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Jun 3, 2006 | 3:53 AM EDT

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(notes: my brother wrote the descriptions dont listen to him, he is just a racist.)

After many years in sedentary obfuscation, lost footage from the original Superman movies has come to light! Let Reeve's mistakes become your enjoyment in Superman: Reloaded.

(In case anyone is very confused, and it seems like some people are, this movie is about Superman VERSUS the Nazis. Sometimes you have to establish who the enemy is before you can defeat him.)



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What does the holocaust and hitler have to do with superman. there was more discremination in that then there was superman. Hope you enjoy hell.


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what is wrong with you

what is wrong with you? you are a neo nazi idiot who needs to get a job and a life. move out of your mother's trailer and mix with society. this is a stupid and offensive flash, and it should be blammed. you are a low life.


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okay, i know you said this movie was about superman fighting the nazis, but i really couldnt see where this was happening. the movie looks more like superman killing things while being a nazi himself. (i assume the guy with the ss sign on his chest is supposed to be superman) also the thing with the talmud: NOT FUNNY!!! overall, this movie looks like a piece of nazi crap to me.

GoldenSalamander responds:

You're a piece of Nazi crap. Also, "Superman" is capitalized.

Why do you not like Superman fighting Nazi supermen? Are you pro-nazi?