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Jun 18, 2006 | 1:48 PM EDT

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For me, to shoot your sperm in a womans face is not like humiliating her. Every time you are allowed to do it, you should be somehow thankful, because it shows how much she loves you.
It´s like she letting you have your way and that says a lot. It shows trust and love.

After all, sperm is not just some fluid. It contains the essence of life.



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very nice but im not much of a cum shoot in face ^^
its horrible xD
but very hot :3
made me in the mood <3


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Score! 8==================D~~~~~~~

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seriously no one ever thought to click on the WHY he explains why he made it so short... the artist makes a valid point when her explained it and i agree with him most people are very narrowminded


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how can you eat my face if you dont know where exactly where i live?

Fleischmond responds:

Must you take this so serious? Do you think I´m a cannibal? My gosh it´s just a little joke, I won´t really eat your face. Rather I´ll be bombing your country, since it´s quite modern nowadays, there shouldn´t be any complaints.
But since all the bombs I posess only consist of splashdiving, it´ll still take some time to do some real damage. BTW did you complain? I don´t think so, so I guess your life is safe. For now...


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Quite true

If a woman will let you do that to her then its either she's hornier than a 50 peckered child molester or loves you no matter what.Hopefully it's the second one.For fuck's sake,sex is the oldest tradition in human history!It's right next to prostitution and farming.How do you think Jesus was born?"God" infused Mary with his "essence"...translation,he fucked her,as does every other man during sex.Some women just prefer to be covered with a man's "essence",rather than "infused".

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