: Son Jakku
Head: Scars
Eyes:Normal-Eyebrows: Brown
Mouth: Long Smile
Nose: Long
Ears: Saiyan
Body: Muscular
Hands: Gloves 2- Colour: Black
Torso: Fighter-Colour 1: Black-Colour 2: Blue-Dark
Belt: Tied-Colour: Blue-Dark
Legs: Pants-Colour: Black
Boots: Type 3-Colour 1: White-Colour 2:Black

Backstory: The great grandson of Goku and son of Goten and Alicia he was born on the planet Verdol the new home of the Saiyans he was born with a twin, Vex, Vex was sent too a planet with 12 other Saiyans him being the only quarter Saiyan. Goten, Jakku and Alicia returned to Earth. After a few years he trained with his dad and other Z warriors until he became one of the strongest fighters in the universe. Him, Zento-ki (Trunks' son) and Gaka (trunks' robot and Zento-ki's robot brother) going on weird adventures and protecting the earth and universe. He als married Zento-ki's year younger sister May and had 2 children, Louise and Drako


Rated 5 / 5 stars

hair:gotenks color:black
body:muscular color:basic
hands:gloves 1 color:white
torso:saiyan color:1:blue 2:goldish orange 3:white
belt:tail brown
pants:tight color:blue
boots:type one color:1:white 2:goldish orange

gotenks isa saiyan who helped raditz, vegeta, and nappa when raditz and nappa died, he fought the other saiyan goen (im not making this one and goen had ssj4) they fought til goden got ssj and beat him down then he trained with goen ad he became strong on the good side


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Name: Zero
Planet: Yardrat
Father: Dargrin
Mother: Yazeina
Blood Father: Alex, Writer
Blood Mother: Mary, Winter
Head: None
Hair: SSJ Goku, white
Eyes: Red, eyebrows white
Mouth: Grinding
Nose: Pointy
Ears: Saiyan
Earings: Potara, Red
Body: Muscular
Hands: Wrist bands 2, Dark red outside, Black inside
Torso: Pikkon, Dark Red
Belts: Tied, White
Legs: Tight, Dark red
Tail: Tail 2, White
Boots: Type 2, Black outside, White inside
Triggers: R x 2 - Halo
Background: Snow
No Music

Back story : Raised and looked after on Planet Yardrat by to Young Yardrats Ages 150 and 160 Dargrin and Yazeina. On Planet Yardrat being 100 years old is really young and a average Yardrats life span is about 500 years+. Young Zaryian Aka: Zero was raised by these 2 young Yardrats and trained in the art of cooking. They have taught Zero such tricks as the Instant transmission and how to fire High powered energy balls. Zero was about 15 when he had created his first Full power energy wave known as Ice Buster it is a Energy wave made by absorbing all the heat energy around him and transforming it into a Cold and well Cryo kinda attack. By the age of 20 he decided to leave Yardrat but b4 leaving he had to face the Yardrats strongest fighter and that was Soba the same being that challenged Goku before he left back to earth to meet the other Z fighters and where trunks would meet him.
oh and if your all wondering Goku did meet Zero and thats where Zero got the inspiration to leave Yardrat to find a Master who would train him. While Goku stayed on yardrat He explained to Zero about Ki and how to control it eventually teaching Zero how to Fly, Shoot Basic Ki balst, After image, Kame Hame Ha, High speed movement and best of all Kaioken. unfortunately Goku didnt have enough time to teach him the spirit bomb but goku did learn Instant transmission from Zero. After Goku had defeated Soba this Inspired Zero to follow in Goku's footsteps and to become a stronger fighter then even the great Goku himself.
When Zero had finally defeated Soba as well he also left a year after Goku had to go find himself a master worthy to teach Zero great techniques and fighting styles hopefully even greater than what Goku had taught him. Zero left Yardrat and found himself on a funny little Planet called New Namek where he earned the right to be trained by the Kai's. To earn his right he had defended Namek from a threat far greater than frezia and Unlocked the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan. The threat Zero faced was far greater than Frezia or the androids and it took a fusion between the strongest Namekian named Zan and Zero to beat Prince Cryo a descendant of Lord Friezas family but far stronger then all of them he happened to be the Son of Lord Frieza and had been taught only how to kill and consume planets as it does run in the family. After defeating Prince Cryo Zan and Zero were greeted by a young Kai called Kabito who took them both to the planet of the Kais to be trained by the old Kai himself, after 5 years of intense training under the Kais Zero and Zan were sent off of the Kai's planet and found them selves a home planet to live on and protect and that was Earth, but not the Earth Goku lived on but another somewhere in another part of the Universe the 8th Universeto be exact and it was just like 7th Universe Earth except a little more advanced they had technology so advanced their military squad could over power Scouter Vegeta on Namek. On Earth Zero found the Love of his life Angie a 23 year old girl who had Long Blackish light blue kinda hair Bright Aqua eyes and beautiful smile and and lightly tanned skin. She was about 5.7 and skinny. There on Earth Zan Zero and Angie lived together and eventually had kids except Zan. The child was born 2 years after settling on 8th universe earth and was named Tyler. A year after that Zero proposed to Angie. A few months after the proposal and a week before the wedding Prince Cryo had landed on Earth 8 Uni to greet Zero and Zan although they weren't to friendly at first but after a while they became friends and a stronger alliance was formed out of those Z fighters. And then there came a day unlike any other where Earths strongest heroes had to work together to fight a common threat, on that day the Z fighters of the 8th universe were born!

P.S theres way more to the story but im not gonna keep you reading all day