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Call For HELP!!! (9 11)

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Sep 12, 2001 | 6:35 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature September 13, 2001

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  • 911
    911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.

Author Comments

This is not just another pointless "tribute". I made this to get more people to donate blood. We are in a shortage, and with recent attacks on the country we are extreamly low!!!

P.S. Remember, while Bin Laden is an aids infested cum bubble who should be strung up by the balls and analy probed by aliens on cable TV, he is still a person, which means he is entitled to a trial BEFORE we string him up by the balls while letting aliens probe his ass with pieces of debrees from the WTC on TV.
First item to be used as a probe, THE FLAG POLE! (you know the one)



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no we have double the supply we need

They've been turning down people for Darwin's sake, as for this crappy flash, badly pixelated jpegs and looks like it took 5 mins to make, as for the cause, THIS ISN'T PEARL HARBOR!! this is terrorism that was an attack, we have no blantent attacker, it's sad every one will give you a good score cause it has to do with 9-11, not cause this is at all a good flash movie, Hey but you know what I'll give you a pint of blood for every point I gave you for the!


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this was shit

i dont mean to sound like an ass but i REALLY didnt like this. im afraid of needles anyway because i was hit by a car and dragged 7 feet by my foot (no really i did) and they give me 5 i.v.s and like 20 friggin shots so screw giving blood i need it. (dont mean to sound like an ass) im very sympothetic when it comes to 9\11\01 but i thought this was REALLY bad.


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Why i hate 9/11 tributes

America has brought 9/11 upon itself and is in my opinion deservant of what they got due to past actions.
America has killed over 4 million people in the past 20 years, and bio weapons they have dropped still are.
But is there a tribute for them?
So the deathtoll so far.
America -5000
Pakistan, Iraq, Bolivia, Vietnam, Russia, Bosnia, Sudan- 4,000,000

And to the last guy reviewing ur a goddamn moron, America dropped the nuke bomb on 2 civillian cities almost no factories were bombed, information has also been leaked that the japanese surrendered before the second bomb was dropped.


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i'd have to say this....

STOP ADVERTISING FOR THE RED CROSS! who cares what happened! and guess what giving blood wont give back those lives!


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You made it sound like after usa dropped bombs on japan 60 years later they got back at ye you know i think the atomic bombs were worse than hitler himself and i don't like being reminded of WW2 because i am a russian and don't like WW2 my grandma and grandpa nearly died and i don't freaking care about wtc they deserved it after the cold war