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Sep 13, 2001 | 12:39 PM EDT

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  • 911
    911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.

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There was this man, who called the news when this was happening.. he was on the 83rd Floor.



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I dont like to say it but lise does have a point the other countrys do fall victim to many of things.But, Us always has to take offensive.
I wish no1 had died but lise was right about us and keeping away from external relations!


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Screw lise

Screw Him/Her what a @#$%er did you see His/Her Review?


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Lise??? Why?

Yes. This is far the worst thing that hit America. I was a victum in this tragidy. so was 3 of my best friends who were killed or are still missing. I gave my support by donating food, blood and helping out as much as possible. Lise, btw your comment about us attacking other countries.... that is false. We dont just attack them if there isnt a reason for it. Enough with the hatred. I hope this sends a message out to people who have had hatred with each other in the united states and for the result of this i hope we can stand with together...

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but for the love of God, did you see what Lise said in her review?!? Hey you dumb bitch, I am sick of all the tributes as well. But, but, sorry, I am so mad it is hard to type.

Listen, it is NOT the US's fault in any way that we were attacked. That is like saying that a slut like you who wears a mini skirt to a bar deserves to get raped. What the fuck is wrong with you? Lets see, I guess what you are saying is that the natives where you live in Santo Domingo, Dom.Rep are justified in going into the office where your Daddy works and blowing his fucking head off because the Spanish plundered their cane sugar 500 years ago, right. Dumb bitch.


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Ok people. I understand that it's sad that so many people died but worst things have happened. Of course, never in the US. United states has to get of this pedestal they are and actually join the world. I'm sick of hearing how the world will never forget what happened sept 11th. But what about what happened in Kosovo? what happened in Vietnam? What happened in Japan? United States only thinks about themselves and is the most egocentric country there is. The attack was not a senseless act. Those terrorist did it for a reason. United States have opressed and destroyed many countries and some countries don't have the strength to fight back such a powerfull country. These people then rely on terrorism to fight back. The United States of course won't do anything about their external relations, they always have to play the victim. But not doing anything to improve their international relations will only bring more terrorism to the US. So you could say that the US government is partially responsible for this crime just committed in their territory. I don't agree with the terrorist, but I don't agree with the US either.