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WTC Equals War.

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Sep 11, 2001 | 9:42 PM EDT

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  • 911
    911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.

Author Comments

9/11...the day it happened.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

A sad day for America and the world

the day the planes hit the w.t.c the wold was in shock many people lost their lives that day many ng users want revenge others want to forget about it

but Hooked-ON-Phoneix that son of a ***** wished that more people would have been killed in the incident

Firemen survived:1 or 2
wtc workers survived :100 to about 1000
Plane survivers :none

people that lost their lives:1000 to 9000 or more

this couldve have been the start of ww 3!


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A sad day...

Things like the events that happened on 9/11 should never happen anywhere. If this war is still going on when I get old enough count on me being there. And no prison sentence or form of punishment on this earth to justify what they did.

And to Hooked_ON_Phoneix what the hell is the matter with you american troops dont just go about killing random people thats what the terrorist did.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Such a horrid day...

Semptember 11th.....what a day, you know? I think, for most of us, that was the day that we realized we aren't completely safe. For the 1st time since World War II, we were attacked on our own soil and caught offguard. For those who don't know...I was in New York on 9/11. Everytime I think about it, i shudder realizing how close I came to being killed. My Step-Grandmother worked at the World Trade Center on the 83rd floor of the North tower. I had taken a vacation week off of school to stay in New York and to see her office. I arrived in New York on the 10th. That was the day we went up to her office and I was astounded at the view. I spent the rest of my day being showed around by my Grandmother. The next morning, September 11th, we walked back to the towers again, this time just to walk around and be Tourists and marvel at these massive buildings. We returned to the North Tower, my Grandmother having taken the day off to show me the rest of the place. We arrived at around 8:20 A.M. and things were "peachy keen" as my my grandmother often says. That changed 17 minutes later. We were on about the 7th or 8th floor when we herd an ungodly BOOM!!! The whole of the building shook and my first thought was: What the F****??? We ran out of the tower following other people screaming that a plane hit or something like that. We thought, they've gotta be kidding. I thought it was a massive gas pipe burst or something and there was a massive fire. Obviously, not so. So we got out side and there it was: massive flames pouring out of the top of the tower. My grandma was speechless: she just put her hands over her mouth and fell to her knees. We weren't sure just hat happened, all we knew was it was BAD! Then the 2nd plane hit. I knew it this time 'cause I saw it hit. We were frozen there, unable to speak or move. We just sat there and cried. I forget how long we sat there it felt like hours upon hours upon hours. They finally told us to back away from the building but about that time, the North tower fell. And there we were, less than 2 blocks away. We ran like We never ran before, and that was pretty damn hard! We got caught in the dust clouds and that's all I care to remember. I could go on but my hands are getting shaky as I think about it. GOD BLESS AMERICA


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Man....thats sad

That day brings back the worse memories for everyone. My distant cousin said he was in there when the planes struck. He said the buildings shook. Thats about all. He said 10 minutes after he got out the buildings collapsed. But that doesnt make up for the ones that died.


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im pretty sry to those ng users

its so sad about that day and tommorows the 5th anniversery. Hopefully the ng users to get to kill osama. Bush doesnt realize that hes to dangerous to be put in prison.