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Jun 18, 2006 | 1:48 PM EDT

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For me, to shoot your sperm in a womans face is not like humiliating her. Every time you are allowed to do it, you should be somehow thankful, because it shows how much she loves you.
It´s like she letting you have your way and that says a lot. It shows trust and love.

After all, sperm is not just some fluid. It contains the essence of life.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good art.

You're perfect when say "Every time you are allowed to do it, you should be somehow thankful". Its love, trust and romance. Yes: romance!

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Fleischmond responds:

That´s nice. You´re one of the few people who thought about the message in this. For me there can´t be love without trust. I guess everyone has a different point of view on this, even if it is assumed that this is a fact.

Thanks for your review.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it is pretty good I guess... though I am disgusted and appalled at the thought of engaging in coitus or any form of sexual interactions, watching it sure is fun ^_^ the graphics were kind of ok... but other than that good job... as for the message at the end.., nowadays it is plastered all over (where-as it was not so back then) so it cannot really be "censored"... and on a side note, sex is a natural thing yes... but what pornstars do aren't... in my honest opinion, it IS bad, but it will NEVER be forbidden, no matter what... one thing I will type though, I strongly dislike and despise pornstars (which is one of the many reasons why I prefer Hentai)... they are the most disgraceful, disgusting, and worthless pieces of crap on this planet... more so than prostitutes... atleast prostitutes are forced into that situation, pornstars are moronic fools who mean nothing to everyone and mean everything to no one and are desperate and pathetic... it is sad to me when I read about serial killers going after prostitutes, because I think they should go after pornstars... no one cares for or likes those things anyways... they are not even human... on another side note... good job overall though, not great, but good...


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


A good bukkake flash too bad the 13yors will flag it.

Fleischmond responds:

Like I wrote in my description: They have been warned and if they do flag it I will eat their faces. ^^
There´s nothing wrong with this. It is correctly rated.
Thanks for the review.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

i liek it! lol

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


Well let's see... the graphics and animation were good, but it's just a toon porn clip. I mean don't get me wrong I don't hate this flash and I can see you put some effort into it... but it was pointless. Im glad this wasn't flagged though.

Pros: Nice graphics and animation.

Cons: Really no story to this, it's flat out pointless.
Too short, I suppose, maybe add some humor?

Well overall I say it looks like you took you're time on this but it's really pointless.


Fleischmond responds:

It´s short, yes, but I didn´t want to make something long. The description has a message. I discussed the "story" with another NG member and I will soon update it and include it in the flash so more people will get it instead of saying "this was pointless". It´s a bit difficult to see that it has a deep message though, but that´s my fault I guess.

Thanks for your review.