Don't let it happen...

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Sep 12, 2001 | 2:29 PM EDT

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  • 911
    911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.

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this is a plea... don't let it come to this...



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the point?

Not all arabs are bad, its just the few who decided to take planes and fly them into buildings because apperently we are evil because we are the United states? No, it doesn't work that way, you terrorists groups are the ones making yourselves bad, and for what? We shouldnt judge others, all men and women were created equal, though they think they are better because their god will allow them into heaven because they did something "holy"? it just makes me sick


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Good point

I like the point that you are trying to convey...I agree that people that had nothing to do with it should suffer.
Just as white people now days should not suffer for the past pf black slaves. The idea is just ignorant.

The flash was crappy and the sound was limited. You should have made it longer and have tried to get more of a point accorss. With a little work it could be bad ass :)

Good idea though.


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where to begin

I agree with the ending paragraph, the answer isnt to go shoot anyone you 'think' might have been invoveld with or in the attack on 9/11 its to stop and think about what has this world come to and how has it gotten this bad and why is there even a war that some people say is because of 9/11 when its really just for oil,


the black liquid underground... used to fuel death machines only to kill countless more, we really need to stop and take a look at what this world has come to, i hope that my generation and the ones after me will act diffrently the these immature presidents....

(by the way im 13)

R.I.P: innocent of 9/11 and the countless innocent of the war and current events


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well what to add? typical americans.. instead of doing real helping for the people that suffer.. they rather stay home and do some simpsons like nonsence and FALSE movies will eating a nother cheeseburger.. I must just say great..


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Heres the message for the stupid

Ok since a lot of you idiots spend too much time online or whatever you kind of lost your braincells...THE MESSAGE WAS THAT NOT ALL THE ARABS WERE ON THAT PLANE STEERING IT FROM THE TRADE CENTER! A lot of the Muslims are innocent...but its you fucks who didn't get the message. Rate this flash abusive and let me get my message from M-Bot but i just speak the truth. Nice message to that flash dude and it was very short but i understand because you released it right after 9/11.