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Sep 12, 2001 | 11:21 PM EDT

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  • 911
    911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.

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------Update: 2 years later
It's been a year now since I posted this, and the positive response I have recieved from it has been overwhelming. It's important now, to remember everything that we are grateful for and hopefully learn to live our lives to their fullest extent.

God bless you all, god bless America.

PLEASE CALL 1800 GIVELIFE AND DONATE BLOOD TODAY. This is my first flash on here, I'm pretty new to it(hence no loader and large file size), however to me, that doesn't matter because whats going on right now is more important and needs to be dealt with. I hope you enjoy it.

The song is "Ressikan Flute Solo" by Jerry Goldsmith. Apparently it's from an episode of Star Trek.



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oh god

oh that was so good...increblibly made...brought a tear to my eye, as many tributes about this very moving topic do, but just so well put together, and if there are any moderater type people, that have a way to change things and alter certain programs and what not on newgrounds...please remove reviewing from a fragil topic like this one...any reviewing for games in fine but when i watch great tributes like this then read " shut the fuck up with these fucking tributes...go to hell america" etc. makes me sick to my stomach...i lost a great friend and his family of 7 to those attacks...then reading that he along with everyone else deserved it...its if you can...just remove reviewing from this topic, becuase its not right to write the shit that these people are written...god bless america

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The song was perfect, Terry.
Not a dry eye in the house.
Though I live in Florida, over a thousand miles away from what happened, I feel as though I lost something in the attacks as well. I don't know what yet, but I know something is missing. In response to your latest update, I gave blood today at the University of Central Florida, which is not my first time. And in response to the previous reviewer, HELL YEAH!!


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what's y'all's problem

I've read so many of these reviews, and I hated what I read. What is y'all's problem?!!! You FUCKING people hating on this great country can go to hell. Y'all keep bringing up Hiroshima! Well they deserved it after Pearl Harbor. We haven't anything to anyone to deserve this. This is one the most beautiful flashes i've ever read. You Mother Fuckers that wrote these bad reviews obviously have a damn mental problem. You fucking foreigners. to these low-life countries that hate america, guess what we hate you too. America is the greatest country on Earth, and you American patriots out there agree with me, GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!!!!!!!


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very good

hey man very good flash... i love America i am not ashamed to say that i think all Americans should say that and not disgrace America... as for whole europe... man whats ur problem... have a heart for gods sake... how can 9-11-01 be funny i mean how please tell me that, u make me sick... u have no heart man... u have no heart

God Bless America----the land that love



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Hello there!

Sorry. YOU were right and I was wrong.
We dont live in a world where ENTIRE COUNTRIES are ruled by MILITARY LEADERS driven by INSTINCTS and SELFPROMOTION where the EVIL and POWERFUL take the HIGH SEATS and people who actually have TALENTS are PULLED AWAY becuase PEOPLE NEED SOMEONE TO SURPRESS.

By the way, average movie.