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Call For HELP!!! (9 11)

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Sep 12, 2001 | 6:35 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature September 13, 2001

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  • 911
    911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.

Author Comments

This is not just another pointless "tribute". I made this to get more people to donate blood. We are in a shortage, and with recent attacks on the country we are extreamly low!!!

P.S. Remember, while Bin Laden is an aids infested cum bubble who should be strung up by the balls and analy probed by aliens on cable TV, he is still a person, which means he is entitled to a trial BEFORE we string him up by the balls while letting aliens probe his ass with pieces of debrees from the WTC on TV.
First item to be used as a probe, THE FLAG POLE! (you know the one)



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Ok, butThe PH attack WAS provoked

Here's a revised part of another review I wrote...

I've for a long time felt that PH was not horrible, and now I've awful proof. It was a *military* base. It was a war. The US at the time claimed to be neutral but obviously wasn't and it was partly the US's fault that WW2 began anyway because of US actions (or inactions, more like) after WW1 (which we also showed up late for).

Wait! I learnt that at school. See a history book: Pres. Wilson could not get support from the US for the Leauge of Nations, predecessor to the UN, and thus the Treaty of Versailles could not stand and therefore Hitler's rise became easier. But we made up for that extremely well, and came out a national pwr. and hero.

If you visit Hawaii, and see the sunken ship, you will see lots of Japanese crying and throwing flowers into the water. Remember Hiroshima/Nagasaki??? If 2 towers and a building is bad, imagine two cities lost!! But yes, that was wartime and it was needed. All the same, they got thier payback and even now too, as nuclear material stays in the enviroment for a long time-- we're lucky that 911 did not invlove that or bio-chemicals. It's UNFAIR to drag it out, and the PH film released in June sucked becuase I thought it CHEAP to dramatise it (again).

Pearl H. was more than a battle, becuase of what we learned from it. Japan showed the world that war is not glorious like it had been forever before that, when nations formally declared war, and let the country know beforehand. In the old days, we had lots of war heroes. Gen. Grant even got to be Pres. Modernly, the closest we have is Stormin' Norman.

Now we've learnt a new lesson: War comes home and soldiers don't fight it.

The movie was good, and the blood link is good. just wanted to correct you, as the new PH movie has created widespread misconceptions.


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one of the best tributes

this was very good... rather than being just a simple tribute, it asked you to give blood, and even gave you the link. this was practically better 9/11/01, excellent sound, better graphics, equally as powerful, and a better overall message. this deserves to be high in the top 50. if 9/11/01 could do this well, i'm sure you're movie will do just as well, if not better.


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Truman Pwnz!

Good job


Rated 5 / 5 stars

aaaaaahhhhhh!!! im down to tears

that was beautiful. (sob) i was to tears. do u work for the american red cross. anyways, that was very poetic. better thatn the other tirbutes to 9-11

HackerZC responds:

No, I do not work for the Red Cross, but I have been donating Blood since I was in 11th grade. We were at a shortage before the attacks. Immagine how much we need now! This is just my way of doing something. It's better then just sitting around watching it all on TV. I also plan to go up to New York asap so I can see "in real life" what is is like up there. I am in Baltimore right now, and seing everything on TV makes me feal strangely disconnected from what is happening. It's like it isn't real. I need to actually see it with my own eyes in order to wrap my mind around it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I am donating blood tomorrow.

P.S. The Pearl Harbor speach part gave me cold chills.

I love your "this is your life" movie. Keep it up.