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May 11, 2006 | 1:13 PM EDT

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Its going to be a pong blood bath. V.S. the computer or a human, and battle it out with lasers and gravity guns in Mortal Pwnbat. 2 Player (vs human) is way more fun. Original Concept: David Hirschfield. Visit instructions to figure out whats going on. Keyboard controls, powerup options and computer hardness are all changeable in options menu.

Initial Keys: a-up; z-down; c-laser; v-grav gun.

Special Thanks to Langosta39 of NG for programming/graphics.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I dunno man...

... its like you slapped a whole bunch of codeing together and mixed it with some graphics you took from some pinball game. It feels really unorganized in general, from the menu screen to the actual gameplay, its just... awkward.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

ok game..

this game is OK, you need quick reflexes and all that. But i really don't think this game deserves less than 3/5..seriously.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

you critics are complete shit heads

Ok, first off, don't go wining about "this game is crazy i didnt know what was going on" just because you were too god damn lazy to read the instructions. Yeah, there are games where you just click "Play game" and get the hang of it right away, but not all games are like that. So don't go off giving someone a 0 because you didnt know how to play the god damn game, because they were actually trying to be creative and make a game thats actually challenging.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


i see what you were trying to do, it was a great idea...but it just didn't come out...


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Note: the following says precisely the same as the title of this review, except in far fewer words. My advice is either to read just the title of this review or pick any two sentances out of the following and just go with that.

Powerups make the balls go wild, making it impossible to follow where they are going. The computer has the complete advantage with the laser, being able to strike you with it every time and practically or completely eliminating your bat. The computer is never caught off-guard by balls coming at it; it can instantly move its bat anywhere on its side. The computer's speed needs to be reduced to make the game fair. Lasers are far overpowered; they should be thinner. There needs to be a maximum limit on the number of balls in play, and powerups should always vanish after they've been hit; too many times balls have been trapped between two powerups, one of which added another ball every time it was hit until the framerate dropped to around 2 frames a second, making it impossible to see where anything was, let alone move or play.

It's a nice-looking game, but it feels like it was never play-tested.

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