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Call For HELP!!! (9 11)

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Sep 12, 2001 | 6:35 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature September 13, 2001

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  • 911
    911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.

Author Comments

This is not just another pointless "tribute". I made this to get more people to donate blood. We are in a shortage, and with recent attacks on the country we are extreamly low!!!

P.S. Remember, while Bin Laden is an aids infested cum bubble who should be strung up by the balls and analy probed by aliens on cable TV, he is still a person, which means he is entitled to a trial BEFORE we string him up by the balls while letting aliens probe his ass with pieces of debrees from the WTC on TV.
First item to be used as a probe, THE FLAG POLE! (you know the one)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

... man

......Dude this touched me in ways i cannot explain i gave blood and im willing 2 do it again this is terrible i couldent help but shed a tear


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy shit i f*** cryed

... this tuched me


Rated 5 / 5 stars

We must stand united

that was a heart felt and terriable event that happened now 2 years ago and I salute u for showing your support for the US


Rated 5 / 5 stars


no joke that actually brought tears to my eyes. However at the begining of the movie if i wasnt told what it was about i thought it would have been a war movie against japan but wow i loved it very moving i wish i could give blood but you have to be over 18..... in a few years


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Holy shit you are ignorant

The blatant ignorance expressed here is unbeleivable, you obviously don't understand the polotics behind 9/11 at all. It was not an 'unprovoked attack', we have done many many things to bring it to this. The first and most obvious is of course our CIA training Osama to murder soviets during the cold war, and while 9/11 was a huge over-reaction by Al-Queda it was not an 'unprovoked attack', we are not "helpless victims". We have been bombing and harrassing other countries for domination, oil, "interests", and for other reasons almost since we came into existance (aided ONLY BY THE FRENCH!!!).

The last major and relatively unrelated to "interests" thing we did was dday, which was a noble and extreemely brave act. Since then we've been bombing third world countries and villiages (with napalm, I might add) almost non-stop.

So next time, do some research. The USA has great ideals, but unfortunately has far too much faith in humanity.


P.S. I am of course from the USA, so don't go bashing me about my nationality :-p.

HackerZC responds:

1) I think humanity in general sucks. The world would be a way better place I think, if we never existed.

2) No I don't understand the polotics behind it. Nor do I honestly care what they are because of #3

3) They DELIBERATLY targeted civilians.
Yes, we have killed civilians in past conflicts, but never have we targeted civilians as our main objective, save Nagasaki and Hiroshima (which was most decidedly a terrible act on our part). But you must remember, that not a single person who was on floor 93 of Tower 1 ever droped a bomb on anyone ever.

4) At least the Pentigon (which I was at in a firefighting capacity) was a justifiable military target. But the World trade center was not. Do you see the difference?

5) Never did I say that 9/11 was unprovoked. This was an assumption on your part. What was stated in the movie (By the President at the time) was that the attack on America by Japan was unprovoked (especially considering it happened before we ever recieved the Japanese decleration of war against America).

6) The point of the movie was not to link the two events in anyway, make people pissed at anyone, or to cause any other political ramifications you can imagine. It was simply made because the Red Cross was requesting blood on television, and I had nothing better to do, I thought I would make something to attract attention to this via the internet.

7) Someone must have liked this movie of mine, since it has aired on television and been included in a Memorial CD available online.

8) =^P